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  1. I’d be interested in how the ring size compares with whatever ring you were using on the CB6K. Did you simply measure the plastic ring, or disregard it completely and determine the steel ring size some other way? Same with the spacing. It seems like with all the trial and error involved with a plastic CB, you have to get the steel one absolutely right the first time.

  2. Looks absolutely terrific. When wearing my steel device, I find it very humbling not having the ability to even see my dick.

  3. BIllus, I’ll be posting about that shortly. Basically, I used the CB6K’s proportions. There are some interesting differences in practice.

    Dutch, I totally agree. The Steelheart is even better than the chrome CB6K in this regard since the little hole at the end offers hardly any peeks into the tube while the CB6K was easier to see into thanks to the larger slot and the side vents.

  4. Great picture thumper! i too love your wedding band in the photo. Do you wear a wristwatch? If so, what kind is it? Thanks…love your bog!

  5. Well, yes, I *do* wear a wristwatch. I have quite a few. Maybe you could call me a watch fetishist. Currently, I’m wearing a chunky silver G-Shock. Belle Fille gets me those when she goes to Asia.

  6. That is awesome thumper! i am a watch fetishist myself. i currently have around 25 watches. 5 of them are g-shocks. Would love to talk to you more about it! i updated my email address…for some reason gmail shut my other one off. i guess i had not logged on in a long time. my email is now chastityslave71@gmail.com would to see som photos of your g-shock and any other watches you can share pics of!

    i am currently locked up in my cb6000 until Christmas. i have 3 different chastity devices. would love to talk more. shoot me an email if you can!

  7. Any chance on seeing that g-shock on your wrist thumper? I appreciate your latest post about your steel device! I have a steel device from Mr. S Leather…I love it but the little noose that goes around the head of my cock can slide off or can cause a sore at the glans if it is too tight! Any suggestions? I am locked in the cb6000 by my SIR until Christmas, but may be able to talk him into using the steel device if we can work out the noose issue! Thanks so much!

  8. You know, I’m not wearing the G-Shock right now. I’ll try to get it in a future HNThumper for you.

    I’ve seen that Mr. S device. I thought about getting it instead of the Steelheart, but it was just about the same cost as the SH and not custom. I’ve also seen that little noose it comes with. I’m not sure what to tell you. I can’t imagine that’d be comfortable. Have you tried lubrication?

  9. I have tried lubrication, but that will often let the noose slip off. I may try it with a different lube! But that is up to my SIR…he holds the keys! as I said, I am currently locked in the cb6000 short with the G3 from kept for her to keep from pulling out!
    I would love to see the pic of your g-shock! Thanks! What other watches do you have?
    Thanks thumper!
    boy b

  10. I don’t have a thing for chastity devices, or, really, for looking at stranger-boy’s bits, but I do enjoy the quality of your photos, and you have such lovely hands (I think I have mentioned that before… strong, manly hands with a few veins that you know are going to pop if they are under stress of some sort are just swoon-worthy! I shall wander off now and consider if I have a hand fetish…).


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