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Hey Thumper – I’m very excited to hear that you got a trainer and look forward to reading more. Now, we can look forward to, and benefit from, Thumper-analysis (Thump-alysis??) of what it is like to not only workout frequently while locked but also how to manage the bulge in workout gear in a public setting. I’ve been working hard to manage those logistics myself.

I start the routine tomorrow so I can’t yet speak more than I already have to that, but I can add some insight into the “bulge management” situation.

Part of me want to say fuck it and bulge naturally, but perhaps a modicum of discretion is required. This morning, I was stretching in the workout pants I’ll be wearing while training with a “fashion” jock on underneath. I say fashion because it was sold though one of those underwear sites that has all the buff dudes modeling them and is as much a soft-core porn experience as it is for shopping. This particular pair I like because they have a generous pouch (to give that “no underwear” look) that’s not too constricting. They are definitely not concealment wear.

Anyway, during the leg stretching, the jutting steel bullnose was amply visible. While wearing my usual best concealment underwear when with the trainer was an option, they’re all high and tight cotton briefs and didn’t seem right to get all sweaty in. Therefore, a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods was in order (yeah, I know).

What I settled on was a couple pair of Under Armour compression shorts. Note that there’s a couple different styles of these, if you’re thinking of getting them. One style — the kind I got — is made of the same super-stretchy material throughout while the other has a more breathable (and less compressing) crotch panel. Those didn’t seem to do a thing to help conceal. The more concealing style, as you can see, isn’t exactly the sexiest things you’re ever going to find me in, but that’s not what I got them for.

Once home, put them to the test. I put them on along with my workout pants and went through the stretching motions. I found that the visible bulge of the Steelheart was reduced by about 50%. There’s still a little bump there that’s not entirely natural looking, but it’s far less noticeable than it had been earlier in the day. The proof will be how they are to work out in. They push the whole package down and that puts extra pressure against the otherwise abused and disrespected nutsack, but it’s hard to know if it’ll prove to be too much. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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  1. Thumper, I wear cycling shorts underneath loose fitting shorts at the gym when I’m wearing my device. The padding helps to nullify the sharp bulges. You might try that as another option.


  2. I use Under Armour exclusively but i poke my device thru the crotch flap, to keep from pushing the ring into my taint, but i also roll a thin sock over the whole device to prevent chaffing and to catch drips. So the whole thing all seperated, but unfortunatly, does not minimize the bulge, but it does look natural, so….

  3. Hey Thumper,
    Amazing blog! Between this blog and a few friends I’ve made online, I have finally entered the world of chastity.

    I’ve owned a device for several years now, but never had the courage to wear it around. I am a single guy, so obviously I need some help with managing “the situation”. Your blog has been a great inspiration, and a bit of a guilty pleasure… Hey not going to lie, you’re one hot dude… well what I can see of you. 😉

    Anyway, in regards to the gym… I’ve been going to the gym as part of my “confinement”. I have used chastity to drop 40 pounds. It’s an excellent way to encourage yourself to make the change.

    I wear a CB-6000s to the gym. It’s really tight, but it shows less through my workout clothes. I was always so worried about it, until I went to the gym for the first time. I got hit on by a few girls, which came as a shock to me at first… until I noticed a guy staring at me also. Apparently you do look pretty hung when locked. I left that day feeling pretty proud of what I couldn’t do anything about.

    I do have one question for you. When I am locked, I tend to get pretty aroused at the thought of other guys around me having abilities that I don’t at the moment. So much so, that I end up… ummm… more visible. I am just curious if you feel the same way with this blog. Knowing that there are other’s out there getting an enjoyment out of your confinement… Does it turn you on a bit? Or am I the only sadistic guy who’s locked?

    Anyway, in regards to the gym, have fun with it… and for all of us on here, more photos please! We like our bunny!

  4. How is it that a bulge in your Under Armour shorts can look so hot? Can’t decide if it is the bulge itself, or the outline of the lock, or the spandexy smoothness of it all.

  5. I was just wondering if the unnatural shape (after the under armor concealment) simply gets brushed off as a piercing? That would be my first thought at the gym… but as a Mistress, my second thought would be right on the money. 😉

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