Mixed nuts

Over the weekend, Belle let me share a few of her orgasms. Both times I used Pink and both seemed to be really good for her. Pink, by the way, showed up again. We thought we lost her (and why we call a vibrator “her” is beyond me, but that’s what Belle calls her) and ordered a replacement Pink then the old one turned up in a bag of other toys. So now we have two. I’d like to use both at the same time on her, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

In any event, as I was saying, Belle came twice over the weekend. The first one was an unusual morning event on Saturday. I had been pretty worked up the night before and couldn’t sleep so I spent time consuming porn on the iPad. There are more and more iOS-friendly porn sites around now and I’ve found the iPad to be an almost perfect porn consumption device. So yeah, obviously, when you’re too horny to sleep the first thing you should do watch porn, especially when there’s nothing you can do to relieve yourself. But that’s what happens more often than not. A few hours later, after the sun came up, I was feeling Belle come and the cage straining. All that day I felt little burps of precum leak out, no doubt formed the night before and that morning. It’s a weird sensation to be sitting at a table doing something innocent and then feel a slug of clear fluid work its way past my perineum and down the cock.

After she came, I told her how much I wanted to fuck her. I say those things to her not in the hope that she’ll let me, but because I love to hear her tell me I can’t. If she ever did unlock me and let me have at her after I said something like that, I’d probably feel bad. But hearing her say I’m not going to, not for a long time, that I’m not allowed and am in exactly the place I should be, locked and horny and dripping and…and…


This is the game we play, right? The “oh god I want to so bad (but not really)” game. I mean, I really do do want to fuck her, but more than that, I want her to tell me I can’t. I want to feel the desire flame and burn in me. I want to feel that I have no control over my own sex. She knows it, I know it. We play the game. It’s pretty awesome, actually.

For whatever reason, I asked her if I could change into the Jail Bird. I wanted to see if I could wear it for the weekend and, when that went OK, I left it on. I’m trying to see if I can tolerate it for a week. So far, so good. Half the nights, it’s been so tight as to wake me up with moderate testicle pain, but the other half of the time, I’ve slept right though it. I think this has more to do with the relative intensity of my nocturnal erections more than anything else. Last night I got up because it was pretty painful only to find everything was so tightly packed I couldn’t even squeeze any piss out. It helps me in moments like those of pain or discomfort to recall her words. I am as she wants me to be. I am how I’m supposed to be. She thinks it’s good for me. And I’m not getting out.

In Steelheart news, I sent my original, larger cuff ring back to Dietmar in the Fatherland in order to fit a smaller tube to it. Both my rings are identical, so what fits the big one will fit the small one, too. It’s totally counter intuitive, but smaller cages seem to make more comfortable chastity devices. The JB is difficult to wear, but the actual cage portion, while significantly smaller than the SH tube, feels really good. Also lighter and easier to carry around in my pants all day. The bitey ring and odd spacing aren’t fun, but the cage is great. I’m really looking forward to getting the smaller SH tube, even though it’ll set us back another $300. We have quite the collection now.

I received the following via the feedback page:

Thanks so much for your really informative website. I am using a CB6000 (started a week ago,) and I really devoured your “tips and tricks”

It has been my biggest fantasy for about 18 years (I’m 36) and I’m so grateful that my wife is happy to give it a try. I am in London, England.

I know you are very busy with your work, your blogs and other things, I wanted to briefly share my first-time experiences and I had a couple of questions to ask you, though, if you had the time. If not, thanks anyway for the all the great blogposts.

I feel kinda bad since this came in during my recent quiet period. I’ve been meaning to get back to him…

Of course the first thing that hits you is the reality that this will require a lot of “getting used to” and working out the right sizes, how to clean, lubricate, etc. On the whole, though, I’m surprised how comfortable it has been.

After fiddling for a few hours, I got it on the first time, with the largest ring. No great discomfort, put it on in the evening, went through the night without any terrible pain. I started with the largest ring and longest spacer. Took it off in the morning.

Went back on the next evening, and stayed on for 72 hours straight, this time went down one ring size. The first night I only slept for a couple of hours (I work v late once a week), but the next 2 nights have been agony, exactly as you described. About 3 times of waking up, really bad pain in all the places you said. I don’t have any problem with my chastity entailing pain & discomfort, but I can’t make it stop whatever position I change in bed.

As soon as I get up and even sit on the toilet (without even urinating) my body kinda “gets the message” and the nocturnal erection dies down. I read what you wrote about the body eventually getting to this etc.

Very familiar. I don’t know how it is for everyone, but I find, even in the Steelheart which is, overall, a very comfortable device and one my body’s grown accustomed to, that I still experience moderate discomfort from time to time. It was much worse with the CB6K and the JB can be quite painful, but there never exists a time when I’m totally comfortable. That’s just how it is.

The question is, how much is too much for you? I found over time that either my body adjusted so what was painful stopped being that way or I just developed a tolerance for it and didn’t feel it as much. Once that happened, I’d push on to smaller rings or spacers. Personally, I like how a tight, close-fitting device feels over a loose one than drops down.

1. My question is, do you think I should go back to the largest ring for the night? I intend to move another size down, to the third largest ring, for daily wear soon – should i persevere through the night with the same ring size as day?

I persevered. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun, but I just pushed on through. It did get better. Make sure you’re reasonably lubed up at night. That’ll help reduce the burn. You could use a larger ring at night, but the swapping back and forth would, I think, get tiresome after a while.

2. Have you ever come across people having a stomach pain with this? When i get an erection in the CB6000, i feel a strong ache in my stomach, near the waist, at the front. It feels like i have pulled a muscle, or have some kind of cramp, not deep inside, like from digestion, but a muscular thing. As soon as the erection is gone, that pain is gone, too. Is that something you’ve felt / heard of?

Yes, I’ve experienced that early on. Not anymore, that I can recall. Can’t remember when it seemed to go away. Or maybe it’s just one of those things I don’t feel anymore. It seems likely that the pain is caused by the fact that what’s normally sticking about six inches outside your body is now being forced to stay inside. It may be that things rearrange themselves eventually or certain bits stretch out, but at least for me, it got better.

BTW if this works out, quite high on the “to-do-list” is to fill the ventholes with something, and to see if i can buy a CB6000S cage.

As I said above, I think smaller cages are better. I’d definitely think about that. I never filled in the vent holes, though I know some who have.

Thanks so much for your time

No problem!

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  1. It is an interesting visual that the Thumper household is awash in sex toys with a redundancy on key items (ie; Pink). Perhaps some inventory bins, or a labeling process, or RFID tags would help???

    1. Yeah, we’re hip deep in sex toys over here. I was thinking of putting some pegboard up on one wall of the bedroom and outlining each item in masking tape so we’d know where they go, but I like the idea of RFID tags *way* better.

  2. If you experience pain, especially from intense nocturnal “systems checks” it means your base ring is too tight. It’s that simple. Most mass market devices have a largest base ring size of only 2 inches which is simply too small for a lot of anatomies. I needed a custom device with a 2-3/8 inch oval base ring before I could sleep comfortably. Even 2-1/4 inches was too tight.

    It’s proper gap size that holds everything in place. Not the tightness of the base ring and not the diameter tightness of the cage tube. Only the gap. Mature Metal is the only custom maker from whom you can order a sizing kit to actually wear for a while and sleep in. He even has a “large” kit with base rings up to 3 inches. Get his sizing kit(s) and find the tightest ring you can actually sleep in without pain for two nights in a row. Problem solved.

  3. “If you experience pain, especially from intense nocturnal “systems checks” it means your base ring is too tight.”

    I’ve already acknowledged that the ring on my JB is probably a smidge too tight.

    That said, I totally disagree that a 2″ cuff is too small for “a lot” of anatomies. Most guys I hear about have smaller than that. My Steelheart has a ring the very same size as the one on the JB and it’s fine.

    It seems your idea of well fitting and mine are not the same.

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