Week Woof #5

Yes, I know, the whole point of calling something “weekly” implies that it’s done weekly. And I also know that the Weekly Woofs have been very much not weekly. In fact, the last one was six weeks ago.

Ah, well. Keep it in mind when my quarterly review comes around. In an attempt to make amends, I’m doing a special supersized Weekly Woof. More after the jump…

This is the moment right after she’s told him, in exquisite detail, all the things that are going to happen to him. All the things he’s expected to do for her. Everything, more than he could have imagined. Right after all that when she leans in and asks, “Ready?” And he’s thinking. His heart is thumping. He hasn’t answered yet.

I love this photo because it easily could have been staged the other way around. He’s doing the cooking, she’s checking out his ass. Maybe she’s already had that ass or maybe she’s looking at it with that in mind.

There’s hardly anything not to like about this. He’s tied to the bed (see his ankles?), hooded, and she’s plowing his ass hard. And loving it. The only gripe I have is that it looks like he’s got his right hand free. Other than that, I appreciate her Sandra Bernhard vibe.

This one, I imagine, is shot from the perspective of the guy trying to crawl up the stairs, nuts trapped in a humbler, hands cuffed together. She’s turning around to tell him that if he can’t keep up, there will be consequences.

I love her lips and I love her cute little tits. And I love what she can do with rope.

I don’t have much to say about this one except I wish I was in his place. She’s a saucy little thing. I like ’em saucy.

Again, this is an image that, except for the specific positions they’re in, could easily be switched around gender-wise. I love that he’s been totally objectified. Do they even know his name? A better question: How come I never when to school with girls like these?

In my fantasy world, this guy (who’s tied up, blindfolded, and being forced to listen to Barry Manilow ballads) thinks he’s being sucked off by his girlfriend when, in reality, it’s her brother. And she’s taking the pictures.

Nothing much to add to this one. She’s biting his nipple and I’m envious. Like the red hair. I may be developing a thing for redheads. Good thing I married one, eh?

When this was originally posted to Male Submission Art, Maymay described it as “A large man smiles in obvious delight, enjoying the sensation of two clothespins on his nipples.” I have a slightly different take on it. In my mind, he’s all, “Ha ha! These little things!? Is that the best you got?” Yeah, anyway, nipples again. Seeing a theme here?

More smut like this can be found on my Tumblr blog, Thumper’s Portfolio. Previous Weekly Woofs can be found here.

3 Replies to “Week Woof #5”

  1. “thinks he’s being sucked off by his girlfriend when, in reality, it’s her brother”

    There was nothing hot about that image when I first saw it in your portfolio. With the commentary it is mega hot.


    1. A lot of the images I post don’t work without the little backstory (at least, not in the context in which the Portfolio supposedly exists). I don’t add my internal take on an image over there only because people should take from them whatever they want, but here I feel more inclined to add my editorial spin.

      Note that not all the pictures on the Portfolio have little stories. Some are just nice eye candy!

  2. Yes, some of the best eye candy out there. I understand what you are saying, I instantly have my own back story for many of the images you post. I just remember that one and it really did nothing for me at the time. Not now.

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