Quickie from Paradise

Fair warning: I’m writing this with my thumbs on a small screen. Typos and other strange word combinations may result.

I have two quick updates to pass along. First, as I mentioned before, the SH-S did come along for the trip and is, in fact, locked on to me as I write this. It’s even had its first dip in the sea. Here’s hoping the brass lock doesn’t corrode…

The new device is so small and relatively light weight that I hardly know it’s there, regardless of activity. I’m in the “it’s part of me” zone at the moment so having it on is actually a comfort to me. I’m laying on the bed in our room as I peck this out, on my stomach, and can feel its firm density pressing up into me even as its contents swell expectantly. So far, the experience has been comfortable and without incident. I left the rinse bottle at home by accident so hopefully the salt an pool water flushes it’s receiving will be sufficient to keep everything in balance.

The other news is somewhat more momentous. Seeing as how Belle prefers me when I’m locked and denied and seeing as *I* prefer me that way, too (which is to say, we like how I behave and feel and act when the hormonal build-up works its magic), Belle has decided to leave me without orgasm for six months. My previous record was just about three, but she’s assured me that she will *not* be swayed by any pathetic begging on my part. Next time I come, the leaves will be changing. They haven’t even come out where we live.

Truth is, the idea was mine (surprised, right?), but I was very clear that it was just an idea. I was perfectly prepared to deal with whatever she wanted to do, including letting me come on the trip or whatever. After a few days of thought, she’s on board. I’m now about two weeks into a 26 week experiment.

To celebrate the decision, she let me give her an orgasm this morning. It was the first since I got sick last week, so I needed it as badly as she did. Feeling her nipples in my mouth and my fingers working her hot, wet snatch made the tube contents strain so hard my nuts turned purple. After she came, I cleaved to her and felt the device throb with stiff, stifled meat and my intense desire to fuck her with it and the equally intense realization that that would not happen for a very, very long time.

And it was good.

6 thoughts on “Quickie from Paradise

  1. Hello,
    My name is Sydney. My boyfriend and I have been experimenting with chastity play and all its various offerings. My question for you is this, does your wife ever blog about it? I would love to hear her view point on the whole thing. Being another female, I would love to hear what she personally gets out of it. I know what I enjoy, but often wonder if I’m one in a million… I have read only one other women’s writings (Sarah Jameson).

  2. Saltwater may corrode your brass lock, depending on the zinc content of the brass, but probably not so much that it will fail to open. Marine brass resists corrosion, but you’ll need to check with the manufacturer. Best to flush it with fresh water as soon as possible and open it regularly to make sure it’s in good working order. Something like WD40 (lube?) might be a good idea, too, but ask a locksmith about that if you can.

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