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From a reader named Bill:

I enjoy your blog and have been reading for a couple  years now.  Thanks for your insights.  My wife and I have been playing at this for the past two years and she surprised me this year by saying she wants me in a device pretty much full time for a month or two at a time.

I have a Jailbird from Mature Metal.  I’m not pierced and am skiddish about doing so.  However, the thought of being absolutely unable to get out is driving me more toward getting one.

I’ve seen some urethral inserts on some devices that would seem to also do the job of preventing pullout.  My question –  you have any experience with these and can they be worn pretty much full time?  If you don’t, do you know of a site that has reviewed these devices?

First of all, good for you and your wife! Many women seem to end up where your wife is now.

Inescapability is a heady concept. It’s one thing to be in your device because you’re being good and are choosing not to defeat it but something else entirely to know you can’t get out no matter how badly you want to. Some guys don’t need it or are too squicked out by the steps they need to take to ensure it, but others (like me) kink on it so hard they’re willing to do what’s necessary.

Of course, I don’t (yet) have experience with devices that are secured via urethral tubes. There’s much controversy about them on the forums and sites I’ve visited with some saying it’s an invitation to a urinary infection (though I can’t recall reading that anyone actually came down with one due to a device equipped with a tube). The bigger issue seems to be that some men lack the natural oils necessary to keep the tube in a state where the surrounding meat can move freely as the penis expands and contracts. I have read reports of the urethra “drying out” for some guys and sticking to the insert causing discomfort and even bleeding. This is not a universal complaint, though. There are also reports by guys with no issues whatsoever. Problem is, devices of this kind are among the most expensive and there’s only one way to find out what kind of guy you are.

Based on my experience with PA jewelry, I suspect I may have a “dry” urethra. I find that the larger rings occasionally will stick and stop moving freely so I assume an insert would do the same. It’s the main reason I haven’t tried that kind of device (when, on balance, it’s a fantastically expensive experiment).

PA security is not without issues either. There’s the occasional pinching and it takes up room in the tube (both the ring and whatever it’s secured with). But, if you’re asking for my advice, I’d get poked. The event itself is way, way less harrowing than you’re imagining (over in a jiffy and it heals relatively quickly). Once it’s done and healed up, it is, based on my experience, the best way to totally secure your meat inside a device.

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  1. I like these chastity devices that requires a urethral reroute:

    Now this is pretty extreme in that it basiclly requires and minor surgical cut into the urethra down near the base of the scrotum. The “metal rod” would go through the entrance of the penis/urethra and exit at the open made into the urethra under the testicals.

  2. I like one of the most extreme types of chastity control there is. An incision is made just behind the scrotum, allowing the urethra to be re-routed out the bottom. After the incision, the user opens the Titanium chastity ring, slides it down the urethra and out the bottom hole. Once installed the ring is then closed and the locking bushings cover the hinges, ensuring the ring can’t rotate and cause irritation from the hinges. Now he will be sitting to pee for the rest of his life, taking away any sense of manhood he thought he had! This of course renders any sort of erection impossible! See:

    1. Yeah, those are pretty intense, but I’m guessing if Bill’s skittish about getting a little old PA a *urethral reroute* will be out of the question.

  3. Bill here…
    It’s not that I’m skittish on getting pierced. Heck, I got a vasectomy already and that was not so bad. What gives me pause is the thought of having to eschew a urinal for the rest of my life. I like peeing standing up and don’t want to alter that. Or am I misinformed?

    1. I pee at a urinal every day. The tube of the SH makes that easier, of course, but when not wearing that, it’s a simple matter of either shifting the ball of the jewelry against the piercing or turning it to the side. It’s of course *different* to pee that way, but not impossible. Not even all that hard.

      1. Bill says..
        Thanks, I was under the impression that the piss goes everywhere with a PA and thus, you need to sit down. Thanks for clarifying. I’ll keep you posted if I decide to do it.

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