Squirty squirt

So I’m tending the porn farm yesterday and getting somewhat worked up and noticed that in the week I’ve been wearing the Looker 02 I haven’t leaked yet. In either of the other devices, it’s pretty typical to find my nuts coated in clear slippery fluid after setting up a bunch of dirty pictures to post all day long, but not with the Looker. I’m guessing that whatever the flow rate of precum is, it’s not strong enough to push the goo though the narrow tube of the Looker’s plug. Either that or the stuff is just too viscous to make it through. Or some combination.

Afterward, I hopped in the shower. The Looker does need cleaning even though most of the urine goes out the plug. Some leaks around the plug and gets trapped where head of the penis presses into the steel cap at the end of the device’s cage. Using the handheld shower head, I take it off “gentle rain” and put it on “watery deathstick” and pull the device forward so the penis slides down the plug and exposes the space between it and the cap. Then I spray the fuck out of it. A nice side effect of this is the sensation of watery deathstick on the head of the penis is fucking amazing. Like, makes my knees buckle kind of amazing. I would never be able to come that way, but it feels good.

Once the shower was done, I was toweling off as usual. I ran the towel up my inner thigh and shoved it up between my legs to get things nice and dry. That put a lot of pressure on my perineum and that caused a long violent squirt of precum to shoot across the shower. All over the wall and towel. So, the stuff is still up there, it just needs some help getting out.

It’s a week now that the L02’s been on and in me. I’m starting to become accustomed to the feeling of it being gripped by my morning wood so that I barely woke up this morning. I can still tell it’s in there, of course. From time to time it’ll give me a tickle. But after seven days, I can say nothing bad has happened. Occasionally, when I bend over to tie my shoe or something, it’ll give a jab to remind me it’s there, but it’s not like “OH SHIT!” it’s more like “oh, right.” Sometimes, when the penis is soft, I like to slide the device back and forth to make the bulb end of the plug travel an inch or so up and down my urethra. That doesn’t last long, though. Inevitably, the plumbing kicks in and everything gets tight.

Belle’s had a couple tough weeks at work and we haven’t had any personal time to speak of. Except for the few seconds I showed it to her  the first day I put it on, the penis has been on “set it and forget it” mode. Hopefully, that will change soon. I’m needing a little bunny lovin’.


Over on the Looker 02 review, someone asked if I could address the risk of contracting a urinary track infection from the device. Of course, I cannot. I’ve only just started wearing it, after all, and most of my medical knowledge comes from watching St. Elsewhere when I was a kid (it was on after The Cosby Show and Family Ties – maybe the best night on TV ever…but I digress).

This UTI thing follows conversations about devices like the Looker 02 all around the internet. I guess that’s to be expected and I admit leaving something up your dick for a while must statistically increase your risk of getting an infection to some degree. But, since all we have is anecdotal information in the first place, I have to say the only people I’ve read talking about this eventuality are those who haven’t worn the device. Those who have (including a commenter here on my blog who wore a similar Steelworxx device for two months solid) haven’t, as far as I saw when looking into it, reported problems. All I do know is I urinate about eight times a day, presumably flushing the tube of contaminates each time. Some even leaks around the tube which seems to help keep it lubricated and probably cleans it a bit. But in the end, I just don’t know.

What we’re really talking about here is a risk/reward calculation.

If you downhill ski, you’re running a risk of ending up like Sonny Bono. If you swim in the ocean, you’re running the risk of ending up like Chrissie (or of just drowning). If you ride a motorcycle, you run the risk of becoming an organ donor. In our society, we indulge in risky behavior all the time and, while the behavior may or may not be acknowledged to be risky, it’s generally accepted as OK (and even cool in the case of the motorcycles). It’s only when we get to sex that the giant RISKY hammer comes down hard. Yes, you can contract all kinds of diseases from sex (some easily dealt with, some chronic or deadly without treatment) and you can create new life and all the super unsexy responsibilities that come with it, but you can also experience intense pleasure from sex. Sexual contact is one of the great gifts of humanity. Diversity of sexual expresion is one of the things that defines us as human beings (and the freedom to express our sexuality is one of the things that defines a great society).

I’m not saying everyone should feel free to have unprotected sex of all kinds with whoever they want all the time. I’m saying there’s a risk/reward scenario at work in every sexual situation. Should you let that guy you just met fuck you bareback on the first date? No, that’s stupid. You could get HIV or pregnant or something (depending on your gender combinations – I’m trying not to presume). Should you give him a blowjob? Well, you could get a desease that way, but the chances are low. Would you rather give him a blowjob through a condom? Ew. You decide. Should you have sex on a picnic table? You could get arrested, you know. Should you let that top put a ball gag in your mouth? You could choke on your own vomit and die. Etc, etc. Similarly, should you practice long-term orgasm denial? I, for example, haven’t come since July and won’t until January (hopefully). Some research says that might be bad for my health, but other research says it’s nothing to worry about. Personally, I’ve decided to risk the consequences for the reward.

Same goes for the Looker 02. I might end up with a UTI or I might not. If I do, it’s an easy thing to get rid of (though it sounds like a bummer of a thing to have). I’m OK with that.

To me, the excessive bias against “risky” sexual behavior in our culture has more to do with a built-in prejudice against anything that’s not male-female monogamous/married missionary-style sex than an actual evaluation of any given activity’s chances of doing you harm. Each degree of movement away from that basic starting point ratchets up the risk sirens and we’re taught that risk in sex IS NOT WORTH IT. Do nothing risky! Play it safe! It’s not worth the consequences!

Well, I say it is. Sometimes. Sex is worth the risks.

Note that this post is not directed at the commenter who asked the original question. I didn’t perceive any kind of judgemental bullshit from them. Their comment was just the catalyst that eventually led me to write this.

Looker 02 review

I’ve written my Looker 02 review. It can be found here or on the Chastity Devices page.

I was going to wait until I had worn it a week, but it kinda sorta just wrote itself. I’ll make updates as necessary, but am pleased with how it turned out.

Two days, zero problems

I’ve had a titanium alloy rod shoved up the penis for over two days now and have had little issue with it.

The first day, I could feel each and every little shift of the hollow plug as the penis moved around it. Truly, a long slow fuck of the meat shaft. That night, though, I wasn’t woken up by the morning wood at all. The ring for the Looker is the same slightly larger size as the ring I got for the JB2 and is also the Steelworxx “anatomical” ring (which means the bottom 30% or so is bent back away from the cage leaving more room for the testicles to hang, but not nearly enough for them to escape). I will definitely be sending the Steelheart Short back for this modification.

The next day, I was with the trainer and that was the true test of my ability to wear the Looker long-term. Everything was fine, if not occasionally distracting. For example, he has me do about 30 squats (15 with weight and 15 without). As you can see from the diagram I stole from the internet, this means keeping your back straight while squatting down enough to allow your butt to drop below your knees. No problem. But, it tends to pull your junk back so that one’s penis actually retracts a bit. I can’t say I knew this before yesterday but I do now since each squat caused the penis to slide about half way back on the plug and then forward again as I forcefully raised myself back to a standing position. Thirty all-out penis fucks.

Second night, I was awaked by the nocturnal tumescence, but not due to the ring or the shaft being too tight. Having an erection in the Looker 02 is more intense since it no only presses against the cage and isn’t allowed to grow, but it also clamps onto the plug as the meat hardens. I can feel the added and unyielding stiffness of the plug pushing back from within and the bulb end creates an intense area of pressure just behind the A-ring. It’s not painful, as such, but it’s really there. That’s what woke me up.

This morning, Belle let me take it off so we could switch to our regular lock and I could perform a quick inspection and take some pictures for my review. I had been tending the porn farm beforehand, so when I removed the cage, the plug pulled out a long strand of creamy precum. I poked and prodded myself, but found no sore or tender spots, so felt OK putting it all back into place. I intend to leave it there for as long as Belle wants me in this device (or my body starts to bitch).

I have to say, I’m surprised at how “natural” the plug feels now. It’s just another aspect of being locked in a device. A more intense and hotter aspect, to be sure, but I don’t feel “invaded” and there’s no real discomfort as I thought there might be. I’m once again blown away by how resilient our bodies (and especially their most tender parts) can be.

After the jump, I’ve included another shot of the Looker in action.

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Lookie there

This morning, I stopped by the local post office and picked up a small package from Germany. Belle let me order a Steelworxx Looker 02 and, following a six week gestation period, it’s arrived. Of course, as has been recently reiterated, this is Belle’s device, but I’m the one who’s been obsessing over it for far too long and pestered her into letting me order it.

The most controversial element of the Looker 02 is the urethral insert. This is 6mm titanium tube with an 8mm bulb on the end that extends through the cage and about a centimeter past the A-ring. I did as much research I could on the interwebs and found that a lot of people with no experience with the device cautioning and worrying about urinary tract infections and the few souls who actually had worn it saying the worst thing that had happened for them was their urethras sticking to the titanium. I find that PA jewelry will occasionally do this to me, so it’s something I’ll be watching out for (usually, a quick pee fixes the issue). There’s a big difference between a third of an inch of stainless inside the penis head between its slit and the PA and a tube extending the length of the shaft, so we’ll see how it goes. The other concern I have is irritation at the point in the urethra where the ball rests. It’s possible that the tissue in there won’t take kindly to it and will start to hurt. I doubt any serious damage will be done, though. The bulb is nicely rounded and smooth.

While I haven’t much talked about it on the blog too much, I’ve got a thing about urethra play. I have a set of Pratt stainless sounds and have discovered that they’re easily used even when wearing the JB2. I really enjoy the sensation of being penetrated that way, so in theory the Looker 02 should be good for me. But, there’s a difference between ten or fifteen minutes of playing around with some sounds and leaving a tube up the penis for an extended period.

Belle let me put it on this morning and I’m wearing it as I write this. I’ll post my usual write-up in the future, but I can report now that I can’t not feel the thing. Every time I shift in my seat or walk around, the shaft of the tube fucks the penis a little. When I move, it moves. When the penis tries to get hard (like right now), the meat squeezes around the bulb and creates a spot of hard pressure just inside my body. Even the penis’ usual little adjustments in length are plainly felt. Now, all of this will either turn you the fuck on or freak you the fuck out. I don’t imagine there’s much middle ground. Personally, it turns me the fuck on. Now all I can do is wait and find out if it’s something I can actually live in (and around, I guess).

Click the jump for the Looker’s first picture.

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Hello there

How long has it been since I last posted!? Shameful.

Well, I can only hope to catch you up the way you do a friend who’s decided to start watching Lost with you when the seventh episode comes on: bullet points (usually delivered over the opening credits, but I have more time).

  • Why haven’t I blogged? Frankly, I was depressed. Nothing to do with Belle or sex or anything like that (though the hormone roller coaster may have played a supporting role), just stuff. One of those times when the various circles in your life’s Venn diagram all come together in random suckiness. A harmonic resonance of shit, so to speak. But I feel like I’m coming out of it. For example, I’m back on the horndog wagon. Feeling pretty frisky. That’s always going to help the brain chemistry.
  • Have I had an orgasm since we last met? Nope. Almost three months now. Keep reading.
  • A little while back, I mentioned I was hoping Belle would use a newish hitty thing on my ass and she did but I didn’t like it all that much. Having never been struck by a cane, I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Apparently, I’m more of a flogger boy. Or a wide-backed wooden hair brush boy (which is what she turned on me when the cane fell through).
  • Belle fucked me again and, like last time, I was able to hold off so she could come. I got really close, but sent the orgasm off the rails by thinking of politics. Not as fun as baseball, but remarkably effective.
  • Belle also let me have a week out of lock-up (in the Steelheart Short), but I’m back in now (JB2). The first night out, I edged myself for about an hour while reading naughty stories and, while I didn’t come, I got very close and leaked quite a bit. The thing that got me to stop was a kind of weird free-flowing of ejaculate that just poured out of the penis. It didn’t shoot out and it didn’t feel anything at all like an orgasm, but a huge quantity of the stuff just kept coming out. The bedroom reeked of it (funny how when you only smell feminine sex how pungent male sex smells). Anyway, I freaked out because I was afraid Belle would wake up and think I cheated, so I licked up all I could and went in the bathroom to clean the rest off. It was all over my stomach, down into my bellybutton, coated over my nuts, and all down one leg and still dripping. Guess I had some build-up I needed to get rid of.
  • As counterintuitive as it may seem for a guy who a) sports a penis that’s almost always locked in steel, and b) isn’t allowed to come even when it’s not, I decided to purchase a fancy new Fleshlight. I know I can’t use it very often but I’ve always really, really wanted to try one and I got a coupon code in the email so pulled the trigger. All I’ve been able to do thus far is stuck my finger in there and holy shit does it feel good. NO IDEA when I’ll be able to poke it as intended by the manufacturer, but I’m looking forward to the chance. Now that I’ve written this, it may never happen (Belle didn’t know I got it until she read this).
  • My birthday was between now and my last post. I told Belle all I wanted was something that wouldn’t cost her any money, and she (bless her) thought I meant I wanted to come. Au contraire. I wanted not to. The present I wanted was the absence of a thing which is kinda deep if you think about it. Anyway, she agreed to give me what I didn’t want (or whatever, this is getting confusing) and now I won’t come until January. That’s essentially six months, assuming I don’t blow my load on New Year’s (or accidentally some time in between). I know that Belle likes it when I come so I appreciate the present.
  • The upshot of that is that after I got her off on Sunday, she let me fuck her and damn but didn’t I want to come? It was kinda cool knowing I couldn’t because of the aforementioned birthday present and that lifted the often-encountered “man, I really want to but I hope she won’t let me” conflict. Even better was telling her how badly I wanted it and hearing her say of course not, silly rabbit.

I think that’s it for now. Nice to be back.

Standard equipment

I was looking for something to blog about (it’s been kinda slow around here lately) and reader Lily happily obliged:

Hey, Thumper: I’ve become a fan of Thumper’s Portfolio, where you post pictures of both men and women. I was flipping through my newsreader today and a question occurred to me: do you think your interest in chastity is gender-specific? That is, if you were in a primary relationship with a guy, would you want him to enforce chastity on you? Or is that something that’s only erotically salient for you when your primary partner is a woman?

First, a note about the Portfolio. The other day, it crossed over the 1,000-follower mark (on Tumblr, if you have an account, you can follow a blog and get its posts mixed in with the posts of other Tumblrs you like). Relative to some of the porny Tumblrs I follow (or even the kind of traffic this site gets), that’s not very much, but my Tumblr is a bit hard for the average person to get into. Usually, the really popular ones are all one gender or one specific fetish/kink (like femdom or something). Mine’s a mix of whatever turns me on and fits into my aesthetic du jour. So anyway, to find 1,000 people who want to see (or will put up with seeing) sexy ladyparts and hard throbbing cocks and dudes getting face-sat and heavy bondage scenes and iPhone selfpics and animated gifs of some dude eating another’s ass but not images of men shooting orgasms or any image that make women look degraded or too obviously objectified (since guys coming and women being “used” are my two hard lines), is pretty amazing. I guess. I have no idea how many people visit the thing without following it on Tumblr.

But anyway…

Yes, Lily, if I were in a primary relationship with a guy, I’d want the same things I get with Belle. As I’ve said here before, guy-on-guy chastity turns my crank hard. It’s not that I’d rather be with a guy or anything like that (please, I’ve been though all that bisexual bullshit already). I think the reason I like it so much is a) it’s not what I live with every day and the exotic is exciting, and b) there’s something about one guy getting to do exactly what the other guy isn’t allowed to do. One guy having done to him what he cannot do in return. It puts a whole new spin on the dynamic.

Also, I want to be dominated. I’m a sub. Regardless of the gender of my partner, that’s what I want to feel. And the slow burn of denial euphoria would still be a potent drug. Those things are basic to me.