Squeaky clean

Air travel stinks. I was talking to my coworkers as we flew back yesterday and one of them remarked that when she was young her family dressed up to fly. How it was such a big deal. Now, planes are nothing more than busses with wings. Endless charges for such luxuries as baggage and rude attendants and knees pushed up into your chin for three hours. Man, I’ve had it.

Anyway, I’m back home. Finally. Night before I left, even with a numb dick, I couldn’t fall asleep. It was a combination of being really horned up and having had a glass of iced tea with dinner. That little extra jolt of caffeine mixed with the hormones kept me up to four in the morning so I got maybe two or three hours of sleep. The tossing and turning went on so long, the feeling came back to the cock and in my delirious half sleep, half awake state, my hand found it again and again. I’d edge myself then control would come back and I’d roll over only to find my fevered brain reinserting all kinds of pornographic thoughts before me and the cock would swell and the whole thing would start over again. I knew that if I just came I’d likely fall asleep quickly, but I resisted the best I could. It was one of the hardest evenings of orgasm control I’ve had in a while. The barrier between pre and post orgasm was membrane thin and, by the time I pulled up and stopped stroking, I was leaking great quantities of ejaculate. I didn’t get the tingly sensation of orgasm and the thoughts and desires came back quickly enough for me to know it wasn’t an orgasm, but it was a very close scare. In the future, even if Belle lets me go to these things unprotected, I should probably bring the Steelheart along for those times I feel I’m losing control. When it’s in place, even if I hold my own key, the Rule of Law descends and my relationship with the cock changes completely.

Got home well after Belle went to sleep last night so I’m still free. I took the opportunity to clean out the Steelheart tube thoroughly this morning. I find that when I’m locked into it for weeks at a time (as I just was – essentially a month), a type of build-up appears at the end of the tube. It appears to be some kind of mineral-type stuff that I assume is left there by frequent contact with urine. It clings to the steel and can’t be cleaned out with soap and water, but I’ve found soaking the tube in a vinegar bath loosens it up enough that it can be wiped out.

I took the opportunity afterwards to take the above picture. I shows how tight things are in the end the tube with the PA fixing and 4 gauge ring. All that squished with the penis meat into a 2.5″ long steel cage. Time will tell when the meat is again so squished. Belle’s given me no indication when she wants it back in there.

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  1. I was curious, how does the PA bar in the steel heart stop you just pulling back and having the ring slide up the side? With a 4 gauge ring I can see there not being room, but is it tight enough to stop a 12 gauge?

    I just got the piercing done and 12 gauge was the piercers recommendation for a start, and stretching can take months and years

    1. I thought it would do that when I ordered it, but what I found in practice is that the ring only goes up about halfway before it stops (the space between the wall and the bar seems to narrow as it goes up the tube). I was already up to 8 or 6 gauge when I first got it, so I’m not sure if a much thinner ring would make a difference.

      Even if you could get all the way up the tube, there wouldn’t be a whole lot you’de be able to do with it. The spaces are tight and a hard cock would be difficult to manipulate while still secured to the bar. You might be able to pop the ball on your ring, but I seriously doubt you’d be able to get it back on afterward.

      1. Thanks

        Thats a bit frustrating, was hoping it would hold everything down so you couldn’t pull out period.

        I guess what it needs is twist or something at the bottom so that it can’t be pulled sideways out.

      2. The thing is, you need some ability for the head to move around as the shaft of the penis changes length over the course of the day. I tried using all kinds of cable set-up back when I was in the CB6K and none of them worked because they kept the head essentially stationary at the end of the tube. As the shaft tried to retract naturally, it ended up pulling on the piercing which was Not Good.

        The PA fixing I have is a better solution because it allows some movement up and down but does not allow the head of the cock to withdraw from the tube. In my experience, the level of security you want is not possible in something you plan on wearing long-term.

  2. Your buildup at the end of the cage is likely a combination of urea and/or uric acid. The composition of the buildup will be influenced a lot by the material of the cage (steel in your case), as well as your own body chemistry, so different cleaning methods may be needed for different cages/men. If vinegar isn’t effective as Thumper described using it, you can also try hydrogen peroxide (may help with urea) or an enzyme cleaner (helps with uric acid). Enzyme cleaners are often targeted at pet urine, but the essential chemistry is the same; just check to make sure the other ingredients in whichever enzme product you choose won’t harm your particular cage. Google “uric acid enzyme cleaner” to see lots of options.

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