By the light of the sun

It’s been bad sleeping the past few nights. I have a hard time getting to sleep (or even feeling sleepy), then have a hard time staying asleep, then have to deal with insistent erections from about 4:00 AM on that wake me up. I have a few tricks to make them go away, but the most efective is to get up and pee. So anyway, crappy sleep. Occupational hazard of the chronically denied.

Belle and I woke up at about the same time this morning as dazzling sunlight poured through our window. The device was, as usual, very tight as the penis within was doing its stupid best to get as long and as hard as it could. I whined to Belle about it. She didn’t seem too impressed, but closed the bedroom door so I could get her off. To me, it felt like a quick, hard fuck. I didn’t linger or draw it out. I got her off as fast as I could. As if the faster she came, the better I’d feel or something. But once it was over, I was in even more misery. The penis was throbbing against it’s confinement.

I whined again. This time, about how I wanted to be inside her. Yes, it was lobbying, but I do that from time to time and it’s seldom successful. But this time, she seemed moved by my predicament and got the key.

“You can go for a ride,” she said, “but you can’t come.”

I frantically fumbled with the key in the lock. The penis had subsided just a bit and I had a very short window of opportunity to get the whole thing off before it responded to its new opportunity.

“Don’t get hard, don’t get hard,” I repeated under my breath.

I got the tube off and the PA fixing out of the way, but was too far gone to get past the ring. I was either going in with it on or would have to wait god knows how long before the hydraulics would allow it to be removed. Time was of the fucking essence. Her pussy was right there, all wet, hot and inviting. Somewhere in our house were children who would soon be demanding our attention. Even the dog was antsy.

Fuck it, I thought. I mounted her and pushed the stiff penis home. It felt, in a word, glorious. The cuff ring is too small to wear absent the tube which helps keep the penis from achieving its full erect girth. When it’s not there, the ring bites even more than usual. In my mind, I could see the penis with its veins all standing out and the head deeply red and swollen from the constriction at its base. It felt weird. Not bad, but different. As if I was fucking with someone else’s cock.

After a few minutes of this, the reptile brain took charge and told me to bite Belle. Of course, that’s not allowed, but I wanted to do it badly. I wanted to totally destroy her with this miraculous wonder boner and chew on her face. It was as if my brain was being doused by a fire hose spraying pure testosterone. All semblances of submissive bunny were swept away.

I growled into her ear, “I just love fucking you,” thrust, “so,” thrust, “much!” THRUST.

As I said, the sun was pouring in and Summer is making a last stand here in the Great North, so I was soon getting sweaty with my effort. I felt my forehead bead over and the sweat lubricate our grinding thighs. I kicked the blanket back and my pumping ass was exposed. Even it was sweaty. I felt like a rutting animal. The only human thought left in my head was DON’T COME.

The ring around the penis was becoming insistent in its biting. I would withdraw completely so just the tip of the head was surrounded by sweet pink pussy, then I’d thrust balls-deep, feeling the pain of the ring, the smooth, wet action along the swollen shaft from the folds of her labia clinging and caressing, the throbbing head going deep inside her, my mouth open on hers.

Holy FUCK! I got really, really close. Really. Imagine a beer commercial where they show the bottle tipping in slow motion and the golden fluid cresting over the edge about to pour into a frosty mug, except substitute the bottle for the penis, the beer for my ejaculate, and the frosty mug for Belle’s hot pussy. Then freeze the shot as the beer has just peeked over the edge. Leave it there for ten to fifteen seconds, then roll the footage backward. That was me, heart pounding, head swirling as she said, “I think that’s it, Thumpy.”

Pause. Think. Grind teeth. Flex the penis in her pussy.


“Yes, Belle Fille.” And I withdrew.

The penis looked just like I thought it would. Swollen and purplish, glistening with her lube. The ring deeply embedded in the base of the penis shaft. It stood there and throbbed.

“You can stay out until tonight, but then you’re going back in.”

I pulled up my underwear and took the few bits of the device I could get off into the bathroom for a good cleaning. I scrubbed out the tube and, using cold water, cleaned the penis. It was still 80% hard and the corona of the head was massively sensitive. Chilly water or no, it wasn’t going down. And I knew, were it to be left out all day, I’d be messing with it every chance I got. With lots of work and more cold water, I shoved the genie back into the bottle. The lock closed with difficulty as the penis continued its futile effort, stuffed back into the dark cold tube.

I left the bathroom and put the key on Belle’s nightstand. I went to her in the kitchen and put her hand on my crotch.

“I’m not to be trusted,” I said as I buried my face in her neck.

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  1. Great post. When did you put it up as I didn’t see it @ 4:30 this morning when I gave up trying to sleep and went lurking. I was going to search the forum and thinking about starting a thread on sleeplessness but way too fuzzy heady to compose intelligent thoughts much less sentences. (Much easier to check out portfolios) Would you care to share your other little tricks you alluded to. Thanks for sharing your morning.

    1. I could check, but I think this was posted around 9:30 or so.

      I have just four tricks. In reverse order of effectiveness:

      Just lay there and take it. Sometimes, if I’m tired enough, this will work. Occasionally, I’ll barely even wake up. But, you know, it’s not technically a trick, so I’ll move on.

      Lift a leg. While laying on my back, I’ll bend one leg so that it sticks up perpendicular to my body and my foot is flat on the mattress (and usually up around my crotch somewhere). About half the time, this will cause the erection to lose pressure. This morning I did it a couple times, though it only worked once. I could actually feel the intensity inside the tube lessen with each beat of my heart. I have no idea why this works, but it does.

      Go for a walk. Get up, walk around the house. This always works, but it can take a while. Kitchen, dining room, living room, back to the kitchen. I’ll go round and round.

      Take a leak. This is often my first response if the first two tricks don’t work. The walking around is done if I’ve already taken a leak or, after peeing, I find the erection is still present. This happens about 30% of the time.

  2. “I’m not to be trusted,” I said as I buried my face in her neck.

    Oh Bunny! So sweet. So tender. So right.

    “Don’t get hard, don’t get hard,” I repeated under my breath.

    This is the cutest thing ever. Little bunny boy is nervious like it’s the first time.

    And then from cute submissive clumsiness to…

    I wanted to totally destroy her with this miraculous wonder boner and chew on her face.

    This made me laugh so hard Wonderboy had to ask from the other room what’s happening in here. You make everything sound so funny, sweet and exciting. At the same time!

    (I still don’t understand how you can stop. Maybe that’s part of the magic.)

    1. “My mouth open on hers.” Was moving for me..

      I liked that little bit, too. I wanted to get the point across that it wasn’t all about getting the dick wet. It was *her* I was fucking, not some random hole. I love her with all my heart.

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