One word: plastics

I’ll be away from Belle from Thursday to Sunday this week. We originally got the PA-5000 for this exact eventuality, but as I’ve posted before, it’s proven to be a difficult device for me to wear.

I reminded Belle and said, as far as I could tell, she had three options:

  1. Send me away with the Steelheart in my suitcase and the key in my pocket. I could put it on once I arrived and send her a photo as proof. Additionally, I could promise to send her another photo within ten minutes of her asking to prove that I was keeping it on. Plusses: I could keep using her favorite device. Minuses: I would have the key. Duh.
  2. Put me our original CB-6000 before I left. I’ve travelled with it before, so it’s a known quantity. Plusses: I’m still (relatively) secure and wouldn’t be able to take the device off without the key/breaking the plastic lock. Also, it’s airport friendly (at least until the backscatter scanners arrive at MSP). Minuses: She hates the CB6K.
  3. Leave me on my own recognizance. Send me on my trip the way I came into the world, free meat swinging in the wind. Plusses: None (for her). Minuses: Do I really need to spell it out?

She didn’t like the first option since I’d have the key. If I’m locked up, I’m locked up. She doesn’t think it makes sense to let me be locked up with the key handy. Option 3 is right out because she does not want me to have unfettered access to myself. Like, ever. And especially not in a hotel room all by my lonesome. As far as she’s concerned, I should be locked up by default except for specific periods of time that she, not my travel schedule, decides.

So the CB6K it is. The chrome version is not an option because it not only does bad things to the cock, but I’m not entirely sure it’d pass through a metal detector. I assume there’s actual metal in the paint, but is there enough to trigger the sensor? Dunno. Rather not find out.

I admit to being a little nervous about the CB6K. The Steelheart is a relatively luxurious chastity device. I can achieve more than 50% of an erection in there and, while the pressure is still sufficient to wake me up most of the time, it’s nothing like I remember the CB6K being. Plus, I haven’t worn plastic for exactly a year now. I’ve found the steel to be a far less stressful material to wear full-time and I’m not sure how I’ll come out of the plastic after four days. Plus plus, the CB6K is less easy to hide and less natural looking under clothes than the Steelheart.

But whatever. The decision has been made. I’ll be packing plastic Thursday through Sunday, likely craving the friendly confines of the trusty Steelheart the moment I walk back in the door.

3 thoughts on “One word: plastics

  1. I had the ‘opportunity’ to wear my CB-3000 for a little while last Friday. At first it was surprisingly comfortable. I could notice that it was lighter and it had a different feel to it.

    It didn’t take long though to remember what I didn’t like about it. The thick ring was the first thing that bothered me. Then the extra space became a liability when I got ‘stuck’ partway up the tube.

    Then I put on a pair of jeans, it really showed a lot more. Not that you could tell what it was, it just wasn’t as natural.

    I was glad to be back in steel after only about 3 hours.



  2. I wonder if a little heating and bending can reshape the ring of the pa5000 to make it comfortable. I have also decides some day to have a jeweller remake the ring in surgical steel, so I can use what to me is a nicer material and more secure to boot. But only once I have some mileage under my belt.


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