Fifty shades of get over it

Over on The Facebook, I follow a technology website called The Verge. Great site. Probably one of the best tech sites on the web. This morning, they posted a link to an article about how Fifty Shades of Grey has become the top-selling series of books in the United Kingdom, surpassing the seven Harry Potter books. Along with the link, they added…

The correlation between popularity and quality grows ever weaker

Before I go any further, what correlation between quality and popularity?! It seems more often the case that things that are popular and of high quality are a happy accident than the norm. But I digress.

The article itself just covers the facts of the situation, but the comments are enlightening.

How sad…

I have no words to describe the sadness that I am feeling because of this.

Human kind has deteriorated.

I just died a little inside.

Etcetera, etcetera. It reminds me of the comments from the recent article on Karezza Tom pointed out. Discouraging.

Now, I haven’t read Fifty Shades because M/f dom/sub stuff just doesn’t do much for me. I’m more a little M kinda guy, after all. But I can’t think of anything better for those of us espousing non-traditional sexuality than this book. I mean, I’ve got boring, middle-aged hausfrau friends living in Connecticut reading this in their book clubs. Like, out in the open. And talking about it. With their friends. As a culture, we’re so hung up in our own fucking undies over sex that any popular work that helps thaw our icy Kegels has to be a good thing, high literature or not.

Four millions copies of these books have been sold in the UK alone since March. Imagine how many thousands of people may have been inspired by the story to open up to themselves and their partners about their own kinks. Something made somewhat more easy, I assume, since the work has been embraced by the popular culture. And if it leads to further interest in non-traditional erotic literature (like the works of Anne Rampling/Rice, for example), even better.

Fifty Shades makes being weird slightly less weird, so I don’t give a shit what it means to the Boy Who Lived. He defeated Voldemort, after all. He’ll get over it.

9 thoughts on “Fifty shades of get over it

  1. This was my initial reaction to hearing about 50 shades and its popularity, mainstreaming BDSM sounds to me like a good thing.

    However, upon reading about how badly it mishandles BDSM, essentially romanticizing abuse, calling it BDSM, and then blatantly stating that folks who like that sort of thing are fucked up… Well, I’m more than willing to jump on the 50 shades hate train now.

    Furthermore I’ve heard that it is ludicrously poor quality writing and has barely been edited from its original state as second rate Twilight fan-fiction.

    1. Perhaps you’re right. As I said, I haven’t read it. However, not fifteen minutes after posting this, I found myself in a meeting full of women discussing the book (it’s not what the meeting was about, but you know it goes). It was an…interesting…conversation, especially when it diverged into Eagle Scouts and why they are hot (they can build fires and tie ropes).

  2. i absolutely have to agree with @peroxide here. i haven’t read it myself (lost time i would never ever get back) but i have read a lot of excerpts and comments on it, also talked to people out of the bdsm-community, who have read it. My initial response was also: great that it has become a conversation topic again. And then i got more into what things were stated in that book. How they describe the psychological patterns behind it and what kind of picture they are painting of dominance and submission. Honestly? I am getting sick when i imagine, that this is, what the society as a whole thinks about bdsm. In my personal opinion this does more harm than good. It is – in it’s own way – no better than the picture bad kinky porn paints of dominant women and submissive man….
    but as i said, that is just my own opinion.

  3. I pretty much never read what’s popular. When I do, I’m always immensely disappointed. The Grey books are no exception to this basic rule.

    The ‘kink community’ (for lack of a better term; the images conjured by the initials BDSM are sometimes rather limited in scope) will probably see a little spike of activity (for better or for worse) before the fad wanes. We can only hope that the damage (literally ~ there are predators everywhere, and I expect some serious bodily harm will be done in the near future, if it hasn’t been already) is minimal and that people who truly want to dip their pervy toes in the water will be smart enough to avoid the sharks.

    And maybe (possibly, perhaps) the folks who get turned on *by* E.L. James’ writing will manage to get turned on *to* other (better) BDSM authors, or (at the very least) take a step inside themselves and take inventory of their personal desires.

  4. Without discussing it with anyone and without reading any exerpts or comments I was pretty certain that this book would be missing the mark. As my wife is slowing growing into her dominant role I am so glad that she has zero interest in reading something like this.

  5. The book is what we in the UK call “a pot boiler” , a piece of shallow fluff ,a read on the beach,a testament to the power of marketing,tomorrows fish and chips.

    I havent read it. Life is too short. I dont want to read about it. I want to do it.

  6. I fail to see what the problem is with “Fifty Shades”, agreed it isn’t very well written apart for the “naughty” bits. The story is flimsy but it was entertaining. The really annoying part has been the masses of tedious people who claim not to have heard of BDSM and some of the more intimate act described. They are either attention seeking liars or clearly haven’t had much fun in their miserable lives 😀

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