The 10/100 plan

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been feeling a little blah of late with regard to the denial thing. I think a big part of this is that my body’s adapted to its nearly orgasmless existence. I just don’t get the hormonal charge from it that I used to.

So I had this idea. Not a new idea, to be sure. I’ve read of various flavors of this idea in different places and even a few comments from my recent post brought it up. Basically, what would happen if, instead of denying me orgasms, Belle made me orgasm more? Like, more than I would normally. Back in the day when I had my own cock, I seem to remember jacking off about maybe three times a week or so. Maybe a little more. I don’t know, it’s been a while. Anyway, what if she made me come a lot more than that. Like, twice a day for five days. Ten orgasms. I suspect the first several would be great, but how will number five feel? Eight? Ten!? The idea is to shock my body out of any denial-induced torpor.

That’s the first half of the idea. The second, I admit, is inspired by Cricketed who’s offered his keyholder a “summer of chastity”. I liked the sound of that and started thinking about offering something similar to Belle. Turns out there are just about 100 days between Memorial Day and my birthday. A hundred days. That’s a long time. That’s a goal. It sounds hard. I like hard. Problem is, Memorial Day is still a ways off. Why couldn’t we start the 100 day clock sooner?

So anyway, the idea is to basically “flood the zone” with orgasms over the course of a week and then go deep into denial for a period of time about twice the length of my previously longest period. I brought this up to Belle (who’s decision, I acknowledge, is absolutely final with regard to any question involving what happens to the cock) and she’s willing to give it a shot. However, before doing so, she said I needed to post the idea here so she could see what my readers think of it.

So that’s what I’m doing. What do you think?

13 thoughts on “The 10/100 plan

  1. Psh, any octogenarian can go twice a day, why not up it to 3? >:) Wake-up, Mid-day, Bedtime. Maybe up the duration to two weeks or more so your body can adjust to it and then shock it with extra long denial.

    Pledging yourself to do twice your previous record could be really tough, but constantly challenging yourself is the best way to grow, isn’t it?

    Can’t wait to hear what Belle decides on!


  2. On the lighter side, I wonder what happens when you run out of jiz? Does the penis just cough?

    Thanks for your blogging effort. I enjoy reading your posts immensely.


  3. I have to be honest. This is kind of a terrifying thought. Mostly because it sounds like such a good idea. I don’t think I’ve got the guts to try it at this point in time, but I think it may become necessary in the future.


  4. You might end up up tired of orgasms that your long denial feels great. I’ve known guys who just plain wore it out for a while, thinking they could go forever. The extra-sensitivity when you excite the nerve endings too much, the soreness and pressure, the abdominal cramps, sort of like the dry heaves….
    You’ll be having a great time-and in 110 days you’ll be a changed man.


  5. In my (limited) experience, longer periods of denial are simply adjustable. The human body has an extraordinarily ability to adapt to its current state. Rather than push for time, I wonder if pushing excitation levels directly wouldn’t be more challenging.

    In other words, since homeostatic conditioning is an intriguing thought, if I were you, I’d rather try conditioning towards edging, not orgasming: cut the denial time in, say, fifths, but make those 10 orgasms into 10 almost-orgasms instead, spread evenly throughout the 100 days. So for example, have an orgasm or two on Day 0, then edge (but don’t orgasm) on day 20 two times. Edge twice again on Day 40, again on Day 60, and two last times on Day 80. Then enjoy an orgasm on Day 100.

    I imagine that this would prolong your orgasm-less state but might help combat the drop in arousal you’re feeling. I honestly doubt whether any amount of orgasms before a 100 day period of total physical sexual abstinence would compensate for how quickly our human bodies adjust to a new physical state.

    I’m just riffing off the top of my head here, of course. Salt to your own taste. 🙂


  6. Hey Thumper

    To be honest I have sometimes thought that you need to reconnect with your orgasms.

    Anyway to be more constructive, Long periods of denial lower my sex drive, a lot. What that means is that one or two orgasms can take away horniness and some submissive feelings. I dont notice it until I cum of course, because no orgasm still leaves me horny. But there is a noticeable difference between the horny i have after months of denial, compared to the horny i have a few days or weeks after a break.

    I advise regular breaks where you cum lots. 1-2 weeks, maybe a few times (2-4) a year. That lots of cumming revitalises my sex drive back to normal levels. The denial after is much harder and much sweeter for it, and the submission deeper and more fun. Of course during those periods its hard to be as submissive, then hey perhaps you could consider taking a break from that too? Perhaps for all or some of the period. It might also make you both appreciate the submission when you start again that much more.

    Just some thoughts



  7. mykey :
    Hey Thumper
    To be honest I have sometimes thought that you need to reconnect with your orgasms.

    I’m imagining Thumper in a native american sweat lodge, beating a drum and chanting. Or maybe taking his orgasms on a vacation with him…


  8. @MyKey:

    The denial after [plenty of orgasms] is much harder and much sweeter for it, and the submission deeper and more fun. Of course during those periods its hard to be as submissive, then hey perhaps you could consider taking a break from that too?

    I don’t want to presume what “submission” is to you, but I have heard this trope of orgasms making submission more difficult to achieve so often and I find it such bullshit that I have to speak up and say I seriously question what the fuck that even means.

    In my experience, having orgasms certainly changes my physiological drive in some ways, and that has effects in a number of areas, including mental and emotional ones, but it does not lessen submissive tendencies, desires, or make submissive acts more difficult for me.

    Attaching a physical experience such as having an orgasm to a motive such as being submissive or not is oversimplifying the entire issue to a point I find demeaning of my masculinity and sexually submissive expression.


  9. Heheh, I was kind of thinking the same thing. Getting in touch with my inner self, accepting my orgasms and hugging them to me in love and respect. I am a man, and I accept that!

    Ahh Maymay. Im gonna call you on that! Ive seen too many people recently saying that people should not have a ‘one true way’ to sub or dom, then those same people have their own one true way…

    Let me be blunt. I am a switch. My mental state switches from very submissive to very dominant depending on the person I am with, the week I have had at work, and so on. When I am submissive I am vey deeply submissive, deeper than my wife can yet cope with. One of the things that affects my emotions, and therefore my sub/dom/vanilla mood is denial. The longer ive been denied the more of my time my emotions spend in that zone.

    Does that make me a bad sub? No, it makes me an honest one. I know what drives my mental state. You can call it bullshit but it remains true. I remain submissive to my wife when im not being denied, I work at that because it works for us, but we both know its a ‘lighter’ state. She even uses it as a tool to cool us off after a heavily kinky period.

    That makes me me, and my and my wifes style of d/s relationships ours. Obviously different to yours. How I (and others like me that are so often derided for it) react to orgasms is part of who we are and what makes us tick, and that is no statement on your submission at all. Perhaps you are lucky enough not to get sub drop. Perhaps you are better at managing it. Perhaps you are wired differently, and perhaps your submission is a deeper one than some. Who knows. But you should accept that others can be different to you, with a different style of submission and different drivers for it.



  10. @MyKey:

    Ahh Maymay. Im gonna call you on that! Ive seen too many people recently saying that people should not have a ‘one true way’ to sub or dom, then those same people have their own one true way…

    Dude, you’re missing the distinction between “people should not have one true way” and “there should not be a one true way.”

    Everyone has their own way, true for themselves. Obviously.


  11. I think your splitting hairs.

    Honestly it’s a fallacy when people say that submission is separate to sex. It may be for some but not others. I know that there are people out there who have loving but sexless marriages. But I know that sex is a pillar of mine and without it the center would not hold. I suspect that thumper can empathise with that too. Sex and love are separate but intimately linked. For some of us denial, orgasm and submission are similarly separate yet intimately linked.

    Anyway not wanting to come across like an ass, hope I’m not being rude.



  12. @MyKey:

    I think your splitting hairs.

    I don’t think I am, so the fact that you do makes me think I wasn’t clear enough in my original statements. My bad.

    Also, I think this is a great discussion. Let’s keep talking somewhere else, so we don’t overrun Thumper’s blog.

    I’ll write a blog post about this in the next few days (not right now, since I’m preparing for other work) and I’ll come back to provide a link. Thanks.


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