Reader Aaron says…

I’ve been curious about being locked in chastity since adolescence (a complex mix of exposure beginning with a scene from “Robin Hood: men in tights” and some 3 am secret research using Encarta 95 while my family was asleep).

Needless to say, I belong in chastity.

First off, I need to see Men in Tights again, apparently. Second, Encarta 95!? Imagine if you had the whole web back then. Oh, the places you’d go. The things you’d see. Thirdly, I too can find the seeds of my chastity kink going way back. My mom used to get her pantyhose in those plastic eggs (remember those? L’eggs?) and I would take the small half of the egg shell and shove all my junk up into it, then press it against my body while the penis would try to get hard. I remember thinking how much better it would be if the plastic egg half would stay there all by itself. Then, later in life, I used to wrap the penis and my balls in a thin chrome chain and revel in the feeling of constriction. Even though I didn’t know what a male chastity device was until just a few years ago, I obviously liked the concept of being confined well before then.

Here’s my dilemma though: My boyfriend picked up a cb6000 with the intent of keeping me locked up. Now i understand that chastity isn’t supposed to be comfortable, but this device is impossible for me to wear. Aside from being awkward (it didn’t stay close to my body, but rather hung down exposing half my flaccid cock) it just didn’t fit. I’m not huge, but i have girth and it’s thicker at the base then the tip. I was barely able to stuff my junk inside the cylinder, and after crafting a makeshift rope harness to keep it on and wearing it out for a few hours, we returned home to find that the air vents had left abrasions on my shaft (which was bulging out of them) and the head of my cock was getting dark purple from poor circulation.

Again, I know that chastity does involve a certain amount of discomfort, but this is hazardous.

Do you have any advise on which devices are easier to use for thicker cocks? I eventually want to get a steelheart like yours, but felt that i should test the waters and find out the perfect fit with a less expensive device.

To me, it sounds like you’re on the outside of the “one size fits all” range the CB6K is designed for. You say it hangs too low and that’s a function of the size of the A-ring and perhaps the length of the spacers, but it definitely should NOT be leaving abrasions from the thickness of your penis while flaccid and purple is definitely not good. I can’t image what it must be like for you when it’s hard.

I think your best bet is a custom device. Unfortunately, that means spending more out of the gate, but clearly your size and shape aren’t working in the CB6K. You could try the Curve device from A.L. Enterprises, but from what I hear, it’s more for guys who are longer when flaccid, not thicker, and it’s much more difficult to hide under clothing. What I’d do is measure yourself well — flaccid length, girth at base, girth at tip, circumference of both your cock and balls together, when you’re “normally” flaccid, not too much and too shrinky-dink — then work with a custom manufacturer like Steelworxx or Mature Metal. Either of them could set you up well, though MM doesn’t have any styles like the Steelheart.

Finally, I’ll say that I find both the name “Aaron” and the idea of guy on guy chastity very hot. Please let me know how things work out. (And pictures are always appreciated.)

EDITED to add this clip from Robin Hood: Men in Tights

4 thoughts on “Mailbag

  1. “the idea of guy on guy chastity very hot…”

    I’ll second that. I primarily caught when I was with a guy, but hadn’t seriously explored chastity at that point in my life. I frequently have the daydream and extended fantasies about bottoming while locked up. It think part of it is how clear it makes the arbitrary/capricious/unfair sexy factor pop: that one cock (and owner) is free to seek/demand/wevs whatever pleasure is desired, and one cock will see no release whatsoever. Just because.

    As they say, it’s super effective.


  2. > It think part of it is how clear it makes the arbitrary/capricious/unfair sexy factor pop: that one cock (and owner) is free to seek/demand/wevs whatever pleasure is desired, and one cock will see no release whatsoever. Just because.

    yeah, that’s a big part of what does it for me (as a gay man who is usually in a chastity device): i’m totally turned on by the notion that my husband’s penis can get off while mine can’t.


  3. Just to chime in on The Curve. I have it, and based on Aaron’s description, I think we’re similar anatomically speaking. The Curve is just plain awful for me. Regardless of ring size, it stays too far away from the body, and an erection usually pushes the cage out & away leaving half my penis out the top of the thing. Very disappointing…


    1. Thanks for the chime. That’s kinda what I thought. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything really positive about the Curve.


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