Hot spots

Imagine we’re facing each other and I’m naked. Yes, I know, it’d be an incredibly surprising situation for either of us to be in, but I’ve put us there to help illustrate something.

So, we’re facing each other and I’m naked. If you were to look at the cock (go ahead, look – Belle won’t mind), you might be able to see, in about the 10:00 position, a irritated line about an inch long curving around the top of the scrotum. Also, down below (where you can’t see, unless you ask me to lift my balls) is another little spot at about the 5:00 position. Both of these were caused by the Jail Bird’s tight ring. I switched back to the Steelheart but was only able to wear it for a day until those two hot spots forced me out. They hurt.

Interestingly, they appeared after I had been able to wear the JB for a week. I had started to get used to it’s insistent grip so that at night, when all the plumbing is at it’s highest pressure, the bad kind of pain was starting to wane. I had thought I’d be able to wear it until whenever I get the new tube for the Steelheart, but alas, it was not to be. I probably didn’t keep the ring lubricated well enough.

In any event, Belle’s let me out until I’m better or Thursday, whichever comes first. She goes to San Francisco to hang out with her best friend for the weekend. I won’t be left unlocked, of course. Until then, she said she’d check the hot spots every night and, if they looked better, put me back in. Regardless, I go in when she leaves. It’s a nice feeling, that kind of attention to my well-being.

I’m stuck at home today for mundane reasons and, before she left, Belle told me I could consider myself gifted with the Token. That is, I’m allowed to pleasure myself however I want (short of orgasm, naturally). Problem is, there are people in the house doing work at the moment so I’m unable to partake. Also, unlike every other time she’s let me have at myself, this time I have free meat. I’m not sure she’s thought that permission through all the way. I don’t want to come and wouldn’t plan on doing so, but accidents happen, especially in the heat of the moment.

Maybe the strangers hanging around is a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Hot spots

  1. A larger base ring would prevent that problem. If one has to endure significant pain at night when the pressure is at its highest, the base ring is too small for you. Period. So it’s not anything particular to the Jailbird, it’s the ring size. Ordering a ring size for one device based on the ring size for another device that seems comfortable is asking for potential trouble. In the Mature Metal case, the oval rings fit different than round rings. Also, it seems like every device has a different thickness or profile to their base ring. Or even the different material the base ring is made of can make a huge difference.

    1. Seriously, now. How many times are we going to have this conversation?

      I have already stated (several times) that the JB ring is too small. Not a lot too small, but too small. So you can stop telling me it’s too small. I KNOW IT’S TOO SMALL.

      Ordering a ring size for one device based on the ring size for another device that seems comfortable is asking for potential trouble.

      Perhaps, but it’s not an unreasonable thing to assume what works in one will be pretty close in another.

      IMO, the MM rings are more uncomfortable due to the fact that they’re thinner than Steelworxx rings in addition to not being finished as finely (not as smooth, not as evenly round). In general, the SW workmanship is better than the MM workmanship. No question. That doesn’t mean I’ll never wear the MM device again or that I won’t order a bigger ring for it someday, but side by side, the SW device is a better value for the money.

  2. I was surprised that you bought the MM device in the first place. Seems like that is going in the wrong direction on the quality scale. If you didn’t already have a steelworx device that fit and worked well then it would make more sense. The MM is a little less expensive and a little quicker. I have started to notice some of the quality issues that you have brought up in your blog in the past. I think the most notable is the fact that the cage isn’t indexed perfectly on the base ring. That combined with the cage sitting lower due to the post placement can cause discomfort when things aren’t balanced on both sides. I have learned that just screwing the cage together from the opposite side can affect the alignment.

    I love my MM devices but will probably get a steelworx some day. Probably a Looker 1 with removable plug. I just wish he had a design that had a more open end like the jailbird does, I would order it today.


    1. Well, you know, all the cool kids were getting them there for a while. I really liked (and still do) the option of an open cage. That’s what makes me keep going back to it.

      Prior to buying it, I hadn’t read anything negative about its quality. It’s actually not cheaper than a base Steelheart (before adding a bunch of options), especially now that exchange rates are favorable. They’re about the same.

      I agree that if SW had a JB-like device, I’d order it in a second.

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