The christening of Mr. Darcy

Belle Fille likes penetration. Yes, she also likes my tongue and my fingers and her vibe, but she really likes fucking her cock. Which, of course, presents a problem. The first and most obvious is that she also likes to keep her cock locked in a steel chastity device. That makes fucking it rather inconvenient. The second problem is, when she lets the cock out, it’s usually been a while since it’s come and my stamina is for shit. If I don’t maintain total concentration, I’ll squirt. Easily 3 out of 4 times, I’ll come before she does, nearly always without permission.

Which is what led me, several months ago, to buying a strap-on cock. Belle’s very particular about what’s put inside her and claims the cock on me is the perfect size. As has already been established, I am five and five eighths inches long when erect and about one and a half inches in diameter. Not huge, but nothing to be ashamed of either as it places me at the very top of the penis length bell curve. As luck would have it, Vixen Creations offers a little bit of heaven that measures almost exactly the same size as me. They call him Tex. So I bought him and a vegan harness with straps that go around both my legs so as to leave room for my steel tube in between.

And then it sat. For months. Belle knew I was going to get it, but she wasn’t eager to try it out. I’d bring it up occasionally, but when the opportunities presented themselves, she’d demure and have me do something else. I remained (mostly) patient.

In an attempt to entice her to give it a shot, I gave Tex a new name. Belle’s favorite author is Jane Austen and her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. In that book, there’s a character named Mr. Darcy who, in the BBC television adaptation, was played by Colin Firth. Colin Firth is, according to my Belle, a fine looking man and is on the list of the three men she’d be willing to have sex with other than me (the other two are Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney, so the chances are pretty slim). So anyway, I naturally named the dildo Mr. Darcy.

Then, after months of gentle prodding and subtle cajoling, last night was to be the night. Belle Fille would finally allow me to pleasure her with Mr. Darcy.

We started out very slowly. I had already lit all the candles to help set the scene and she had already had me remove my clothes. We laid in bed and talked for quite a while. So long, that I was sure she was getting cold feet again. I prepared myself for this so I wouldn’t appear disappointed. It is, after all, entirely her decision if, when, and how she’ll come.

After a bit, she asked, “So, is it best for you to have it on during the whole event or should you make me wait in the middle. I don’t like waiting.”

“Then I’ll have it on the entire time.” I inserted Mr. Darcy through the rubber O-ring and made sure the curve of his erection was centered just like the real thing. Then, I put my feet through the harness and pulled it up over my hips. I had already adjusted it to be snug, but not too tight. The two leg straps nestled in between both sides of my nutsack and my legs, then met up along my ass crack. The base of the dildo sat on my pubic bone and pushed the biocock down and out of the way so that it was very close to a natural positon.

Not wanting to move too quickly, I laid on my back next to her and let everything soak in. It all looked so real. I saw my legs bent at the knees in the background and my hair-covered chest in the foreground and in between was sticking up a very familiar-looking cock. Its color was lighter than my skin, but its shape and proportions were perfect. We both sort of marveled at the sight.

As we laid there, continuing our little chat, I found myseld holding it and squeezing it just as I would Belle’s cock.

“You’re such a guy,” she said.

As we started to kiss, I had to will my hands off the thing. I wanted to keep stroking it even though it wasn’t about to go soft and I couldn’t feel anything anyway. It just felt nice having that familiar shape in my hand.

I started in with the typical pre-game activities and soon found my fingers flitting over her clit and probing her pussy. The natural fluids were doing their thing, but I was worried about there not being enough lube. As I moved up over her body, I put saliva into my hand and rubbed it up and down Mr. Darcy’s shaft. The material from which it’s made feels remarkably lifelike when wet. It’s soft and spongy on the surface and more firm in the middle. Not unlike an actual cock.

I lined Mr. Darcy up with Belle’s waiting pussy the best I could. For not the last time, I realized how much of the feedback from the biocock I rely upon when fucking. Of course, with a real cock, you always know if you’re lined up and she’s hot and wet. With Mr. Darcy, I had to use my fingers to make sure everything was in place. I ran Mr. Darcy’s head up and down the soft, wet lips of her pussy and she moaned just a little. Then I slid it into her.

I’ve thought about this moment a lot over the past few years and I always knew, logically, that I wouldn’t feel anything. But still, it was very strange being in this familiar position, making these familiar motions, and feeling absolutely nothing. I could feel her body moving receptively beneath me just like when it was me inside her, but that’s where it ened. It took a few seconds to make sure he was lined up inside her properly and his angle of insertion was correct. It was close to being in the right spot on me, but was off just enough that I had to shift my normal positon slightly. This allowed me to suck on her nipples more easily, though.

As I was fucking her, I had to reach down occasionally to make sure I didn’t pull all the way out. Again, with no sensory feedback, I was sorta flying blindly. Her reactions were good, but after a few minutes she asked, “What if I want to fuck you?”

Which I took to mean me. As in, the cock on me. “You’d have to unlock me,” I replied.

“No, what if I want to fuck you? As in, on top.”

“Oh! Well, tell me to roll over.”

“OK, roll over.”

So I rolled over and made sure Mr. Darcy was lined up as she slid down his already slick shaft. I started to buck my hips in a reciprocal fashion, much more so than I dare to when she’s actually fucking me. I found it difficult to keep up the right rhythm since – again – I couldn’t feel Belle move over the cock she was fucking. I eventually figured out that if I placed my hand on the small of her back, I could maintain the correct pace.

The next way I realized strap on fucking was different than the other kind was that I was getting tired. The actual work that fucking entails seems to be masked by the sensation of doing the fucking. Absent that, it’s all just a lot of moving around and I felt myself starting to tire, though not enough to stop. I just think it’s funny how much work fucking your wife turns into when it’s not actually you getting up inside her.

I sucked and licked her tits as she rode Mr. Darcy freely. Looking up at her, I saw her face contorted in pleasure, her eyes mostly closed and her mouth in a permanent O shape. She was obviously enjoying herself, but not in the way she does when fucking me. I could tell it felt different to her. I could tell she was fucking a different cock.

After a bit, it started to become apparent that something was not quite right, though. She had been going too long. Eventually, she called it and rolled to my side. To finish her off, I brought out Pink. She came so hard that she dug her nails into the side of my throat, clutching my carotid artery. I took it as long as I could before crying out in pain.

As I took the harness off and pulled the wet Mr. Darcy through the O-ring, I couldn’t help myself but suck his length into my mouth. I cleaned Belle’s juices with my tongue before placing him back in the nightstand. Can’t do that with a real cock.

The postgame report is good. While he didn’t make her come, Belle enjoyed Mr. Darcy and says we’ll get to use him again. Next time, she’ll let me stay on top longer to see it that helps her get off. Also, if I find myself beneath her, I’ll probably not fuck back with such vigor. In any event, I hope that with practice Mr. Darcy will be able to give her the kind of pleasure I can’t when I’m locked up and not allowed to come.

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  1. Yay! You finally got to do it! I’ve been thinking about this for the longest time. Good of Belle to oblige, and a perfect name for a gentleman caller. 😉

  2. i can totally relate to your experience. W/we utilized a strap on so that i could continually pleasure Mistress with a cock since i have a trigger happy penis. Also, being particularly small, it allowed me to give Mistress the fucking She required with a cock that can really please Her. A couple of fortunate times, She would allow me to enter Her with the real thing and then replace it with the DC(designated cock) when i was getting close. Alternating so that i was in a constant state of arousal and still able to please Her.

    Good Luck with future endeavors with the strap on.

  3. The actual work that fucking entails seems to be masked by the sensation of doing the fucking. Absent that, it’s all just a lot of moving around


    I could have written most of this post. I never noticed the work, though. Now I’m going to have to think about it.

    The Tex is the model that we prefer; Blowfish renamed it the Boitoi. We use the leather harness, though, because the nylon webbing was a bit scratchy.

    Interestingly, you can learn to “feel” the position of the other cock. If the base of the cock is against your skin, instead of the backing pad that many harnesses have, you can feel slight changes in position. I find it’s helpful to snug up as much as possible, especially on the leg straps. Mrs. Edge often has a hard time choosing between this one and my own.

    Use the Force, it helps.

  4. Wow! a great blog. We starting using strap on sex to help deal with my ED. The pills were pretty expensive and limited by insurance and who thinks having sex 4 or 6 times a month is “enough” We do this even more now because there is fun in the variety (Different Dildos) and of course a strap on never ever goes flacid too fast. I think its also a great way to learn how to really please your wife / SO with intercourse because as you mentioned your own pleasure tends to get in the way of doing sex “right” Once you really get her timing down? Its a good thing.

    I can’t say I ever got tired (or more tired) doing this. I think it can be a very hot experience for both of you if you put your mind to it.

    One other idea that you might want to try is to combine using the dildo (Without it being in the strapon) on her while doing oral sex or using a good vibe. The combination can be pretty mind blowing.

    Try different sizes. *Wider seems more appreciated. Curved ones that hit the “G” spot can be a plus. Really long ones in our experience are not so good. Who wants a black and blue cervix?

    1. I can’t say I ever got tired (or more tired) doing this. I think it can be a very hot experience for both of you if you put your mind to it.

      In thinking about it, I think the “tired” thing came from the fact that I wasn’t *really* enjoying it. I had built up to this moment for so long and felt that there was so much potentially riding on her experience that I never allowed myself to let go and have fun with it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I never even got hard. I hope next time to relax a bit.

      Try different sizes. *Wider seems more appreciated. Curved ones that hit the “G” spot can be a plus. Really long ones in our experience are not so good.

      I’ve already brought up the point that I’m now equipped with interchangeable parts. She can pick and choose a cock to fit her mood! I’d like to have a small bull pen of options for her to pick from, assuming this stays in the repertoire.

  5. I TOTALLY know what you mean about not being able to feel the strap-on. Whenever I’ve used one, fucking or not, I’m like, “Why can I not feel this?” It’s so strange, because I am somehow convinced on a biological level that I should be able to. Then, “Oh, shit, I popped out again, fuck, am I still in?” It’s performance anxiety like I never imagined.

    “Use the force.”

    Along these lines, Delilah describes this:

    “Because get this: I have a cock. I always have a cock, whether I’m strapping one on or not. It’s non-corporeal, of course, but it’s part of, if you will, my energetic anatomy. Without getting too deeply into spiritual experience, it is a simple fact that at times, I can feel myself penetrating another human being, even when I am not physically doing so. And yes, they feel it too – the force of my will and intention pressing into their bodies, invading them.”

    Reading that just made sense to me. I can connect that way with other things, it’s just a matter of applying it to cock.

  6. I think having your penis under the base of the dildo helps you get a feel for whats going on. The zen of knowing if your in or out can be helped by keeping your hand around the base when your ahh… doing it. Keep the lube handy and use lots of it. A dildo doesn’t supply its own and you want her to enjoy it. Using about twice as much as you think you need then add more. Hopefully she will communicate if she wants more.

  7. You have perfectly described my frustration with strap-ons… NO NERVE ENDINGS…!!! I could go ballistic over the unfairness of it!! In this, I have serious penis envy.


  8. For men with ED or who are not as well endowed as they might like there can be a sort of strap on envy. The cure is to strap it on and fuck like monkeys… 😉

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