Still alive

Usually, when I’m quite here, then there’s something going on in my head. That hasn’t been the case recently, I just haven’t had anything to talk about. Part of it could also be that she let me come again last weekend. We had been up at the family vacation compound for the holiday and she unlocked me for no apparent reason. Then, on Monday night, she let me fuck her and come in one of those purely functional ways – she waiting patiently with her top still on, me fucking like a naked mad rabbit. It had only been, what? A week? So indulgent of her.

In any event, unlike last time when the two squirts took the wind out of my sails for almost a week, this time I felt the stirrings again after about 48-72 hours. I measure this mostly by my relationship with the device which, typically, was strained immediately after I came but was back to normal by Wednesday-ish. Now I’m in that period of enhanced hornitude that comes about a week after an event and lasts for about a week. Belle’s out of town again starting Monday night, so there may be some sleepless times ahead for me. If she allows me to abuse myself, who knows?

My enhanced state of being was put into sharp relief today as I took care of a few random chores for Belle Fille. I was driving around the city lakes near where we live and, this being the first really nice weekend of the year for us (winter having ended about two weeks ago and not scheduled to return for another six), there were many fine examples of the human form on display for me to ogle lecherously and cause me to squirm uncomfortably in my bucket seat. As a person who admires both genders equally, I had plenty of things to distract me as I drove languorously around the broad circumference of the lake. I am so. FUCKING. Horny.

Aaaand, that’s about it, really. I have little new to report. Just thought I’d drop by and let you know that nobody died or was otherwise preoccupied with excessive navel-gazing. Just us, living our lives like normal people.

2 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. I’m glad to hear that Belle unlocked you for some good lovemaking.
    That makes it all worthwhile. Reminds me: I need to go down on my wife this evening (~:)


  2. There is a nurturing tenderness to Michelle that is sometimes expressed in this kind of functional sex. I think she enjoys it, but not in an a way that leads to great sexual pleasure for her. It is almost more like giving me a massage, and feeling like she has cared for me.

    I recall, in previous bouts of chastity, Michelle ‘let’ me come when I hadn’t asked for it, and let me do so by having sex with her. I thought it was indulgent too, but maybe she wanted to feel as though she was being caring, and generous with her body. I think she feels some ‘duty’ as a wife to do that.

    And in just the same way, it didn’t really make the horniness go away for me.

    But I am learning to accept that she has some ideas about ‘being a wife’ that make her feel this way. In its own way, it’s pretty lovely.


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