New rule

From this point forward, I am never again to refer to the chastity devices Belle puts on my body as anything other than Belle’s property. I have become too possessive of them and have lost sight that they, like that which they contain, are and should be Belle’s.

Further, when they aren’t locked onto the penis, Belle will have possession of them. She will decide when and for how long each is used on me. I will hand over to her any devices not currently in use.

That is all.

9 thoughts on “New rule

  1. (Sorry if this is a repeat comment… I’m having some trouble leaving comments on blogs lately)

    Thumper–Please turn around, and this comment isn’t for you.


    I absolutely LOVE this! Seeing the post before this–with the device reviews–and then this is kinda priceless. The backstory I’m imagining in my head is perfect. I guess locking it up is the same as taking ownership of the devices themselves… if a thing has too much power (the parts or the devices used to lock them up), take the power back.


    P.S. Someday, I hope someone loves me as much as Thumper loves you. I also hope he writes about how much he loves me half as beautifully as your partner does. 🙂

  2. Hmmm… Realise I’m going against the grain given the above comments here but it’s *your* property as in *shared* property. Belle makes decisions about your libido. Even within sub space you are still an individual with a cock and hormones and an outrageously gorgeous body hair. I’ve seen too many blogs go down this ownership line of referring to everything as “her penis/clit/whatever” then suddenly everyone’s in panties and lipstick. Just be an individual who’s wife has you by the gibblies. They’re still yours but she chooses when you can play with them. /rant

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