HNThumper XXIX: Still caged

I leaked this one out to the Portfolio last week. It’s just another picture of me during my recent stint in the Jail Bird, but I liked it, so here you go.


That T-shirt I’m wearing is at least 15-years-old. Belle and I picked up at Roots in Montreal back before we had kids and everything. I’ve been able to hold on to it ever since, though I’m afraid it may be reaching the end of the line soon. Sigh.

Previous HNThumpers here. Read all about Half-Nekkid Thursday over at Osbasso’s.

3 thoughts on “HNThumper XXIX: Still caged

    1. Not especially. You can read my previous posts about that here:

      and here:

      As I’ve said recently, I think the ring is a tad too small. The short cage of the JB compresses the erection much more than the larger tube of my Steelheart necessitating, I think, a slightly larger ring. That being said, the JB also has fit and finish issues that contribute to the discomfort.

      I’ve pretty much decided to order a new ring for the JB sometime in the future. I think most of my issues could be corrected with a few modifications to the width of the ring and the position of the post. The articles I linked to above get into it in more detail.


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