Up until last night, it had been something like 10 days since I was able to touch Belle in any significant way. The trip didn’t help, obviously, and neither did her period which arrived just before I left. With the kids out of the house, I was hoping to get a little action (even though we’re going to a downtown hotel for the night tonight). And yeah, I got my action. And yeah, it was really good.

Which is to say, it was totally normal. With the exception of her using the butterfly clamps on my nipples, it was pretty standard fare. But, it had been ten days. I was really fucking ready for her. She put the clamps on me and would pull them until they finally pulled off (which hurts in such a fantastic way) and them put them back and do it all over again. The trashy pain slut within was reveling in the attention and the contents of the tube were hard and straining.

But whatever I felt before paled in comparison to how it felt once I got my mouth on her tits. The pressure on my balls was greater than even the merciless morning wood erections. My balls ached and throbbed as the steel ring pressed into them and my fire for her burned uncontrollably inside me. I just wanted her so, so bad. It’s not even possible to tell you how bad I wanted her. I wanted to bite her and kiss her and eat her and drink her and fuck the shit out of her. I wanted to come in her and on her and crush her in my arms. It felt like I was exhaling clouds of testosterone. The prehistoric lizard was riding high, the little white rabbit under it’s scaly feet.

I crawled over her, between her legs, and sucked her nipples while rubbing the hard steel tube over her mound. Her hips started to gyrate and I could feel the cock sink into her inviting, wet pussy. But, of course, it didn’t. I never left the unyielding tube. It’s so odd to feel the pressure of an erection like that one but nothing else. No surface stimulation at all, just…pressure. Like the pressure at the bottom of the ocean pushing back against me.

I rolled off her and pulled her pajama bottoms off and stuck my finger three knuckles deep into her fantastically soft, wet and hot pussy. Jesus, I wanted it so bad. I was kissing her face, sucking her tits, and fingering her clit all in a jumbled cloud of activity I have a hard time recalling now. I was lost to the fire, consumed in the passion of the moment and her body and my love and lust for her. When she came, I cried out, too. I wanted it as bad as she did. I wanted to feel it. Had to feel it. The only type of release I can get.

As she basked, I kept my finger firmly shoved up her snatch. I wanted to rut in it, rub my face in it, cover myself in her juices and scent and power, but I was good and let her come down from the clouds in her own time (though I know I was whining).

She talked to me. Said something. It cut me and seared me to hear her talk about what I could and could not do and what I had to do, but I honestly can’t recall any of her words. I was so far gone. I could smell every bit of her. Her pussy, her skin, her fucking spit and her hair and it was everything to me. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more aroused and lost in the passion. If she had presented the key at that moment, I probably would have injured myself getting the device off. Everything in the universe was her.

Eventually, she slept, but I was too high. I went downstairs and played Xbox in the nude while precum leaked on my inner thigh. The hormones subsided and, two hours later, I crawled back into bed with her. Her body moved close to mine and it was like the fire, smoldering, flared back to life. I did eventually sleep, but it was fitful.

And you may be wondering, this is good? This is what you want? Yes. Yes a thousand times. I can’t tell you why, but yes. Fucking hell, yes.

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  1. Fucking hell…

    I want my device so bad.

    These nipple clamps sound cool. Never really had a nipple thing until very recently and I can see it developing with T&D.

    Very cool story man.

  2. I think one of benefits of chastity is that you do learn to play more effectively with other parts of your/your lover’s body and become more sensitive to the feelings in return. I’ve always loved to play with nipples–mine and Ab’s (is this really a surprise? LOL)–but Ab has always been sort of ho-hum about it. Now he perks right up because nipple play may be all he’s getting during a session and he wants to make sure he enjoys every second.


  3. For those of use who don’t know, doesn’t the device you wear prevent full erection? If so, is that potentially problematic over longterm wear? We often hear that the use it or lose it rule applies to erections, but I also wonder whether the pressure of a device allowing limited erection (say a solid tube in the shape of a flaccid penis) might do damage.

    Also, you mention precum a lot. I’m wondering: did you experience precum before getting into chastity/orgasm denial?

    1. It’s a common misperception that chastity devices prevent erections, but they don’t. They do prevent them from achieving “full mast”, as it were, but all the erectile tissues still engorge, they just don’t do it externally. In my Steelheart, I’d say 60% or so the erection is in the tube, the rest is behind the device inside my body. In my new Jail Bird, it’s more like 75% behind the device.

      After two years of wearing various devices (maybe 50% of the time the first year, more like 80% of the time in the second) I can report that the plumbing still works perfectly and the very few issues I’ve had with achieving erection were all psychological.

      Regarding precum, I don’t think I’m an especially copious producer of the stuff, though I notice it a lot more now. I think that’s mostly due to how my activities have changed (i.e, lots of stimulation without orgasm) rather than a physiological change brought on by denial.

    1. I’m working on it! I’ve only worn it for one night so I’m not quite prepared to do the full review, but I’ll be posting a few pictures on the forum soon (literally in the process of doing so when you added your comment).

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