6 Replies to “Talk radio”

  1. A pair of juvenile twats. Did I expect anything else? No. Notice how they shut Beth right up when she said it was hot. LOL. And all they could talk about was how to go to the bathroom. Little boys and their pee-pees…


  2. Actually I thought it was kind of funny, and nowhere near as much of a rejection as I would have expected from a bunch of men on a sports channel. You could hear the curiosity behind the bluster.

    As for Beth she didn’t say it was hot at all. I got the feeling she liked the idea for a different reason. A more negative one.

    Come on chaps don’t be so serious.

  3. Come now that’s not what i said. But really we live in a macho culture in which we all have struggled not to associate our own submissiveness with weakness. What kind of man is going to come to this, in public, on a sports radio talk show of all places, and show themselves to be open to it. Given that I am surprised they discussed it at all, and weren’t anywhere near as down on it as they could have been.

    Seriously could you imagine yourself defending it when everyone you knew in the real straight world was listening, rather than while hiding behind a veil of anonymity?

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