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Since I just got back from my last week-long camping and hiking extravaganza of the year, I really don’t have much to blog about. Luckily, I received a question via the feedback page and have decided I could cheat my way into having a post by answering it here.

Reader Chris says…

I am planning to order a Steelheart device and have used your blog as a primary resource on learning about it’s pros and cons.

I appear to be similarly equipped (endowed?) as you (although no PA piercing) and use similar settings in my CB-6000. Although I use the second smallest spacer and the middle sized ring. (I think you use the smallest spacer instead)

Back in the day, yes I did.

 I am pretty sure that I want the 35mm wide tube and the 42mm a-ring.

I’m also certain that I want the integrated lock.

I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind:

1) Your SH-S is 70mm… the longest available steelheart length is 105mm, which is roughly the same the cb-6000. I’d like something smaller in length than the CB-6000 but don’t wish to encounter any nocturnal pain (pain which you dont seem to mind so long as tolerable)…

What length do you feel would provide the better fit w.out the night time discomfort you get using the 70mm tube? I’m thinking 85 – 90mm… thoughts?

In my experience, having a tube that arrests the erection at a size as close to the penis’ flaccid length as possible is more comfortable than one that allows it to reach half-mast. However, the more the erection is compressed, the more pressure is placed on the cuff ring. Were I to do it over, I would have ordered a tube that was perhaps even a little shorter than the SH-S tube (70mm). I do need a little extra space in there for the PA and fixing hardware, but I bet I could lose 3-5mm as still be good.

In short, I think the nocturnal pain is more a function of the ring, not the tube, and shorter tubes tend to be better than longer ones.

2) the extra tube ring added for comfort… you mentioned that it occasionally causes discomfort, lol. Do you still recommend the extra feature? I see you have it on both steelheart tubes that you’ve ordered

The weld holding the “comfort” ring on is the culprit. I wish Dietmar would not place it at the bottom of the tube where the pressures between the erection and the thin skin attaching it to the scrotum is the greatest. Perhaps two offset a centimeter or so in each direction would be better, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve ordered both my tubes with that ring because I suspect the thinner, relatively sharp edge of the tube by itself would be problematic. I would advise getting it but seeing if Dietmar could either ensure the weld is very smooth or offset it as I described.

3) I can’t stand the idea of squishing the boys through a solid ring so I plan to order the Bipartite ring instead ( ). Any experience with such a ring and/or any opinions?

From my experience with the CB6K, I think any nook or cranny is a problem, especially when on the ring. I think having it hinged is asking for problems. Popping my nuts though the ring has become a bit more twingy lately as I think they’re larger than they used to be, but it’s a very fleeting sensation and way worth not getting any hot spots from a hinge. I would not pay extra for that feature.

4) Finally, any other advice of any kind that you feel will help me in ordering the best device is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time… and your blog!

I think your wearing the CB6K first is the right approach. As I’ve said before, it’s not a perfect analog to moving to steel, but it helps get you in the ballpark from a sizing perspective and allows your body to adjust and “settle in” to what it probably your true size. You don’t say how long you’ve worn the CB6K, but I’m assuming it’s been long enough that you started at a larger sized ring and spacer and moved down over time.

I also think when buying custom steel, you need to prepare yourself for the likelihood that at least part of it will need to be adjusted after you wear it. I had a too large ring and tube, though only the ring was immediately obvious to me. Based on what I read in the experiences of others, it seems like 30-50% of guys will replace a piece within a few months and north of 75% will replace another chunk or even order an entirely new device after a year or so.

Good luck! Moving to steel was the best thing we’ve done with regard to chastity play. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I used the Bipartite ring and haven’t found it to be a problem with irritation; it’s not hinged but is two pieces that fit together with an open joint. It makes it a little tricky to get the ring on (you get used to it eventually), but it’s brilliant to get off when aroused.

    1. Yeah, that’s a better design than the hinged version, but I’m still a fan of smooth, solid rings.

      Get off when aroused!? What’s the fun in that? 😉

    2. Yep, it’s not the hinged ring but the two piece ring that I’m looking at. I figured the two piece would carry a smaller risk in the pinch n grab department.

      Who knows, maybe a solid ring will be my first adjustment… although I doubt it. I seriously have a much lower tolerance for junk discomfort than you do, Thumper… lol.

      I’ve been using the CB-6000 for several months and have settled into the current setup (middle ring, second smallest spacer). It’s just about perfect. Night time erections can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes but nothing too unsettling.

      Most of the discomfort I feel with my current setup is from the ring pulling forward during erections. It squeezes the boys as it is pulled forward. A good, solid erection when wearing it can feel like a long, slow kick in the nuts.

      So wouldn’t a shorter length tube cause the ring to pull forward even more? I want the tube to fit well but don’t want it to pull the ring too hard during erections.

      I’ll def make sure to ask Dietmar to keep the lower inner tube smooth. That’s where most of my skin irritation occurs so that was especially useful advice, thanks!

      I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out!


      1. So wouldn’t a shorter length tube cause the ring to pull forward even more?

        That’s what common sense would tell you, but my experience with the Jail Bird and Steelheart Short says otherwise. Especially with the JB. Had the ring been a bit bigger, I might have been able to wear it for longer periods. The thing I noticed is more erection compression makes for a tighter ring.

        That said, it’s not the end of the word either way. Get the bigger tube and see how it plays. If it works, it works!

  2. That bipartite ring is an interesting construction, indeed. Do you know if it’s possible to get the integrated lock with it, or does it require a solid ring?

    1. When i asked for a price on the specifics I outlined above it included the integrated lock.

      So I assume it’s a go.

      But after reading Thumper’s advice we decided to order a CB-6000s tube and give that a test run to see if smaller, more packed in is indeed more comfortable.

      I’ll be sure to come back and let you guys know how it goes.

      Thanks, everyone!


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