My friend’s reaction

Text exchange with my friend:

Her: I don’t want to distract you from getting things ready for your trip, but remind me to share my physical reaction to your post today.

Me: Oh, I need to hear that.

Her: Yup.

Me: You tell me when. I’m all ears.

Her: Yes, when I can speak freely. But I will still be embarrassed.

Me: You’ve seen my blog (and probably a lot more by now) and *you’ll* be embarrassed? Call me when you can.

Her: OK

She was even too embarrassed to write the words, but apparently my last post made her very…um…well…to put this delicately…soaking wet. Surprisingly, to her, since she’s not one to look at porn and hasn’t ever read any erotica. She says her fantasies tend to be about her, not others, so she was quite taken aback when reading about the experiences of other people had that affect on her. She wanted to know what it meant.

Well, I said, it means my post was fucking hot. That’s about it. I won’t try to analyze the fact that her intense reaction was to an account of female domination. There’s just not enough data (as in, she hasn’t read enough smut) to know if it was just the hotness of the action at work or the specific events and power dynamic therein, but as a writer, to hear that someone had that reaction to my words is what it’s all about.

Thing is, I’ve read pornographic stories in the past that suddenly turned down a corner I didn’t expect and had themes that, on their surface, I would rather not read about. Sometimes I stop reading because it’s not my thing and other times I keep reading because, like it or not, I’m incredibly aroused. You cannot control what your brain gets off on. I don’t think my friend is having any kind of crisis of conscience at getting turned on by something she didn’t expect to reach her most intimate places, but it was pretty funny hearing about it. I say enjoy the ride.

Again, for me, it’s a compliment. There is no better compliment I could get, in fact. For her, well, who knows. I told her to keep reading because there are many such accounts on the blog. If I had time to round up some of the better ones, I’d do it, but I’m just about to leave on my trip, so I can’t. There’s only 696 posts on the blog. It’s Saturday. What else is she going to do? Besides change her underwear every half hour, I mean.

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  1. It was quite a story…and what a great way to experience being “outed” in RL. Supportive and appreciative…

    Sometimes, I wish i had people in my life who knew, it’s easier for me to talk and get insight from folks who know me really well, but it just never seemed like the right thing to disclose.

  2. For what it’s worth I also thought the story hot enough… and I’m not into female domination either. Might be that your friend has *other* kinks or fantasies that this might touch (like my kink for uncontrollable male desire). Or it might just be, how well it’s written and how palpable it is.

    Ps. I did envision a different kind of ending, though. 😉

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