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I have this neat scale that connects to the internet and keeps track of how much I weigh on my iPhone and iPad. As you can see from the above image (top graph), I’ve managed to lose about seven pounds since I started going to my personal trainer on the 16th. That’s not quite as much as I would have hoped, to be honest, but the trend is pointing in the right direction (the bottom line shows how much of my weight is fat).

In practice, I’ve found that while still a thorough ass-kicking, my sessions don’t leave me feeling as though I’m about to drop dead. Also, the aftermath is much less of a problem. For the first ten days or so, I was a giant mass of sore muscles unwilling to allow me to conduct such frivolous maneuvers as turning over in bed and walking across a room. Now, I feel the work out, but the muscle soreness is much less.

With regard to the steel device locked between my legs, I continue to find that the compression shorts do an admirable job of keeping things in check. I’m pretty sure that it’s been visible while getting stretched by the trainer, but that happens at the end of the session and I’m honestly too wiped to give a shit about it at that point. My attitude continues to be that while I’m not going out of my way to advertise how I live, I won’t feel especially embarrassed about it. As I’ve written before, the device mostly feels as though it is me. I want it to be there much more than I feel the need to hide the fact that it’s a fundamental part of my existence.

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  1. Hey thump, for me its just another fact of my life, and i have to accept the risk of being discovered with the territory. I can say that once you have gone thru the airport screeners with the steel on, (and yes the physical inspection that followed, “you are welcome TSA”) you are no longer afraid of any situation where discovery is a threat. And for the record i told them it was a consession to my wife for business travel, and that seem to passify them, but sure left their heads spinning ha,ha.

  2. I have found the scales to be a totally useless guide to success in fitness, especially short term. The reason being, it’s too easy to get disillusioned with the scales, which show day to day blips where you suddenly gain 5 pounds for no reason. It’s all metabolic or hormonal or about fluid retention, and nothing to do with real diet and exercise.

    In fact I have only lost about 15lbs since I began serious gym work a few years back, but it is really more the shape of the body that has changed, more than the weight. I used to be pushing 38 size jeans. Now I am gunning for 32. The weight is just all in a different place now.

    Anyway, best with the New Year’s weight loss. And yeah, the muscle soreness gets less and less. You know, you probably have more testosterone going round your system than without the chastity, so muscles may develop a little faster than they normally would…

    1. You know, you probably have more testosterone going round your system than without the chastity, so muscles may develop a little faster than they normally would…

      Hmm. That’s an interesting thought…

      I agree about the weight thing. I’m actually more interested in measurements and the percentage of fat in my body than the gross weight of it, but the trainers keep asking how much I’ve lost. I think they think I need it to be motivated to keep letting kick my ass three times a week.

      1. Yeah, testosterone is the muscle hormone. It’s cyclical daily, and peaks in the morning, and is definitely increased by sexual continence. If you work out in the morning you will buff up quicker than in the afternoon or evening. (I’m not caged of late so I can edge and then work out if I get time. Kinda awesome when I do.)

        The fat burning hormone is HGH. The main way to increase that is to basically do what you are already doing – work out. The only other things to recommend are to seep well (not always easy, I know), avoid stress because it increases cortisol (the hormone of Satan), and also, to eat spinach for the adiponectin it contains. Good ol’ Popeye had it right.

        Few weeks of that regime and you would be the hormone god, my friend. But I find it hard, especially the sleeping and avoiding stress.

        I agree on the motivation thing. Gymnasium workers must be very used to seeing people come in the new year and then disappear by about April. It’s bad for their reputation because it makes it seem like gyms are a waste of time, or boring. So the trainers want early gains to keep people encouraged. But as professionals, they must actually realize that asking you about your weight three times a week is pretty silly.

  3. The only question is how do you deal with the SH in the locker room?

    I know that I had no problem with my piercings, except questions like “didn’t that hurt?”, in the showers and steam room.

  4. Started reading here a while ago irregularly, and been living 24-7 with CBx for about half a year. Being proud of this lifestyle isn’t easy, but I try as much as I can, as living authentically and proud is defiantly more amazing than shy and uncomfortable. My challenge continues to be saunas here in Berlin, but it is Berlin afterall and the more open minded people are totally cool with it. Here’s to being understood and happy under lock!

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