The Jail Bird has landed

The newest addition to our growing fleet of chastity devices arrived yesterday. The Mature Metal Jail Bird with custom PA fixing has been on me since yesterday afternoon. Too soon to give a full review, but I have a few initial thoughts.

  • Damn, it’s light. Of course, I’m used to the Steelheart with its full metal tube and heavier gauge A-ring. While I’ve never found the SH to be too heavy, the JB is noticeably lighter.
  • The PA fixing seems to be working and, due to the smaller sized cage, not pulling on my ring. I’ll need to wear it for a few more days to be sure, though.
  • The inside of the A-ring was not polished smooth like the rest of the device. It’s noticeably rougher than the SH’s A-ring. I can feel the difference, but so far it has’t proven to be an irritation. Again, time will tell.
  • Vertical urination will mostly likely not be possible in the JB. Lining everything up is hard enough will all those bars in the way, but the real issue is the PA itself. Normally, I can place a finger over the hole when peeing and that controls the stream and keeps most of it moving in the right direction, but the cage doesn’t allow that. Keeping things lined up and simultaneously blocking the PA stream is a feat of prestidigitation I have not yet successfully achieved.

I’ll put a few pictures after the jump. More coming when I write up the full review.

8 thoughts on “The Jail Bird has landed

  1. That looks great. It looks like you got the size right. I can’t wait to hear a long term report. I don’t see a PA in my future but a frenum could happen, it looks like you could make a modification for that too.


  2. Very hot, thanks for those pictures. I just love the screw. I really want to get Ab’s JB modified for that. Trouble is, I don’t feel like sending it away and being without it for a week or two, especially since he isn’t totally comfortable in the WM yet.


  3. That is hot! I just got to get me some metal soon…Maybe it will be in my stocking….

    by the way Thumper; a potential new source for your stash: do you know it already. I gave you the rope magic site, but still no luck pulling pictures from that…

    AGAIN, very very cool shit!

  4. Boy, that looks tight. Thanks for the pictures, though. No shame left in you, is there? If I was your keyholder, I’d be pretty happy to see the engorged cock forcing its way through the stealbars… with no luck. Yay, playtimes!

    Here’s hoping the A-ring doesn’t irritate you too much.

  5. i have been to mature metal often and haven’t seen this option on their website i’m going to order one as soon as i can i think mature metal is the best CD for the money. They seem to be the best at customer service too. It looks inescapable I’m so excited finally a PA device YAAAY!!

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