I went for my first bike ride of the season this past weekend. Just over 13 miles in my spandexish bib bike shorts and the Steelheart. For whatever reason, I didn’t bike much at all last year and can’t remember ever doing it in the steel before, but, since it’s an often-asked question, I can report that it was no problem whatsoever. The compact, less obvious shape of the Steelheart Short was not an issue. The crotch is padded for comfort and that helped hide the tube, though the material directly above the padding was thin enough to clearly show the locking mechanism. Not just the shape, but also the steel. Since I wear a shirt over the bibs, it was well hidden.

Before starting, I lubed up quite a bit and found it was much more comfortable than the CB6K. Not only did the steel not cause any chafing around the scrotum, but the shorter, more downward pointing tube didn’t get pushed back into my pelvis as much. I did find that the entire device rotated so that the tube was pointing to the right and almost perpendicular to its usual position, but that was easily adjusted and didn’t cause any discomfort. The one bad thing I did discover, though, is that I need to sit up slightly in the seat when going over rough bumps (or, alternatively, rotate my hips back a bit). At one point, the tube was in direct contact with the seat and the PA ring was being held in direct contact with the tube so that when I went over a particularly jarring bump, all that force was communicated perfectly from the wheels to the little bit of flesh between my piercing and urethral opening. Oh. My. Gawd, did that hurt. Just the once, though, and now I know better. No lingering damage was sustained.

In other news, yesterday marked the end of my first orgasmless month. Well, four weeks, anyway. Twenty-eight days down, 140-some to go. During those 28 days, I was locked up for all but two and a halfish of them (for travel). I told Belle I felt like I needed a little attention outside the tube. Either direct teasing or being tied up and beaten or just beaten. Something. I’m feeling a little disconnected at the moment. She let me make her come Saturday and that was very nice, but I didn’t see her for two whole weeks and every time she touches me in even half-hearted and innocent ways, I feel a shock and low thrum deep inside. It seems to me that in these few days since she’s come back and is going through the jet lag thing that she’d really rather not have anything at all to do with me. I guess that’s to be expected, but in my state, it’s difficult to deal with. I find the denial and the being locked up makes me a lot more sensitive to her attention (or lack of) and emotional as a result. If I weren’t worried about being called sexist or genderist or some other ist I might say living the way I do makes me act more like a stereotypical woman than a man, but I’d hate to be called any kind of ist, so I won’t say that.

Also found out that I’ll be unexpected travelling for business next week. I will leave it entirely up to Belle to decide what my state will be while gone. No suggestions or anything from me. Whatever she wants. Either I’ll be free as a bird (with clipped wings) or locked like last time.

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  1. I can relate. I am at 28 days today but probably not looking at as long a lockup. It will be at least June though. I have been suggesting that a good whipping would be nice for the last couple of weeks. Well, last night out of the blue my wife told me to get the crop. She looked me in the eyes and said “you will not like this, and there will be no warm up”. Are you sure this what you want? Of course I said yes. She was right. From the first stroke I wanted it to stop. After about 50 strokes total (in quick bursts of 4-5) I actually told her I had enough. That doesn’t happen too often and it usually takes longer. She doesn’t like using the cane on me but she is very good at it and takes pride in her work. She was absolutely glowing afterward. Anyway, the real point is that this definitely helped me connect to her, it was absolutely what I wanted (and needed). The added benefit of the reminder of it every time I sat down today is just icing on the cake.

    I hope you get the attention you need.


  2. I’ve been getting back into bike training for the last few weeks. I converted an old roadie into an exercise bike, and the seat is a bit rough, since I’ve become accustomed to the split saddle style. I haven’t decided of it’s better to use powder or lotion.

    I ordered another split saddle for my other bike (yes, I need to have several of them), and hope to try it out soon.

  3. I went for ride with my son. My JailBird had no impact whatsoever it was not noticeable at all. I’m not pierced so don’t have that problem. I fully relate to the feeling of disconnection

  4. Dont know about that last comment – it wasn’t me and it’s pointing at my blog. I haven’t suddenly turned into a JB wearing bloke I promise.I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …..

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