Fourth quarter, third shot

Belle continued the zone flooding/hard reset regimen and let me come again night before last. We were watching Monday Night Football (can’t believe NO pulled that one out) and, early in the fourth quarter, she said, “Get naked. Then take care of yourself.”

“Do I have a choice?” I was actually kind of sleepy.

“No.” Well. OK, then.

I admit it was a little surreal laying next to her in bed, watching football, jacking off under the covers. Like that’s normal or something. She paid little attention to me and stayed engaged in the game while I pulled on the cock and felt my heavy 4 ga circular barbell flop around in my PA. I don’t usually get to wear that piece since the cock is almost always in a steel tube, so it’s a bit of an extra treat to be out and sporting it. Anyway, even though I’d already come twice in three days, I was able to get it up quickly and found my groove easily. I didn’t waste any time and squirted quietly onto my stomach (being careful to avoid the sheets). She never stirred or said a word. It was like I was clipping my toenails or performing some other mundane act of self-maintenance. I thanked her and missed the rest of the game as sleep quickly reached up for me.

Fast-forward 24 hours and we were in the same spot watching a different game (Sunday Night Football on Tuesday!), me naked, but this time the word was never given. And yeah, three orgasms in five days, but I wanted to go again. After the game was over (skol Vikings!) and she was asleep, I wanked slowly and kept it hard for a while, but never got to the edge. Normally, two shots would put me down for a week or more, but here I am still unlocked and with the possibilities of more orgasms floating around out there. I’m not crazy horny like I can be when I haven’t come in weeks, but I’m some flavor of horny I can’t say I’ve been in a while. There isn’t a constant tickle in my groin for activity, but my brain is definitely instigating something. The lizard knows there’s a chance of more sticky white goo out there and isn’t sated in the least. He wants more. Will he get it? Only Belle knows.

3 Replies to “Fourth quarter, third shot”

  1. hey nice for you to be free. 😉
    How big is your circular barbelle? Normally i wear a 6mm CB with 8mm balls and a inner diameter of 15mm. Sometime I wera my 8mm CB with 10mm balls. thats heavy man. 😉 But I am able to come just by shaking the ring… 😉

    1. It’s 4 ga, so that makes it 5mm. Not sure about the balls. They’re whatever it came with. Probably 6mm or so. It’s 5/8″ across, internally (about 16mm).

      But I am able to come just by shaking the ring…

      I can imagine! The best part of having the PA is how it feels inside when it’s moving around…

  2. I think she is getting it. The next interchange is ” Did you enjoy taking care of yourself?: “Yes, I did.” “Well good because that is the last you are getting for XXX days!!”

    As always. Be Careful What You Wish For.

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