Rattle and hum

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I acquired a new toy the other day. For those averse to anal play, you might want to keep on surfing and skip this one.

not for babies

The toy in question is the Rattler Butt Plug from Mr. S Leather. I’ve been kinda sorta lusting after the plug they call the world’s most comfortable, which is a nice and heavy-looking metal plug, but decided at the last minute to get the Rattler because I thought the sensation of stuff banging around down there would be fun. They’re pretty much the same, except the Rattler is a tad longer (presumably to allow more volume within which to create the advertised rattles). Surprisingly, they’re the same weight which tells me the WMCBP is also hollow.

I vacillated before purchase over two things. First, I wanted to make sure I didn’t get one that’s too big. My eyes are often bigger than my sphincter and while I wanted the extra large one, I opted for the large. The XL version is the about the same circumference as the njoy Pure Plug 2.0 which I find to be just too large for easy insertion. Since one of my hopes was to be able to use this thing for extended periods, it had to be big enough to feel but not too much.

Second was the attribute that gives the device its name. Specifically, how noisy would it be? On the product page, they make is sound like it’s very evident, but the reviews seemed to vary on this. Some said it was quiet and some said it was quite loud. In the end, I rolled the dice. I didn’t want something so loud I’d feel uncomfortable wearing it in public or even around the house (see “extended periods” note above).

in situ
Stainless in the front, stainless in the back

The Rattler is, as advertised, the most comfortable butt plug I’ve ever used. The flexible rubber connector between the base and the plug itself is not so big that I feel like I’m being held open as with some other plugs. Once in place, it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere by itself which allows me to relax a bit and not be too focused on it (though I suppose that might not be the case for the smaller versions). The steel is fantastically smooth and shiny (and did you know about the thing I have for stainless?). It goes in cold and comes out hot which I find to be cool. The size is perfect for me. Just big enough to feel like I’m accomplishing something by getting it in there but not so big to give me any lasting discomfort. The Pure Plug always induces a wince while the large Rattler goes right up to that line but not over it. The length, while long for a plug, is fine, though I don’t think I’d want it to be much longer. It provides a satisfying plugged and full sensation.

It is audibly noticeable while in place, but not in such a way that in an environment like an office or on the street it would be obvious. I found that with clothes on and wearing shoes and walking around that the rattle blended in with the other ambient sounds around me. But, when at home and not in street clothes, the sound is more obvious. There’s a distinct click-click, click-click with each stride. When padding around the house in the dark and naked last night, it was really quite loud. There was no missing it.

I will say, though, that the person within whose ass it’s snuggled may not be the best judge of the plug’s volume. When in place, the plug sits either on or close to the base of my spine so some of what I “hear” is the vibration of the rattle conducting through my bones. That’s either something that will freak you out or turn you on (turns this pervert on). You can really feel this thing which is exactly what I wanted.

While it arrived more than a week ago, my first real attempt at extended use was yesterday. In the past, I’ve been able to use the Pure Plug for about 10 hours before needing to take it out. The base of the Pure has unfortunately sharpish edges which annoys me after some time and the thing is just really heavy. Having that weight bearing down all day takes a lot of effort to hold on to. The Rattler, though, isn’t as dense and the base, while larger than I’d like, is smooth. Once the plug gets past the sphincters, it sucks right up there and clicks away on the prostate. It’s not so heavy that it feels like a lot of work to hold onto and the stretchy nature of the rubber connecter give everything a bit of play as I move around (though not so stretchy that sitting on the base won’t push the plug deeper, which I like).

I was able to wear it for about 16 hours yesterday and really wanted to see what it was like to have in all night but couldn’t get past the fact that I was wearing it enough to actually fall asleep, so I took it out. This morning, after attending to my morning ablutions, I put it right back up there. I wore it to the gym and ran three miles with it. Then I came home and shoveled snow with it (yes, snow, on April 19th dontgetmestarted). I don’t know that there’s any activity I couldn’t do with it (except for maybe ride a bike or submit to a colonoscopy). On the treadmill, the sound was totally absorbed by all the other sounds that come from running and the vibration of the rattle was, too. I could just barely feel it.

Downsides. There are only two that I can think of. The base, as I said, feels large. It’s chunky and the diameter is such that I can feel it digging into my ischium (which, until I needed the word, I had no idea was called that). I think an improvement of its design would be to make it ovoid so as to avoid ischium digging (I swear I’m going to find a way to say “ischium” in a sentence before the week is out). Also, the rubber tube connecting the plug to the base is kinda grippy (as you would expect from rubber). Even silicone lube wears off eventually. Not sure how to fix that, but it’s not that big of a deal except when doing something like running three miles.

So yeah, I really really really like the Rattler. If you’re into shoving things up your ass (and leaving them there), this is one of the better things I’ve found for the task.

12 Replies to “Rattle and hum”

    1. It appears to be secured internally to each piece with a screw or something. Seems pretty secure. I doubt it’d just pop off without warning, but on the product page, Mr. S suggests not pulling on the base to get it out, so there’s that.

  1. Thanks for the reply. That statement from Mr.S is what caught my attention and reservations. But running with it and no issues sounds promising.

    1. I wouldn’t have any reservations due to that. Just don’t try to yank the plug out using nothing but the base and you should be fine. I think it’s pretty sturdy.

  2. How does the Rattler’s clicking-on-the-prostate compare to your Pure-toy or other P-massagers you might know…?

    1. Not nearly as pronounced as those. After wearing it for a few days now, I kinda wish whatever the element banging around inside is was bigger or denser or something. The rattle is fun and interesting and I like it but it’s not nearly the prostate stimulator as the Pure. That said, having the plug press against the prostate can lead to interesting sensations (like how a random movement will cause the plug to express precum into the tube).

  3. I’ve been reading your blog and just came to this entry. I find your blog very interesting and enlightening. As far as the Rattler is concerned, at a 150.00 bucks, it better be good. I was thinking about buying one ( love butt plugs) but have to think about it (not that I can’t afford it).

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