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Here are some photos of me in the PA-5000. The first shows me in a mostly flaccid state, the next two give better detail to how the device works, and the fourth is me in a erect-ish state (maybe 85% hard). These will eventually be included in a more detailed review of the device, but I thought I’d share them in the mean time.

Pics after the jump…


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  1. Thumper,

    Hmm, I wonder if that could be a touch snugger? I don’t recall what diameter you got. I know from experiences with home made tubes that I could probably orgasm in that at “85%”, as you indicated.

    I’ll be interested to hear your experiences. Perhaps Belle will let you try to cum in it, yanno, “For Science!” ;-p


    1. It probably could be a little more snug, but when hard, it grips tightly enough. Also, due to the PA hook, there’s no way to use it to stroke the shaft without pulling painfully on the piercing.

  2. yeah, now I really want a PA. Probably never going to happen but that is pretty awesome.

    That lock is pretty cool too, harder to pick a tubular pin tumbler like that than the 3 pin little master locks.

    Is there enough metal in that lock to cause any problem going through airport security? I figure if you can’t get through with that then you may as well go all steel. I don’t know what the limit is these days but they are a lot more sensitive than they used to be.


    1. There’s more metal in my zipper than there is in that thing. I’ve worn chunky PA jewelry through as well as the CB6K with the little Masterlock, both with no problem. The PA5K won’t set anything off.

      That beings said, I just saw in the paper that MSP is getting that new background scatter scanner thing. So, now that they can see through clothes, will any device safe?

    2. That PA is awesome, isn’t it? Damn, I think they are so hot.

      I have an uphill battle talking Ab into it because he has so much trouble with one nipple piercing (but the other one is fine). Still, I am a persistent chick…LOL


  3. Dev,

    Nipples are frustrating. Plain and simple. As I recently posted, mine took about 3 years to really get rough and tough. Ab’s experience (and yours) with a nipple piercing have little bearing on the healing time of a PA. My PA was healed in 6 weeks, and I began stretching it from 10ga up to the current 4ga. The penis is much more vascular. It’ bleeds more… but it heals MUCH better.

    (still tryin’ to help fuel the fire for ya!)

  4. I bet that this new device would be so much fun for Belle to tease you in. Exposed to sensation but denied seems even hotter than totally locked up sometimes. She should probably give you some oral attention to see if she can force you to come that way. 🙂 Have fun with your new toy.

      1. That really does sound like an excellent idea! It could be the lite version for some of the playtimes. 😀

        But it looks kind of scary, with the plump plastic hook inside you. I guess it’s meant to, too, but still.

        (Feels kind of odd to be here looking at pictures of your almost naked cock and talking to you mostly normally anyway…)

  5. One thing to watch out for is the lock getting sticky after wearing for a week to two. You can spilt the pa-5000 if the lock sticks and you try and force it. We use silicone lube in the lock and some wd-40 the loosen the lock up from time to time. We love our pa-5000


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