In out up down

Hey, kids! Miss me?

So…what the fuck’s up with you? Sorry for the prolonged radio silence. Started out, there wasn’t much to talk about. For the week or two before Labor Day, things got quiet between Belle and I. No sex to speak of and me locked up tight. It’s the kind of thing that would have made me all introspective and pissy before, but this time there was a more peaceful vibe settled over me. It’s hard to describe, but I was contentedly anxious. I wanted the contact with her very much but also was able to recognize that control over that contact was, as I wanted, totally hers. I would get it when she was ready, not before. We talked a little somewhere in there and I told her not to worry about it. All I wanted was to know that she hadn’t forgotten me.

Then Labor Day rolled around and, as usual, so did my birthday. She let me out after just over two months because the time had come. She wanted to feel her cock inside and she was going to let me come. I had this great idea that she should let me come before she wanted to fuck me so I’d be better able to control myself when the big moment was at hand. She went along with it and allowed me to jack off next to her in bed. That orgasm had been about nine weeks in the making and felt, as usual, amazing. So much better than a normal orgasm. While it was happening – mid-spurt, as it were – I couldn’t breath. I was pumping semen all over my hand and stomach and literally could not take a breath. That’s how amazing it was. Immediately afterward, I was disgusted by all the sticky, creamy stuff all over me. Plus the smell. Ew.

That night was a disaster. She was ready, but I couldn’t get it up. Oh, the irony. She felt like it was her fault and felt bad which, of course, made me feel bad. I don’t know what the deal was, but it sucked. Then she got her period.

I was out for the rest of the week. Belle said she wanted to “air it out” for a while. So I walked around like all the other boys, but was pretty much always aware that things were not “normal” down there. I could feel stuff I wasn’t used to feeling. I slept through every hard-on. It was kinda like being on vacation.

Saturday, we went on a date. She asked me how I was feeling being unlocked and still under the effects of a (relatively) recent orgasm. I kinda shrugged. I felt fine. Truth is, I don’t like the empty post-orgasmic period. Everything feels less interesting and kinda gray and flat. I have grown so accustomed to the heightened sensation of living with all those hormones pumping through me that, while I still really enjoy the actual orgasm when it happens, I dread the time that follows. Which is good, I guess, since Belle told me I was going without for three months this time. She’s thinking Christmas/New Year before I come again.

In any event, Saturday night she finally got what she wanted earlier in the week. All the plumbing worked this time and I was able to hold off long enough for her to ride me to a very satisfying orgasm. After, she let me fuck her until I came, making sure to mention along the way that it wasn’t going to happen again for at least 90 days.

Sunday, the day I was supposed to be reincarcerated, I woke up feeling very much not in the mood. I was pretty happy with my free meat and decided not to bring up that she had intended to put me back in that day. I thought I had gotten away with it, too, when she finally came to bed that night, but she tossed the device at me, lock disengaged. I sighed and disassembled the parts. As I started to put it on, the meat shrank back at the cold metal’s touch. It’s back to being a thing, not a part of me. All day today it’s been pinching and shoving and generally being in the way. I feel encased. And, as usual at this point in the game, very much against the will of my body.

I got a text message from Belle just before lunch. She said,

I forgot to tell you this morning, “Welcome to Day 1” 🙂 I love you. Have a good day.

Three months to go.

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  1. Yes!

    I’m sorry about the mishap, but it’s really no wonder you were a little stunned after so much time in the cage.

    Good luck with your 90 days. I’ll be tuning in to see how it goes.

  2. Does knowing the duration of your confinement make it easier or harder to consider the next three months?
    And if guys can get into trouble because they masturbate with such a tight grip that real people can’t compete, it’s expectable that you might need time to readjust to being out.
    As for the break between posts-did you enjoy the task of a post a day in August or did it wear thin by the end of the month?

    1. “Does knowing the duration of your confinement make it easier or harder to consider the next three months?”

      I go back and forth. I think the optimal way to approach this (with me) would be to say I won’t get out *before* a certain time, but then leave me guessing after that. Note that getting out does not equal orgasm, but whatever. I like that she’s pushing me to longer duration, but I also miss the element of surprise.

      There may not be a right answer to this…

      “…it’s expectable that you might need time to readjust to being out.”

      Yeah, it was all mental. I don’t think it was the orgasm earlier in the day, but the details of the moment were weird. It had been a while, the room was too hot, we were not really talking to each other like a couple about to fuck, etc. It was lots of things, but not something physical or permanent.

      “As for the break between posts-did you enjoy the task of a post a day in August or did it wear thin by the end of the month?”

      I really wanted to post *every day*, but it was wearing thin there at the end. There’s no good reason for me to post every day, truth be told. I was only doing it to see if I could.

      I do find that writing helps A LOT and when I lose the urge to write or find I can’t, I really miss it. I get mildly depressed when I stop writing and then psych myself out about starting again the longer the gap goes. The good thing is I have several things I feel like writing about knocking around in my head, so there shouldn’t be any large gaps any time soon…

  3. Your blog was missed it is good to have you back.

    I am a little disappointed that you were allowed to orgasm. So many site have men claiming to be in chastity for a year and they just aren’t believable. You on the other hand seem exceedingly truthful and I was hoping that Belle would deny you an orgasm for a full year.

    I particularly liked your comments about the let down you feel after being allowed to orgasm. I would love to hear more about the specifics how your natural urge to have sex changes with exceeding long periods of denial, even denial of milking your prostate.

    Keep writing.

  4. Thumper, I may not know the extent of the circumstances surrounding your bedroom escapade/debacle, however you are going to term it. Myself, if I had been released after two months of captivity and told I could cum, my first though would have been, “Bend over, please.” After all, you have been doing what and how much with her with so very little for yourself that by denying yourself the very first cum after your incarceration being inside of her, and letting your hand do the work, it seems to me you cheated yourself out of that experience. With me, arrangements would gave been made before-hand to let her have whatever time she felt she wanted for herself and after that when it’s my turn, I really am going because it’s my turn. Yourself, you think and feel what you’re going to. That’s my thought on it.

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