HNThumper XXXI: Chastity ring

So, my chastity has gone virtual. Many times, HNThumpers have featured the device which ensures I stay chaste, but that’s my brain right now and I can’t obviously show you that (since, you know, I’m still using it). But, because of the way my brain works, I find it’s very helpful for me to endow some object as the token of my restriction. Something that acts as a point upon which to center my willpower. A reminder of what I’m supposed (or not supposed) to do.

To that end, I have begun to focus on the PA ring I wear. I cannot take it off without a tool and its function when I’m locked in the device is to ensure I cannot get out, so there’s a certain logic to embodying it as the continuing physical manifestation of my chastity even when I’m not actually secured.

Today’s HNThumper, then, illustrates my current state. The thing from which I am separated is clearly evident, though the power that separates us is not. That power is represented by the steel ring. It’s as if we’re breaking chastity down to it’s component parts. It’s most elemental form. The look of the cock in this image is somewhat dejected which, I think, is appropriate considering its quarantined-like state.

Jesus, I wish I could stroke it. Just for five minutes. Please?

Looking back at the thirty(!) previous HNT images I’ve posted, it’s obvious that any early reluctance I had with showing myself HN has totally dissipated. It’s one thing to document your sex life in all it’s sinuous and kinky detail in a forum that may be discovered some day but another thing entirely to publish photos of your sex organs (along with the various things attached to them). I don’t know that I’d say this has been driven by an exhibition kink as much as it’s a logical extension of the explicit words I use to describe myself and my life with Belle. There is a thrill in taking these pictures and putting them up, but is that why I do it? For that matter, is my blogging motivated by a need to lay bare everything I’m thinking and feeling for the entire world to see or is it just to show off? Can it be both? Are those even different things?

I’m not sure what the answers are, but, you know, there’s a picture of a cock up there, so maybe now isn’t the best time to ponder them.

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