Drippy tube

So, to recap from the vacation, I was, indeed, locked up the entire time. Besides being out for the flight, the only other time she let me out was one morning when I went diving. Other that that, 24/7. I was, of couse, also out for the flight home, but we got back so late that she let me stay out that night.

Next morning, we were both home having taken the Monday after off as well, though the kids were at school. I was getting dressed and ready for the day when she asked me if I wanted to make her come. Well, fuck yes. Plus, being out, I figured there was perhaps a chance I could get the dick wet (though she had just started her period). No, though. I got her off with my fingers while she stroked the cock lightly, but just enough, so that I was always wanting more. Mixed with a few slaps to the nutsack, I was groaning right along with her when she finally came. Regardless, she got out of bed and left me there, hard and wanting. The cock bobbed and throbbed in the air while she went about her business unpacking.

Eventually, I got up, still hard, and went into the bathroom for my shower. I decided that my current state would not allow me to soap up without also playing with the cock, so I put the SH-S on. While the cock wasn’t rock hard at this point, it was still respectively pudgy so it was a bit of a trick getting everything through the ring and stuffed down the tube.

Something I haven’t mentioned here is that I have not been using the PA fixing with the new Steelheart. I found after a few days of wearing it that it was just too crowded in there and I was getting pinched. However, while I don’t need the extra security, it is so much hotter with the fixing in place, so it’s in there now. I woke up last night with a pinch, but took a leak to soften the meat and then repositioned things so that by this morning I felt no ill effects at all. I’m going to see it I can leave it in place for the rest of the week.

I’ll need to figure it all out by Saturday because Belle will be off on another one of her world tours. Two weeks of no Belle. I hate hate hate these trips, but there’s not much that can be done. In the middle of her absence, the kids and I are flying off to Grandma’s house for a long weekend, so I’ll need to use my key to get out prior to leaving and to secure everything again once we get back.

In any event, it’s been about two weeks since my last orgasm and stuff’s building up in there. Two mornings in a row, I dripped precum after my shower while getting ready at the mirror. I get why that was yesterday since she let me share one of her orgasms, but this morning was same old same old. Regardless, long ropes of thick clear fluid hung from the hole in the steel tube, sticking to the hairs on my legs.

Two weeks down, 24 to go. That’s a lot of morning drips.

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