Escape Proof

While drying off from my shower this morning, I decided to make the attached video to demonstrate how inescapable the Steelheart Short is with its continuous PA fixing in place.

As you can see, pull all you want, there’s no way out of this thing.

For the overly geeky in the crowd, this video was produced entirely on an iPhone 4S using iMovie.

22 thoughts on “Escape Proof

  1. I found this oddly and highly amusing.

    Pull harder, dammit, you aren’t even trying!! Oh, FFS, come here, I’ll show you pulling!! *laugh*

    Thank you for it, I do love your videos.


  2. Your video reinforces the need for a piercing. They’ll never design an escape-proof device for the non-pierced.

  3. Here’s an off-topic question for anyone and everyone:

    The pictures are great in the portfolio here, but website has the best male chastity fiction?

  4. Hey, thumper, I think your portfolio site has been hacked….it automatically redirects to some hot finder site….better check that out, man….

  5. Thanks for the video, it makes things perfectly clear. If I may submit two questions?

    Does the continuous PA ever pinch? I see the possibility of a metal and dick-skin sandwich, the kind of pain that rates as not-fun for me.

    Also, we are looking for something like the Queen’s Keep but that utilizes a PA for full security. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for a great blog.

    1. I’ve found that if I wear my big PA ring (4ga), then yes, it will pinch. But, if I wear a thinner 8ga ring, the incidents of pinching are greatly reduced. It still happens, but not nearly as often. I’ve also found that when it does, it’s bearable until I’m in a spot where I can shift the tube a bit and get things to hang differently.

      Regarding the Queen’s Keep, I had a MM Jail Bird and had a special little cross bar added between the other bars to attach a PA ring to. I found that I was unable to get the tools necessary to close the 4ga ring in there so had to use a higher gauge ring that I could open with my fingers (defeating the security of the cross bar). Also, there was too much pinching between the ring and the device. Much more than I get with the fixing in the Steelheart. I ended up not using anything in my PA when wearing it.

      I like that Queen’s Keep, though. Good looking device. A nice upgrade from the Jail Bird.

      1. Thanks for answering my questions. Your SS tube seems to have awesome security. But we’re wanting an open design to allow for minimal contact and for optimal cleaning.

        Our current thoughts are along the lines of the Jail Bird or Queen’s Keep with a dangling PA lock as an add-on. Mistress Lori sells a secure PA lock, and Steelworxx has a nifty looking one as part of The Looker 03 (I’ve emailed to ask if it’s sold separately). Any thoughts on the wearability of such a combo (pinching, etc)?

        We’re just not finding an open-design metal ball-trap unit with an inescapable PA pin and high security features. Any suggestions there? Thanks again.

  6. Tie a bit of string to it
    Tie the string to the door Handel
    And SLAM, it will pop right off, err I mean out

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