Questions from a reader IV

Parts una, duo, and tres.

We’ve hit the half-way point! It’s all downhill from here.

In respect of your comments as to whether you are submissive or “submissively inclined”, from what I have read, you don’t strike me as what I think of as submissive.  You enjoy sexual submission, but that seems to be as far as it goes.  While you do perform domestic services, you do it as part of sexual conduct and to satisfy sexual needs.  But you retain a significant amount of control and power both outside your relationship and within it, or at least that is how your blog reads to me.

Well, your guess is as good as mine. I’m just starting to figure out this whole submissive thang, to be honest.

It’s true I have a great deal of power and control at my work. That’s because I own the place and pretty much run it. However, this isn’t contradictory to being submissive in my relationship. From what I understand, it’s actually common.

With regard to having power in my relationship, it’s not that simple. I have influence. Just because I’m her sub doesn’t mean I don’t want things. We’ve established a nice system whereby I’m able to communicate my wants without making her feel obligated to give them too me (this’ll come up again in a later question). If I have real power in our dynamic, it’s based on the fact that I know she love me and wants me to be happy. It’s a power I could use, but choose not to since I like her being in control. I’m not saying I don’t struggle with the whole “topping from the bottom” thing from time to time, but I think it’s a lot clearer now than it used to be. I’m much more patient, for one thing. I’m able to let go of my need to steer and let her establish the path we’ll take more or less based on her speed. Yes, I’ll occasionally nudge or suggest, but it’s always with the understanding that it’s all up to her, not me.

You might read all that and think I sound like I have it all figured out, but I don’t. I admit to having some insecurities around my submissiveness (And I really a sub? Like, all the time?). Also, like any other human relationship dynamic, I know that our D/s will have its up, down and sideways moments. I guess the bottom line is I’ve decided to just roll with it and see what happens.

As an adjunct to that, how would you respond if Belle Fille said she wanted you to submit financially to her?  To give her full and complete control over every cent you earn and the family finances?

I’ve already asked her to do this. After reading Steve’s deal, I forwarded it to Belle and suggested we do the same. I’m all for it, but so far she hasn’t established the parameters.

Also, would the ultimate exercise of Belle Fille’s control over you be for her to deny you what you want – to deny you your denial?  What would happen if she insisted that you have full orgasms every day for a week?  Not “ruined” ones, but full on, ear popping, feet scrabbling, locomotives of sperm.  If you were really submissive, you would submit and do as she ordered.  But is that the submissive paradox – being made to do what you don’t want to do is really what you want to do ….?

Mykey had a situation once (described in posts I can’t find at the moment) where his wife Sandy made him come and then consume his own spunk every day for a week. That was fucking hot. Totally. Fucking. Hot. So yeah, if it was in the context of Belle exercising her control over me and my sexual release, I’d be game for whatever.

One aspect of your relationship that I would find very difficult to emulate if it were required of me is that one person does all the heavy lifting in terms of sexual decision making.  I love being in charge of my own sexuality, but I don’t know if I have the energy to also make all the decisions for someone else.  It’s a bit like having to decide what to cook for dinner every night – you might be a fussy eater and a good cook, but every now and then you want someone else to come up with an idea!   Does Belle Fille find it a burden? Do you think it is an unfairness that works in your favour, that you are no longer required make the hard calls?  (God, this message has so many double entendres that I can’t be bothered trying to avoid them anymore!)

This gets back to my having influence over the course of events, but not outright control over them. Belle’s Rule says I can come on to her all I want in any way I want 72 hours after her orgasm, so it’s not as one-sided as your question sounds. For a while, I wasn’t allowed to make any move on her without permission, but that didn’t really work for either of us. For her, it was pretty much as you describe. Lots of pressure on her. Too much control, not enough spontaneity. Sometimes a girl likes to know how much her boy wants to fuck her senseless, even if she’s going to shut him down. Also, we found that waiting for her to want it so bad that she’d allow me to start working on her led to a lot more infrequent sex. That usually ended up making me feel depressed (and her more stressed as a result). Letting me get physical with her, even if nothing comes of it, gives me an outlet to demonstrate my frustration (which makes me feel better).

Your question also misses out that sometimes she’ll tell me we will have sex, but that I have to drive and get to do whatever I want (absent orgasm, of course, or actual fucking if I’m in the device). Her control over our sex includes having the prerogative to delegate that control to me, if only temporarily.

Having said that, I know that the reason it would not work for me it that I like partners who are sexually confident and sexually persuasive – which I distinguish from being sexually aggressive, which can be damned annoying!  I like a partner who does more than just respond – who can seduce me, who can get me going from a standing start.  I know that you now have limited permission to initiate sexual conduct, but does Belle Fille, and do you, not miss your more significant input (another one…) into getting the fire lit?  Do you not miss those opportunities to seduce your partner, or do you see your submission as seduction?

I think I answered this one with the last one. As far as I know, Belle’s Rule allows me to do whatever I want until either a) she tells me to stop, or b) she comes. I am sexually confident and can be very persuasive. “Submissive” does not equal “passive” (unless that’s what the dominant wants). I am not a passive person.

What you seem to crave from Belle Fille is a lack of compassion – you want her to see your suffering and be unmoved by it.  That seems to get you very hot.  Do you find that you are starting to see compassion as something undesirable, or as a weakness?  Or are you able to keep that dynamic solely within your relationship?

You’re correct that I want her to see my suffering, but not that I want her to be unmoved. Rather the opposite, I want her to be deeply moved. On the denial side, it’s a continuous demonstration of my willingness to be controlled by her. I gave her my cock. That’s a big deal and I “suffer” because of it every day. On the masochism side, it’s a little different. If you’re not a masochist, I’m not sure how to explain it and I don’t know you’ll ever understand, but I want her to hurt me a lot. To the point at which I can no longer take it, and just a little bit more. I want her to push me and I want to show her how willing I am to be pushed. I want to suffer and squirm and writhe and do it all because it is from her hand. But far from being unmoved, I want her to know that I do it for her because she’s my love and to understand that I know she does it to me because I am hers.

Of course, the two things feed on each other. The more I’m denied, the more I crave the pain and the more pain I can take. There are times when I want the hurt more than anything else. Axe just went though a week of beatings (here, here, and here). Just the idea of being beaten every day for a whole week makes me light headed. Imagine Homer Simpson and how his jaw drops and gets all drooly when he’s around donuts. That’s me thinking about what happened to Axe.

All that aside, you’re right that I’d rather not see compassion from her. I don’t want her to ever seem like she’s sorry for me, or if she is, to do it in a way that makes me feel smaller and more inferior. Case in point. She loves her vibrator Pink. Loves. It. I know she does. But she very often makes a point of telling me she likes her cock (that is, the one on me) more than any toy. This might be true, but honestly, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t need to hear it. I’m not threatened. Quite the contrary, I can think of nothing hotter than her finding something other than me to be the most sexually satisfying. Besides, the last thing I want to hear is that she’s not being fully satisfied since her favorite “toy” is locked in the device (and can’t be trusted anyway since I find it so hard to control my orgasm when I’m using it).

And (on a lighter note) do you ever worry about having a car accident and being taken to hospital and having to explain why you have that attached to your cock??  Like the “always wear clean underwear because you might be hit by a bus” argument??

In short, no, I don’t worry about it. Ever. Maybe at the beginning when, ironically, I was wearing a device I could have conceivably removed bare-handed, but not anymore. Maybe that’s just sexually charged bravado or plain old stupidity, but it’s just not a factor.

And there you go. Thirteen questions, 13 answers. It helped that these came in right when Belle started her period since there wasn’t much else to do anyway. 😉

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  1. Thumper,

    I am the Reader who posted the questions. Thank you so much for your fascinating, informative, generous answers. And to Belle Fille for her’s as well.

    Thank you particularly for your comment to the effect that you were not offended by my questions.

    I did hesitate before sending them, but it seemed ridiculous to be shy about my questions when you have been so open about your experiences. I did not pose the questions with any agenda or mindset, just with genuine curiosity. As you say, I can’t completely understand your feelings, because I do not share them, but I do respect them. I find that respectful questions from someone outside the usual demographic can push the boundaries and prompt the most interesting discussion.

    I am very pleased that you found my questions worth answering, and that other posters have also commented. I would love to hear more from Belle Fille if she has anything to add.

    I am still left with the feeling that in your mind the Mighty Cock is still at the centre of your sexual persona. By denying it, and by constantly reminding yourself of the denial, you make it very powerful (I’m not expressing this very well!). I note that counter on the side of your blog, showing how long since your last orgasm. If the cock is being denied, does that matter? I suppose I would contrast it with a situation in which, instead of counting your orgasms, you count Belle’s. How about you agree that she will have 200 orgasms this year, and forget about the cock, other than as a means to provide those orgasms? Would that replace the cock with the cunt (I hope that word does not offend) as being the central focus of your shared sexual experience?

    And look what I have done – another question. Sorry!!

    Thank you again for your openness and generosity.


  2. I am still left with the feeling that in your mind the Mighty Cock is still at the centre of your sexual persona.

    Well, *sure* it is! I’m a guy. I’m kinda hardwired that way. What am I without a cock? Even when it’s locked up for weeks on end, it still has a way of making its presence known. I can start to think it’s been replaced by this stainless steel appendage, but even that becomes insistent and demanding of attention I cannot give it. The cock never goes away, it just becomes a sideline player. Its absence looms just as large in my mind as its presence did.

    I note that counter on the side of your blog, showing how long since your last orgasm. If the cock is being denied, does that matter?

    Sure it does. Big picture, it’s proof of my continued obedience to Belle’s wishes. Smaller picture, it’s me showing off to the other guys. Boys will be boys.

    I suppose I would contrast it with a situation in which, instead of counting your orgasms, you count Belle’s.

    I used to count hers, but she told me to stop. I liked seeing her column getting longer and longer while mine went from two to three to four. I enjoyed seeing the ever-widening ratio of orgasms between us. But, like I said, she told me to knock it off.

    How about you agree that she will have 200 orgasms this year, and forget about the cock, other than as a means to provide those orgasms?

    In a heartbeat, if that’s what she wanted. I’d be OK with her shutting me down for months on end. It’s entirely her prerogative.

    Would that replace the cock with the cunt as being the central focus of your shared sexual experience?

    With regard to our *shared* sexual experience, it’s almost entirely about her snatch (my preferred descriptor, though I think “cunt” is a wonderfully satisfying word, too). She has orgasms for both of us. I feel them physically. I get sleepy afterward. For all intents and purposes, the path to my pleasure goes over her clit.

    I cannot stop thinking about the cock that’s been with me my whole life and upon which millions of years of evolutionary programming has been written to support, but it is becoming less and less of a factor in our sex life. Ironically, the more she ignores it, the happier I am.

  3. Wow! Simply amazing! I have just stumbled upon your blog via one of your xtube videos. I now plan on going back and reading all the way from the first post. There are so many similarities between us it is creepy. I am sitting here stunned at how you seem to be writing about my life and how my vanilla wife and I interact. I don’t think go off the handle about it right now but give me a chance to read some more and I’ll be all too excited to chat your fingers off.

  4. It has taken me a long time to come to the following conclusion: In my opinion, one is what one is. It is OTHER people who decided whether that is to be labeled ‘submissive’, ‘topping from the bottom’, ‘being selfish’, ‘not being a real sub’, etc, etc. The cool thing about a relationship of two is that ‘The Two’ are totally free to ignore all the spectators and play the game as they both decide. It took me a long time to learn that I don’t need to fit a definition. (What’s it called when third parties try to become part of a two person dynamic and exert THEIR power and THEIR control over what ‘The Two’ should or shouldn’t do?) I really think the dangerous words are should, must, can’t, etc. so it’s easy to see when spectators are trying (often unconsciously) to get on the ball field without being on the team. I don’t expect to CONVINCE anyone; I’m just trying to help the confused (as I was) get things clear in their minds….

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