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Reader OzCub left the following comment in reply to my last HNThumper. My reply started to get pretty long, so I decided to make a full post out of it.

Your blog has really sold me on the steelheart device. Problem is – I’ve never worn any device before. I’ve seen it recommended elsewhere that you should probably start with a more flexible/adaptable device like a CB6000 or a Birdlock. What are your thoughts on that?

Also I’m planning on getting a PA done because I think it would suit my cock. In your opinion, would it be better to sort that out before I even consider delving into chastity? Or can it come later (so to speak)?

Yes, I think it’s probably best for for someone new to enforced chastity to start with CB6K (I have no experience with a Birdlock, but based on what I’ve read of Tom’s and Aarkey’s experience [part 1 and 2], I wouldn’t recommend it). There are two reasons to start with a CB6K. First, with a relatively low investment, you can figure out if locking your cock into a hard tube is something that flips your trigger. Sure, reading about it can be hot, but there’s a lot of stuff that turns me on when I read it that I’d never want to do in real life. Chastity could be that way for you, too. A hundred and fifty bucks and a few weeks can answer the question for good.

The second reason the CB6K is a good way to start regards fit. Not so much the tube or cage portion because I’m now convinced that that needs to be approximately the same size as your normally flaccid penis (erring on the shorter side). It sounds totally unintuitive, but the less room it has to grow the more comfortable the device will be in the long run. Keeping that in mind, you might want to consider the CB6Ks. The other critical element in fitting a device is the cuff ring. I know from experience that the ring I could barely wear on day one would be ridiculously large on me now. The body adjusts over time and, eventually, you will probably find yourself in a ring that’s not a lot bigger around than the shaft of your erect cock. Unless you’re willing to get a custom steel device with multiple cuff rings or are willing to replace one with another later on (probably requiring you to send the whole device back for several weeks), the CB6K is a good way to get used to the constriction and let your nutsack stretch a bit. Once you settle in to a ring that works for you, the move to metal will probably mean dropping down to a slightly smaller one. At least, that’s how it worked in my experience.

Regarding rings and sizing, I know Mature Metal will send you some for fit, but I’ve never done that. I’m not sure how that’d work since a ring without a tube or cage is just a cock ring and I know that the smallest cock ring I can stand is actually bigger than the cuff ring I’ve got on at the moment. I think since the tube keeps the cock from getting fully erect that the ring can be smaller. Maybe someone who’s done that can leave a comment on how well it worked. In any event, a smaller ring means less weight, bulk, and, at least for me, greater comfort day in and day out and higher security. However, as I’ve already driven into the ground, I’m not super impressed with MM’s quality and design (though they have many fans in the community – I think I’m in the minority on that). You said you’re already settled on a Steelheart, so maybe that doesn’t really matter to you.

I seriously doubt you’ll regret getting the Prince Albert. I think they’re really hot. Plus, when you get the chance to jack off with them, the sensation can be fucking fantastic. Plus plus, of course, their utility with regard to chastity security is quite high. Were I to do it all over again, I’d probably have gotten the PA first. Waiting for it to be totally healed will make wearing it in a device a lot less of a hassle and you can always stretch up to larger gauges while it’s locked up. You’ll probably start at an 8 (or maybe a 10) and eventually work up to a 6 or a 4. From initial piercing to 4ga is at most a 3 month process. You’ll want to wait at least 30 days before you lock up a new PA. If you start chastity first and then get the piercing, it’ll just mean interrupting the chastity for a month. That’s what I did and it was a pain.

Good luck!

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  1. It sounds totally unintuitive, but the less room it has to grow the more comfortable the device will be in the long run.

    I think this may be a “your mileage may vary” kind of situation, largely because my mileage has varied. 🙂

    When I ordered my steelworxx device (not a steelheart – a different one from the same vendor which has an openish top area, because (a) it’s easier to clean if i can get stuff in there to clean with, and (b) my husband likes playing with the top of my penis sometimes, even when i’m locked up), I deliberately ordered it to be just large enough to contain a full erection. I *like* the feeling of having an erection in the tube, with the top of my penis just barely poking out the front end and the cage rigid around it; I did *not* like the feeling, in the cb3000, of things being so tight that it felt like I might burst the plastic, and I would not like things being tight enough that it was difficult/painful to get an erection. (In fact, one of the best things about the change for me has been how, in the steelworxx device, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night because the erection has become painful, and running for ice to settle it down).

    That said, I’d agree with the overall advice to start with the cb6000 before moving on to metal. The cbx000 devices are configurable, with multiple options that you can try and see what works for you; the metal ones generally aren’t, and they’re more expensive … meaning a ‘guess’ as to what will work is costly to correct. 🙂

    1. My experience with the CB6K is the same as yours with the CB3K. It was much less comfortable and I experienced more pain in it than I do now. My feeling is this was because the tube allowed for the beginning of expansion which actually is less comfortable than restricting it as much as possible.

      Either way, you’re happy, I’m happy. We’re all happy! Matzel tov! 🙂

  2. I appreciate your advice. Imagine my surprise at the promptness of your reply when I logged onto my computer this morning to continue the marathon edging session I started last night! Just for that my tackle is going right back in the jock I wore to bed last night, and, after a hard morning jog, I’m going to measure up and place my order.

  3. I was just wondering, doesn’t the PA ring interfere with “normal” intercourse or with getting a blowjob ans so on? I mean, can you incidentally hurt a woman by one of those?

    1. Not at all. During (the increasingly rarer) intercourse, Belle feels the ring inside her, but it doesn’t cause discomfort of any kind for either of us. On the flip side, there are some piercing that purpotedly increase female pleasure, but the PA is not considered one of them.

      WRT oral, I practially never get that, but again, unless she carelessly chips a tooth on it, there’s nothing inherent in the piercing or the jewelry that should cause discomfort.

      I’ve see (videos of) guys fucking with PAs with no apparent ill affects. If they can do that, a guy and a girl should be able to do anything they want. In fact, it’s still my experience that the presence of the PA increases stimulation for me, especially during hand jobs.

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