HNThumper XXXIII: The fix is in

Today’s HNThumper entry shows the enforcement end of my chastity.

You can see through the hole in the end of the tube the usually hidden bits that ensure I cannot slip the dick out of the device Belle locks onto my body.

For those who aren’t familiar with my device, there’s a bar called a PA fixing that runs inside the tube down one side to the end and then back up the other side. The ends of the bar are attached to the posts that fit into the cuff ring. The PA fixing is run though the ring in my PA piercing before the cock is put into the tube and, once it’s all locked together, ensures I can never completely withdraw from the device. Without the PA fixing, slipping out would be physically very easy (though I find it to be mentally quite hard). With the PA fixing, the thing is escape proof.

I’ve included a little diagram to help make sense of what you’re seeing. I mentioned before that I was experiencing more pinching from the PA fixing with the new SH-S than I did with the SH-1. It’s true that the interior space is a significantly smaller in the new device, but I also found that the fixing bar didn’t lay as close to the tube wall as it did in my original Steelheart. I’ve adjusted the placement of the bar by bending it very slightly and now it lays perfectly flat. So far, that’s made a huge difference in comfort. Also, it’s made the image I posted today no longer possible to take. The fixing doesn’t ride up anymore so is no longer visible through the tube’s opening.

I made a video demonstrating how I put the SH-1 together. If you’re interested, take a look. The SH-S works exactly the same except the tube and PA fixing are both a lot shorter.

[wpvideo 0RDhbikj]


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8 Replies to “HNThumper XXXIII: The fix is in”

  1. I really love the look of this device and wonder how comfortable it is, and if it can be used for long term

    1. “Comfortable” is a relative term in male chastity, but yes, I think it’s comfortable. It isn’t perfect, as I said above. There’s a lot of extra stuff in the tube besides the cock and space is tight, but 99.5% of the time, I find it to be quite comfortable.

      As for long term wear, I’ve been locked up almost continuously for the better part of three weeks now and expect that to continue indefinitely. In my previous device, I’ve gone months at a time. Belle has made it my default condition to be locked up so that at least 75% of the time, I’m in some kind of device.

  2. Doesnt the PA ring pinch and catch little corners of your skin and trap them against the walls of the sheath when you swell or shrink? At one point I tried using a rubber o-ring in my CB-600s as a secondary security device, and it was “bad.” Catching all sorts of things and pinching them….

    Just wonder’in.


    1. When I had the larger tube, pinching was pretty rare. Now that I have the smaller one, it does happen more frequently, but as I said in the post, I was able to adjust it to make it less of an issue.

  3. BTW – cool vid. That is some secure lock up you have there. Really quite impressive. Thanks for that.


  4. Ha! I loved this self handling and the narration, for no other reason than I am pervy mcperve!!

    I cringed when you were putting the ball in the PA with the wrench with what looked like some force and the ball clicked in (it *really* looked like you slipped!).

    Is there any chance at all that Belle could put this on you, or would it be instant hard and complete failure?



    1. I would LOVE for her to put it on me, but the few times we’ve tried it the cock wouldn’t cooperate. It’s hard for me to even have her watching.

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