A twist in the bend

Reader avlaps left the following suggestion on my review of the Steelworxx Looker 02 regarding what I assumed to be a misaligned bend in the anatomical A-ring:

Maybe it is due to asymmetry of a testicles? In normal state the left one is placed higher than other one so that rotated ring can give more comfort. (sorry if my English is weird, it is not native for me)

And I was all like, huh. That’s not a bad theory. It’s not shown that way on the Steelworxx site, so I assumed it was a mistake, but avlaps might be onto something. I’ve been thinking about that off and on since.

This morning, I took a few pictures to get to the bottom of it. I’ll put them behind a jump to help maintain this site’s nominal sensitivity to being totally NSFW.

lefty looseyI’ve got a ton of pictures of my nuts on this site, but this one is for science! Or engineering. Or something. Whatever. What you can see is something avlaps said. My nuts are like most that hang at different heights in that the left one is lower and the right one is higher (numbers on this vary by source, but it appears as though something like 65% of men hang lower on the left — the same percentage as women who have a right breast larger then their left). So, avlaps’ theory could have merit. It could be the case that Steelworxx offset the bend to be more accommodating to male anatomy (it is the Anatomical Ring, after all).


If this is the case, why isn’t it an option? A significant number of men have balls that hang in the other direction (and a few seem to have perfectly symmetrical balls — and probably preternaturally clean desks, too). You’d imagine it would be a drop-down selection on their site or something. But it’s not. Also, the bend in the ring that came with the Looker 02 seems to be in the wrong direction.

Errent bendThe bend in the one I wear is higher on the left side and would appear to designed for a high left testicle. But my right nut sits higher. Again, if this was on purpose, why didn’t Dietmar ask me which way my eggs were laid? It would appear as though this ring is bent in the minority direction.

Now, it’s important to remember, as I said in my review, the anatomical ring (even with the errant bend) is more comfortable than the straight ring on the Steelheart. The bend being off doesn’t seem to make a difference. I can’t tell it’s off when I’m wearing it. And it may still be possible that the bend is intentional and there to better match most male anatomy, though it seems illogical on the face of it.

I’m still planning on ordering a new anatomical ring for the Steelheart and I still recommend the option. I just don’t think, in the case of the one I wear, the bend is intentionally off-center.

What about you? If you have testicles, how they hangin’?

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6 Replies to “A twist in the bend”

  1. I can’t play along. You forgot the option for those of us who don’t anatomically wear the pair of nuts, but still own them. 😉

    For the record, they hang higher and larger on the left.

    Also, “drop- down selection”. Heh.

    1. “For the record, they hang higher and larger on the left”
      Is that from your point of view or his?

      I am pretty sure it is not done on purpose.

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