Year three

Today is the third anniversary of Denying Thumper.

  • 627 posts
  • Half a million words(?)
  • 8,923 video views
  • 37 HNThumpers

Still going strong.

Had I more time, I’d get all introspectively Thumpery, but I’m rushed today. Couldn’t let the day pass without a post, though.

10 Replies to “Year three”

  1. Wanted to thank you for your blog. I had been reading it, and a few other male chastity blogs the day after my wife and I had a very frustrating experience (sex we had been looking forward to didn’t turn out as hoped). While flipping between pages, my wife saw the tab for one of them, and asked me what was up. We waited to discuss it, but when we did, I showed her your blog in particular because I thought it got to the point I wanted to make.

    I’m the kinkier of the two of us (though she is not “vanilla”), and i often have a difficult time getting what I want from her, in part because I have a hard time articulating it. I don’t know yet if chastity is going to be part of what we do going forward, but after she read your series of posts linked in your about page…she told me that she wanted me to write to her like that sometime so she knew more about what I wanted. It was a really positive conversation for both of us.

    Thanks for the inspiration and for letting us all see how things have worked for you.

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