A wee spot of Looker 02 nerdery

I have more salacious tales to tell, but before I go there, I’ll dabble in a bit of Looker 02 holiday nerdery.

In my original write-up on the device, I said:

The only times I’ve experienced actual discomfort is during urination. At first, the issue reminded me of how pipes behave when they have air in them. Then I realized it probably is exactly that. What I think happens is a small pocket of air develops in the urethra just outside the opening to the plug. Then, when I pee, the air gets trapped and causes a kind of cavitation to develop. The urine flows out in a stuttering fashion and the “air in the pipes” rattles and shakes and feels like a vibration in the plug. It kinda hurts, to be honest.

mind the gapBeing out for 48 hours recently offered me the chance to take a closer look at the part of the device that normally doesn’t see daylight and I think I found the issue with the cavitation problem. There’s a area just inside the plug where the bulbous end of it attaches to the hollow shaft where a gap exists. It seems highly likely to me now that this is spot where a little bubble of air forms and/or gets trapped causing the end of the plug to sometimes vibrate during urination. I’m not sure if this can be eliminated during production, but if I were doing it again, I’d ask. The good news is as the inside of the penis has grown accustomed to the plus so that I usually don’t even feel it in there, the cavitation issue has also decreased. It still happens just as often, but it’s not uncomfortable anymore. The only time it’s really bothersome is when I’m at a urinal and the sound of me peeing get’s a little odd as the steam stutters at the end. It’s pretty noticeably weird. Luckily, the men’s room I frequent is pretty sleepy.

lil pinchI’ve had another idea that would increase comfort slightly, at least for the circumcised guys in the audience. I find that sometimes, usually when I’m in bed and laying on my stomach, the ridge of the penis head (the corona of the glans) will pinch up against the edge of the cap on the L02’s cage. If the penis is nicely tucked up inside the cap, there’s no issue, so this might be a fitting problem (as in, the cage should be shorter), but I think the device is reasonably well fitted. If Belle were to buy another for some reason (or send the one we have now back for something), I’d probably ask for the cap to be extended at least on either side of the middle bar that runs down the top of the cage. Just third of an inch or so would do it. That would protect the corona from undue pinching but still keep the open cage-like aesthetic going.

Other than those things, and as I said in my last missive on the subject, the L02 remains my favorite of all the devices.

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  1. Having just bleed the air out of our heating system, it made me think that perhaps if you put a small dab of lube to fill in the tip, then when you began to urinate it would push the lube out and there would be no trapped air….Just a thought…

  2. Hi there,

    I have been following your blog for a couple months and discovered it shortly after starting to do some internet research on male chastity as a lifestyle. From the moment I started to read and learn about the male chastity lifestyle and the potential benefits to both myself and my wife I have become more and more anxious to take the journey and so without going into all the detail, I will say that I started researching chastity devices a couple of months ago and your blog on the Looker 2 really grabbed me and I was immediately interested in it. I saw what you said about not necessarily recommending it as a first device for a newby, but as I read more and more for days and then weeks on end I kept coming back to the Looker 2. I read so many opinions and experiences of people who had spent large sums on multiple devices that didn’t work for them or were of poor quality and fit who ultimately ended up with a high quality made to order device. My wife and I talked and talked and I presented her with reading material which was appropriate and not alot of the crap you find on line. We have read together and learned together and we are both committed. I decided since I was at this point totally committed to taking the journey into male chastity and dedicating myself to the effort, I would go with a high quality device from the get go. I practice voluntary chastity for the first two months and then ordered a Looker 2 from Dietmar at Steelworxx. I worked with Dietmar by email for more than a month, planning the device and asking questions before he started work on it the 2nd week of January. I am glad that I continued to follow your blog as I read your comments above about the Looker 2 and the things which you would change if you were to order again. I forwarded the post to Dietmar and asked if he could comment and if you could modify my Looker 2, which was already customized, to incorporate your suggestion for extending the cap. He suggested extending it by 2 cm all the way around (rather than the 1 cm (1/3rd inch)) you had thought to suggest in your post. He did not think there was anything to be done about the gap in the plug // tube interface. I agreed with his suggestion to extend the cap by 2 cm for several reasons: first, both you and he know more about this than I, second, I wanted the asthetics of a bit more metal at the end of the tube (almost like a steelhart at the end) and third, I wanted my entire corona / glans covered and not irritated or over stimulated. In addition, I wanted to retain the upper part of the tube with the very attractive open cage look of the Looker 2 and I had the luxury of having ordered a longer overall size of 80 mm (from tip to cockring inclusive) as my flacid length was 4 inches. So as it worked out, about half of the tube itself (not including the gap or cockring as part of the total length) is solid and half is open/cage style. I also elected to get the removable tube option for two reasons: first being a newby I wanted to have the option of wearing it without the urethral tube (although I have to say that it was the urethral tube with increased security, ability to urinate through the tube, and mostly that I think the concept is “hot”, which attracted me most and kept bringing me back to the Looker 2) and second, I wanted to order several different tubes as I wasn’t sure which size I would ultimately prefer. I knew I should start with the standard size of 6 mm with 8 mm plug extending to 1 cm beyond the cockring, but other bloggers had used larger tubes and I was very interested in that and thought that ultimately a larger size might be best for me. So, with my wifes agreement and our discussing the extra cost, we decided to order two additional urethral tubes for the device. The first is the standard 6 mm / 8mm which is total length of 90 mm. The two tubes I ordered and payed additional dollars for were both 8 mm // 10 mm (plug) one being the standard (for my size) 90 mm and the other being 105 mm.

    The custom Looker 2 arrived two days ago. I have worn it almost continuously since putting it on. It is so amazingly comfortable!!! You were right!! I started with the smallest tube and used just a small amount of silicone lube on the tube, as you suggested, and it slid right in with no discomfort whatsoever. Have not had a bit of discomfort. I did notice that the vibration with urination you described was there. Not really painful, just a very odd feeling and as you said, a lot of dribbling of urine around the tube which I would prefer not to have. As you said I think with time I could adapt to controlling the stream through the tube by the pressure I apply to my stream. So,…..since all went well for the first day with the smaller tube, I thought, why not, and tried the thicker tube of the same length. Again, not a bit of discomfort or difficulty with the tube going in and not a bit of discomfort wearing it, even overnight. I admit, like you, I was awakened several times during the night with attempts at massive erection which was uncomfortable, but abated within a short time. The good new is that with the larger thickness tube, the urine flow through the tube is 90+% straight through the tube which makes for much better hygeine. There is still a small amount of around the tube leak which I hope is enough to cleanse the urethral surface tissue. I have been removing the cage for showering (my wife trusts me and knows I won’t cheat) so I do pee in the AM with the cage off. I have now put in the largest tube and again not a bit of discomfort or difficulty. I must say that I like the largest tube best as it seems to give more pleasurable stimulation and I know it is there more (which I like). Wow, I have to say that the workmanship on this device is truly remarkable and there is not a single flaw that I can see. It is so very comfortable to wear and the cockring is completely comfortable to the point of never needing any lube at all (so far after three days) and unless things change, I don’t know that I would have to remove it. I had nothing but terrific communication with Dietmar and he was so patient and helpful with me. I know I had a lot of questions being a newby, and he answered them all. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND STEELWORX TO ANYONE.

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your blogs and to commend you on your writing skills and the quality of the information you provide. Even though I am a newby, I already recognize who is legit and who is spewing crap. I also have enjoyed Tom Allen’s writings as well as Sarah Jameson. Thank you for taking the time to read this epic and I hope the information was useful. Thought you should know that your comments and advice are valuable to your readers.

    All the best,


    1. I’m glad to know I was able to help you. Good luck!

      I have thought on more than on occasion that I wouldn’t mind the urethral insert to be a tab wider and longer. Someday, maybe I’ll send it back for that mod.

  3. Thanks Thumper for the reply. I really like the extended cap both asthetically as well as functionally, except for one thing and that is that my glans and corona are larger with the cockring on (I assume due to slight restriction of return blood flow caused by the ring), anyway, it is hard to keep the glans/corona all the way down into the extended cap and I keep having to use a q-tip or something like that to keep trying to slide my penis down into the cap and when it slides back up it causes increased sensations (not always bad I must admit), but I just like the way it looks so much better when my penis and skin is not all bunched up. I have been pondering a solution to this. I really am not ready for a PA piercing which I suppose would keep the penis fully engaged into the tube so today I tried something that seems, so far, to work well. I took some very fine gauge plastic covered wire and created a loop around the base of my glans and left the ends long enough to thread them through two of the small drainage holes on either side of the exit point of the tube at the end of cap. I then used the wires to pull my penis fully into the cap and then twisted the two ends of the wire to secure it outside the cap. I was careful not to make it too tight, just enough so that it wouldn’t slip back over the glans. Wow, that worked great so far, and no more bunching up so everything looks so much better and my penis is no longer running up and down on the tube, which can certainly be distracting to say the least. I takes a few minutes longer to put it all on, but as I’m sure it will be coming off less and less as time goes on, that won’t be an issue.

    Do you have any other ideas about how I can accomplish my goal of keeping the penis fully engaged in the extended cap??

    One thing I’ve thought about is a design possibility of building an inner ring (like an accorn ring) inside of the cap, that you could “pop” your glans through and which would then retain it in place at the end of the cap. Sort of a similar concept as Dietmar employs in his “pain” chastity device on his website. The last ring holds the glans secure so that the penis is fully extended in the device. I really think that device will be my next purchase as I really like the way it looks and I could wear it around the house on days when I’m not real active or going to work, and also when showering. Just a thought.

    Any other thoughts???

    I would also welcome any other advice on the Looker 2 which you could pass along as you have had so much experience with it.

    Again, thank you in advance for your advice and your thoughts.

    Love your blog.


    1. To me, it sounds like the cage/tube might be a little long. It is perfectly normal for your flaccid penis to grow a little longer or shorter depending on temperature, physical exertion, etc. I experience the same from time to time. I agree that I’d rather see the head stay down in the cap (and it doesn’t for me either), but I don’t think any kind of physical restraint (like a PA or wire like you’ve used) is a great idea. Personally, when I’ve tried using a PA and external wire for security back in the CB6K days, it was terribly painful as the penis tried to move around.

      How long is the device? I think you said you were four inches when flaccid. That seems really long to me.

  4. Hi Thumper,

    The device is 80 mm total length which includes the cockring and the 12mm gap between the cage and cockring, so the actual cage portion is more like 65 mm. My flacid penis lenght is between 3.5 and 4.0 inches, measured on multiple occasions as I was preparing for ordering the Looker 2. Dietmar used this measurement and came up with the appropriate length. We used the 3.5 cm measurement which converted to 87.5 mm and subtracting 10 mm we rounded to 80 mm since the exact measurement was probably somewhere between 3.5 in and 4.0 in to start. ( I should probably let you know that I have previously been involved in a penis enlargement program and have hung weights, which by the way truly does work. My length (and girth) increased significantly because of that.) The cockring is 42 mm.

    As I said, I did not tighten the wire at all and it is only loosely attached, but I hear what your saying and am paying close attention to your concern. I will remove it this evening just to check things, but I have not noticed any discomfort at all after 4-5 hours.

    Thanks for your thoughts and I am being very careful


  5. Hi Thumper,

    I have decided to take your advice and forget about using a restraining loop on the glans. Didn’t hurt, but don’t want to take any chances. Let things move where they may.
    Thanks for the advice. I think the device fits just fine in terms of size/length and there are times (especially in the middle of the night) when every millimeter of that cage is filled to bursting. Even in the calmer moments it is filled, just the natural movements of contraction and expansion, as you said.

    Thanks again,


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