Further adventures at the gym

At the gym this morning, the trainer had me do tricep curls. That’s where you hold a bar connected to a cable connected to weight with both hands, keeping your forearms straight out from your waist and your elbows steady at your side and pull down to your thighs. I did it and heard…


The bar hit the device. Lined up perfectly. Fuck. Rep number two. Be careful.


Goddamn it! Number three.


That’s better. After that, I figured out how to change my stance so my leg took the hit and not the tube. No idea if the trainer heard the noise or thought anything of it.

Later in the session, he had me doing a Superman. That’s where you lay on your stomach and pull your legs, arms and chest off the ground, holding them up and out. Like Superman flying. Anyway, new mats today. These are like thin memory foam. After the exercise, I stood up and saw a perfect impression of the Steelheart’s lock and tube pressed into the mat. Like a fucking picture. I stood on it for a few seconds, feigning a rest, until I figured my footprint had crushed the bas relief out of the foam.

It’s almost a given that, sooner or later, this dude’s going to bust me.

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  1. Oh come on, admit it, you want to be caught. What sweet humiliation when you have to admit it and what freedom of expression after you have. There will be a whole new level of communication present with him, lol!

    1. I don’t know if *I* want to be caught, but Belle might want me to be. Every suggestion regarding not wearing the device to work outs has been met with skepticism and disapproval.

      1. I feel sorry for this guy. If he does notice, that’s a really awkward and uncomfortable position to be in. Wearing it may or may not sexualize the encounter for you, but finding out about it probably would raise that issue in his mind….and there’s nothing that indicates that he’s asked to be part of sexual scenario here.

      2. As I’ve said, I don’t think of this as a “sexual scenario” and have done all that I reasonably can to keep it to myself. However, someone else’s discomfort about discovering something out about me is not entirely sufficient reason for me to remove that thing from my life if it’s an integral part of me and who I am.

        There’s a fine line, I agree, and I’m doing my best to stay on my side of it.

  2. Ah yes – that was one of my concerns a few years ago when working with a trainer. I’d say you need to wear heavier cotton underwear under those gym shorts. And try cotton shorts instead of the synthetic fabric.

    Also, consider sweat pants, too, so you don’t get into a weird position and have people staring up the leg of your shorts.

    1. The compression shorts do a good job of hiding it visually and keeping the up-leg visuals to a minimum, but I didn’t think about making a Grauman’s Chinese Theatre style impression…

  3. I almost never type LOL, but that actually did make me laugh out loud, especially the idea of you standing on the indented mat to hide it. It sounds like Inspector Clouseau or Mr. Bean.

    Of course, now you need to watch the mats to see the impressions made by all the other guys’ devices…

  4. If your trainer even asks, he’s paying too much attention. Take a page from Miss Manners and just look blank and reply “excuse me?” to give him time to realize he’s asked a stupid question and back off. It would be seriously unprofessional for him to mention anything unless you brought it up first, as in a stretch where the device causes pain instead of just noise.

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