A little Friday nerdery

I decided yesterday to go commando. I hardly ever go to work or into the world like this anymore, but yesterday was warm and I was wearing roomy, breezy shorts and the muse moved me. While getting dressed, I simply left the underwear on the bed.

Once I got to work, I was walking across the parking lot toward the building and enjoying the stiff breeze blowing against me. The really hot weather had moved out the night before and the cool front was kicking up the atmosphere a bit. After I got about three-quarters of the way across, I realized that the wind was pressing my clothing to my body and, as I walked, the perfectly clear outline of my tube was plainly visible, rocking back and forth with the motion of my legs, under the thin fabric of my shorts. There were others around and about the doorway and in the lot, but I can’t say who saw what (if anything). So…commandos beware. It didn’t stop me from doing it again today, though.

I woke up last night with some nasty pinching at the end of the tube. In my rush to get back in, I neglected to replace my chunky 4ga PA ring with the space-saving 8ga ring I usually use in the device. That was a mistake and one I’ve made before. I’d get up and walk around to bring the swelling down only to crawl back into bed and find myself in the same spot 15 minutes later after I fell back asleep and the nocturnal hydraulics kicked back in. I could have popped my key (had I woken up Belle, I would have been in trouble), but toughed it out until this morning when I asked Belle if I could borrow hers.

As I took the tube off, I found the insides to be coated with slimy precum leakage. A strong whiff of male ejaculate wafted up to meet me. I had to act fast as Belle was standing right next to me and her presence (and potential observation) combined with the leakage-induced slipperiness of the meat combined with the generally horny as fuck condition I’ve been in since I got home didn’t leave me a lot of time before the blinking and light-shy penis figured out its shell had been removed. I pried the big ball out of the 4ga ring, removed it, slipped in the thinner ring, snapped in the smaller ball, and got the device reassembled and locked in record time. I felt like one of those guys who can disassemble and reassemble his rifle in the dark. Even now as I sit here and type this, I can feel the difference.

In other nerdery news, I still find the base of my scrotum to be adjusting to the ring again. Even with lube, I’m feeling periods of burning. That might be due to the fact that I’ve had zero support down there for well over 24 hours now. No underwear means the meat has to support the device all the time. Just thought of that. Hmmm…

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      1. if you have time you should check out A”x marks the scot” a great resource/forum on all things Kilt and has links to many different kilt makers across the cost spectrum.

  1. I don’t know how you do it. I can only go commando in snug jeans because they give a little support. And almost nothing except a jockstrap is enough support for the armored tank Fort.

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