The Looker 03

Dietmar has a new toy to drool over. It’s called The Looker 03 and sports a PA “shackle” (damn, but if that’s not a sexy word) that’s reminiscent of a Steelwerks Extreme lock.

I see this and my immediate, visceral reaction is, “Woof!” But I have a few concerns:

  1. The damned thing costs, at current exchange rates (less VAT), $494.
  2. I can’t imagine you’d be able to wear that and pee standing up. The shackle (I just love saying that) goes through the main hole in the half-cup at the tip leaving urine to stream through all the little holes surrounding it and out the back though the piercing (which ends up soaking the scrotum). This thing’s a sprayer (which is not, in and of itself, a bad thing – I’m just sayin’).
  3. Based on my previous experimentation with PA security (both with cables on the CB6K and my PA ring on a special little bar I had added to our Jail Bird), it seems to me that there’d be the opportunity for pinching between where the shackle (there’s that word again) comes out of the piercing and the back of the half-cup (or even between the shackle and the two lateral bottom bars of the cage). I don’t think there’d be the issue with pulling I found with the CB6K+cable because, presumably, this cage would be tailored to my body and there’s be less opportunity for the penis to move back and forth along its length.
  4. Finally, the shackle (fuuuck!) just seems kind of unwieldy. Like it’d get pushed all hither and yon in my underwear and end up pulling on the piercing.

But, goddamn, it’s sexy. I know I’ll be going back and looking at it again and again.

Did I mention it’s got a shackle?!

7 thoughts on “The Looker 03

  1. I know about that lock, Lori’s sells one similar but way too expensive. I love the look of it but I’ll buy one Canadian no extra taxes and no border guards opening my stuff and mangaling the packing.

    1. Yeah, Lori does have a few options like that. How can you tell what they cost? I can never find anything on her site…

      I’ve sent stuff back and forth to Dietmar several times now and it’s never been opened. Not that I’d care, assuming that put it all back the way it was.

  2. There you go with the cute again. Shackle. Shackle… 😀 I’d be more worried about the dangling… shackle… and the shape it creates, but since you’re going even commando nowadays, maybe it doesn’t bother you anymore?

    1. Come to think of it, maybe I should *just* get the shackle. That’d be hot in its own way and, based on the size of the thing, would make jacking off problematic.


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