48 free – Part 1

As promised, Belle let me out Saturday morning. I was kinda lobbying for Friday night, but she wasn’t having any of it. So, Saturday morning, she brought me the key and saw the cock for the first time in three weeks.

It always looks so pale and sad when the tube slides off. The head seems to be permanently lighter than it used to be. Not sure what causes that. It’s not like it was regularly seeing the light of day before all tucked away in my pants. It pinked up by the end of the day, but still looks lighter than it used to.

Anyway, having free swinging meat feels really weird to me now. There were several times over the course of the day where I had forgotten I was out only to be somewhat surprised to realize that there wasn’t a hard metal device between my legs. One time, when watching TV, my hand wandered under my waistband (as men’s hands are wont to do) and I was shocked to find soft, pliant flesh there instead of a hard tube.

I was a good boy, though. I took a book with me into a nice hot bath and kept my hands off the cock the entire time. I very specifically did not touch it, though I wanted to. That took some will power, but she hadn’t given me any explicit permission to play with myself, so I tried my best not to.

In bed, Belle told me to get naked and, for the first time in a month, I was really and truly so. We kissed a bit and the cock got long and hard and I dry-humped the space between her leg and the mattress. It was so great being able to feel a full erection where I normally only feel pressure and hard steel rings. I got up on my hands and knees over her body and kept kissing her as she started to play with the cock. It was nice, gentle stuff. Caressing and stroking the meat while sending me higher and higher into my hormonal cloud of arousal. By the end, she was yanking on the cock, pulling it straight down, and I felt like a cow being milked. She told me going in that I wasn’t going to come, but the stoking was fairly purposeful and my expression, I’m sure, told her I was close. I thought she was going to let me come, not thinking that by doing so she’d be letting me spray all over the sheets. Just as I had convinced myself that orgasm was imminent, she let go and told me it was time to go to sleep. The cock throbbed and surged to no avail.

Jesus FUCK! It’s all so different now. When we first started this stuff, I’d have been hoping and wishing she’d deny me, but now I’m just the opposite. I wanted to come so fucking bad, but she wouldn’t let me. As the saying goes, I had been ridden hard and was being put up wet, but not wet enough.

After I blew the candles out, she told me to lay on my stomach. Hard cock beneath me, she stroked my ass going down between my legs and then up along my crack to the small of my back, then in reverse. Eventually, she got her nails involved and was raking my cheeks. I lifted my hips in response and felt a palpable need to be fucked. She totally owns me now and was playing me like a viloin. I would have done anything she asked at that moment.

Even though I was all riled up and laying on what felt like a steel rod, when she went back to gentle stroking and caressing, I went down with her. I felt weariness descend over me and, with a still hard and aching cock, fell asleep. I remember distinctly the very first night Belle and I had sex and I wasn’t allowed to come. I was higher than a kite and didn’t come down until sometime the next day. Contrast that with last night when, after a month of no orgasms or even cock contact of any kind, I was able to fall asleep awash in frustration and hormones. It goes to show how much I’ve adapted to this existence.

Today, Belle told me I’d go back in tomorrow morning. I assume that means there’s still something she wants from the unencumbered cock. Even though she’s not expecting me to be locked until tomorrow, I’ve put myself in the Jail Bird on my own accord because I’m not entirely sure I trust myself after last night. I’ll take it off before bed, but until then, I’m making sure I don’t lose focus.

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