Two strikes

I’m off again on Friday for another week in the woods. Belle’s made it clear this time that she fully expects me to stay locked in the Looker 02 the entire time I’m gone. She even went to far as to suggest she might need to take my emergency key away or hide it in my truck somewhere to keep me from using it. In the end, I promised to only use it for actual emergencies and not simply to make my life a bit more convenient. I said this while laying next to her, face burrowed into her, in a small and quiet voice.

“How does that make you feel?” she asked. Trigger tripping, that. The tone of my voice made it clear how it made me feel. Making me say it out loud? Ungh.

After a long pause, “Powerless,” I said, “Small and powerless.” The penis shifted and pressed against its cage and choked down more of the device’s insert. Being forced to say it like that welded the commitment to my psyche. I’ll do whatever I can not to take the device off while I’m away from Belle.

Not sure why this time’s different than last time when she told me I could go free, but this weekend’s performance might have something to do with it. She told me she’d let me out but expected me to “stare at the ceiling or think about baseball or whatever the hell you need to do” because she wanted to fuck me and come.

Saturday night started in the hot tub for us. She brought the key with her and I took the device off and she stowed it in her robe. The penis immediately started to chub out (as it does hopefully and expectantly whenever the device is removed), but even though it was dark and we were alone, nothing too rambunctious could happen as there were Muggles about. Eventually, I was behind her and massaging her shoulders while grinding the stiffy into her gently. I moved one hand from her shoulders and neck down to her pussy and rubbed it through the fabric of her suit for a while before slipping my fingers beneath. The feel of her snatch in that very sexual position (though one we never use) made me very hard and quite light-headed from arousal. We stopped after a bit and went inside to bed.

Though my fucking wasn’t supposed to happen until the next morning, the hot tub must have gotten her going because before I knew it, she was on top of me pounding away and I had her tits in my mouth. I was doing pretty good until she started to make “I’m going to come” kind of noises and all of a sudden I lost it. Not an orgasm, but the closest I’ve come since January. One strong surge of ejaculate right at the moment of withdrawal, but none of the accompanying sensations or afterglow of coming. Even though I was able to get ahold of myself sufficiently to let her have another go, her moment had passed. I failed the one thing I’m supposed to do in bed: get her off.

Next morning, more of the same except the close call on my part was avoided. It was very frustrating for both of us. I told her not to worry about me and just go and whatever happened to me happened. I didn’t really want the orgasm, but I wanted her to have hers more than anything. In the end, she had a calmer head than me and again she was left without. I failed again. I felt (and feel) very bad.

“Keep that up and I’m going to have to find a surrogate,” she said, exasperated.

More trigger tripping.

So here it is, the eve of my departure, and she still hasn’t gotten off. I don’t know if she’s going to want to try again tonight or not, but I do know I’ll be keeping the steel on, in, and around the penis until she tells me I can take it off. Whenever that is.

Outfit change nerdery

Belle decided it was time to “change my outfit” Sunday morning after sex but before the gym. She put me back in the Looker 02 after an extended time away from it. I think the last time I had it on was way back during SXSW over the first half of March. Then we went of vacation and then she put me in the Steelheart for like six weeks then I went camping and came back and blah blah blah.

Yeah, a long time. It didn’t feel the same as the first time I wore it. There was still some cellular memory there and it didn’t feel as novel as it once did. Going right to the gym and running on the treadmill for a couple of miles was probably not the best idea I’ve had. I neglected to apply a dab of silicone lube to the insert and wore regular, barely there jogging shorts. The bulb-end on the insert kept punching the inside of the penis with every step. It started out as an interesting sensation but evolved into an relatively uncomfortable one before too long. By the end of the day, it was burning for a few seconds every time I took a piss. The next day, a little tender but not painful. I even ran again in the afternoon, but this time lubed the insert beforehand and wore supportive athletic underwear. By this morning at the gym, totally fine.

Aside from the self-inflicted issues from the first day, the Looker 02 remains a remarkably comfortable device. It woke me up this morning, but not from the hard shaft being squeezed by the A-ring as in the Steelheart, but by it clamping down on the bulb-end of the insert. Sometimes, it feels like this odd little hard spot inside me. Not very painful (and without the testicle discomfort the smaller Steelheart ring can give), but kind of like a mild burning.  Yesterday, I had on a pair of light-brown dress pants and noticed while sitting at my desk that the bulge from the cage was smaller (the tube is slightly shorter) but that I could make out the bars through the fabric. Not sure if anyone not expecting to see a chastity device there would have been able to discern what they were looking at, but I knew what it was.

Speaking of which, this morning while working out at the gym with our trainer, I was trying out a new pair of athletic underwear. The pouch on these is a little more forgiving, though still supportive, so that when I was on my back doing bench presses or while doing crunches on the bosu ball, I noticed that the L02 stuck out more than I recall it doing in the past. The pouch may actually have been holding the package up rather than pushing it down like my other shorts do (which, if you think about it, is probably what most guys want it to do). I remember when I first started my work-out regime that I was very concerned about the devices showing to my trainer (so much so that I asked Belle to be let out when I trained — she refused), but today, even with the trainer there and three other people I didn’t know milling about the free weight area, I just didn’t care. Had they looked (and all guys do), they would have seen what looked like maybe a short little stiffy poking up at an odd angle, but I didn’t try to hide it. I couldn’t and still do my exercises. At this point, whatever the fuck. I’m kinda over all the stealthy theatrics. I’m not going to be vulgar and drag someone into my sex life against their will, but at the same time, I’m not going to act especially self-conscious or be uncomfortable about it.

Speaking of speaking of which, the other day I spied a dude in a parking lot who, it seemed to me, clearly had something in his pants. Something unnatural. Could have easily been a chastity device. Something on the larger side, though, like a Curve. I only mention it because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen another guy in the wild who I though could have been packing.

Anyway, I have another week in the woods away from Belle in a few weeks and I’m thinking that this time I might actually be able to stay locked up. The hygiene requirements of the L02 are somewhat simpler than the Steelheart and my privacy situation might be slightly improved this time. I will definitely be giving it a shot.

Hair control

It’s funny the things I can find sexy. Not funny as in clowns (because those motherfuckers are terrifying). Funny as in things typically not thought of as sexy by normal (you know) people.

Case in point. Belle likes hair on men. I don’t know where the line is (like, this dude’s probably over the top for her, but probably not this guy and definitely not this one), but luckily for me, I’m a reasonably hairy dude. Belle says the first thing that attracted her to me was the view of the triangle of chest hair that stuck out of the dress shirts I wore when we worked together. In fact, in writing that, I remember another girlfriend who was similarly focused. Guess it’s a thing then.

Anyway, the guy who cuts my hair likes dudes with little or no hair. At least, he likes them to have very short hair on their heads (and shaves his own). Unless I remember to specifically remind him not to cut it too short, he will. He also seems to find offense that Belle thinks he’s too energetic with the clippers because when I tell him to leave more on the top than he wants to, he scrunches up his face and like a jealous old drag queen and says, “Why, because Belle wants me to?” But, you know, he uses her real name. To which I reply, “Yes,” and he asks if she’s the boss of me and I tell him, well, in actual fact, she is. He rolls his eyes.

The other thing Belle likes is facial hair. I have a beard right now solely because Belle likes it. I grew it earlier in the year for her and won’t shave it off until she says I can (and even then, I’ll leave the Van Dyke-like thing I’ve had since forever, again because she liked it, but now it’s been there so long I can’t imagine not having it). At least she’s OK with me keeping the beard short. Unlike my pubes.

My pubes are longer now than they’ve been in a really long time. Maybe since I started attaching things to my body down there. I went away on my camping trip with a bit of a shag and, upon seeing the additional growth, she told me how much she liked it. So it stayed. Now, they’re noticeably fuller than usual and I am indefinitely suspending any pube trimming (except for some shaving around the edges and on the shaft, mostly for the devices I wear and because I think hair on a penis is revolting and she hasn’t expressed an opinion on it). Last night, when we were heading off to sleep, she was on her side facing away from me (as usual) and I was nakedly clutching her from behind (as usual) and her left hand happened to land right where her fingers could just touch the lock on the Looker 02 and she made a happy sound.


“Nothing. I just felt your little bushy part and liked it.”


Had I my druthers, I’d have probably shaved the beard off by now and cut my hair shorter and I’d have definitely trimmed my pubes down to about a 1/4″ , but I haven’t done any of that. How is this different than any person modifying how they are to be more appealing to their partner? Dunno. What I do know is, I’m doing this stuff with my hair because of her and her preferences and that lights my submissive circuits up.

EDITED to add that this, BTW, is my 800th post on the blog. For serious! Eight hundred! 

One thousand percent

“I really want to come in you.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck…

“That’s not going to happen.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…

“Are you sure?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck…

“One thousand percent.”


“OK, you’re done.”



Some interesting questions from Fetlife member imposedsensation (who, by the looks of his pictures, is a sexy motherfucker):

Looker 02:

Any thoughts on swimming with the Looker 02? I’m curious whether it would be dangerous to have pool water (chlorinated, but possibly kind of dirty) traveling up the plug pipe, if you will…

Also concerned that the chlorine might corrode the integrated lock–I believe brass will corrode, although brass was a preferred metal when it came to pool design years ago, before plastic. What do you think?

My only other thought is that I tend to shrink to a really, really small size when swimming–I’m hoping the plug will keep everything in place until I shower, when presumably I’ll grow back to normal flaccid state. I’m thinking I’ll be keeping my suit on for that!

The Rattler:

I purchased a rattler after reading your review. Does the ball ever get stuck in your rattler? I had a situation where the ball was lodged in the top of the conic section at the top. It took a lot of beating and attempts to heat and cool the device to finally get it unstuck. Mr. S was willing to send it back for repair, but I eventually got it free. If this is normal, then I’m not going to send it back, but if mine is defective, I’d like to have it repaired. So, just interested in your mileage on this one…


Pretty sure I’ve been in a hot tub with the L02 on. Can’t remember if I’ve been in a pool with it, but I wouldn’t hesitate  to swim while locked unless the pool you’re in is ridiculously chlorinated. And even then, I’d probably give it a shot. Remember, stuff doesn’t craw up the insert and hang out. If the pool water in question did work its way in there, it wouldn’t be in contact with much of you and it’d only be there until the next time you took a leak. As I said in my review, urine washes the tube out and even leaks out the sides a bit. I found it to be self-cleansing system that gets flushed about six times a day.

I’ve been wearing those brass locks for a long time now and they’ve developed a nice patina, but haven’t come close to corroding. Even if they did, that’s a slow process. You wouldn’t find your shiny new lock all green and crusted shut back in the locker room after a single swim. If you’re really worried, you (or whoever is holding the key) could give the lock a test turn from time to time. But no, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Yes, unless you totally turtle and find your dick actually indents into your body, the insert should keep you situated until the warm blood comes back and fills things back out. The insert extends past the A-ring, so you’d be good. (Also, keeping your suit on while you shower is cheating.)*

With regard to the Rattler, I’ve found that whatever the little doodad that rattles around in there is, it does, from time to time, get lodged in the top point. In the case of mine, all I had to do was give it a whack against my palm to get it loose (though one time I was “wearing” it and had to perform bit of a hop on a solid surface to get things moving around again). If you’re finding that it’s happening all the time and it’s as hard to get loose as you’re saying, I might consider an exchange. That doesn’t sound normal.

* I’m kidding.

Back to business

So yeah, I wussed out on the staying locked up while camping thing. Made it one whole night before taking it off. Privacy and hygiene were the driving factors (as in, no privacy necessary to keep things reasonably clean). I’ll be camping again next month and am already thinking of ways to stay in. We’ll see.

While away, Belle sent the following texts to me (though I didn’t get them right away due to spotty cell coverage):

Currently staring at my fav pic of you (FB profile of the moment) and thinking how I’d like to be on top of you right now…

You may need to stay unlocked cuz Belle needs her Thumpie bad.

Needless to say, that got me going. By the end of the trip, when I was smelling my worst and ready to go home, I kept thinking about having Belle on top and fucking me while I had her tits in my face and, while I didn’t actually play with it, I did find my hand squeezing the resultant hard-on. All the way home, she was all I could think about. I spent a night in a hotel while driving back and put the device back where it’s supposed to be, both because I missed it and know how hotel rooms are a historically tempting place for me and the penis to have some fun.

We were finally able to get down to business Monday night ( a snippet of which I posted yesterday). It was all too much for me, though, and when she finally straddled me, I found there was nothing at all I could fill my brain with that would take me even an inch away from what was happening on the penis. None of my distraction techniques worked worth a damn. The world dissolved into the twin joys of her wet pussy and awesome tits. I had to stop her twice and, the second time, she climbed off. I felt bad, but the pre-game activities had me running too hot to be able to perform satisfactorily.

After getting her off, she told me she was willing to let me have a go at the pussy but didn’t want me to get all uppity and grumpy.

“I won’t be grumpy,” I said, very quickly.

“You promise?”

“I promise,” again, quickly. Before she even finished asking me. Honestly, at that moment I would have agreed to anything she asked just to get inside her again.

It was, of course, glorious, but short lived. I came close to coming fairly quickly and she told me that was it. I need that. To always feel like I’m being contained, deprived, controlled, and left wanting more. I didn’t get grumpy the next day and maybe it was leaving me in that needy state that kept it from happening. From feeling in any way indulged. Or maybe it was just that she hadn’t given me pussy for more than a month.

After, I was high as a kite and figured I’d never get to sleep. I asked Belle if I could put the device back on she had just let me take off a little earlier. I needed to feel it on me and not have an annoying tube steak constantly swelling and swaying around. She said, “Of course,” and I pushed and squished the semi back into its home and clutched her from behind, holding her body as close to mine as possible.

“At least I’ll have given you something to blog about,” she said to me as we fell asleep. Indeed.

I honestly can’t recall ever being this happy in my life.

Only she could

She slid her fingers out from her hot, wet pussy and brought them up to his face, rubbing them over his nose and lips and allowing him to hungrily suck the essence from her digits.

“Do you like that?” she purred.

“Yes,” he croaked. Deeply.

He went back to sucking her tits while she continued to finger herself, hips reciprocally thrusting against her fingers. He moaned. He wanted that pussy. He wanted to eat it and fuck it and be consumed by it. Worship it. Die for it.

She brought the fingers up to his mouth again. He again sucked them clean.

“Can you taste me?”

“Yes.” Desperately.

“Sit back. Watch me.”

He got back up on his knees, one inside her open legs, the other outside, and watched her sink her fingers into her snatch and rub and pinch her own nipples. And he moaned. How he craved her body. How sexy she looked playing with herself. The penis, freed from its containment specifically for this event, bobbed and throbbed and leaked nectar. He couldn’t touch it. Only she should. He couldn’t come. Only she could. He could do nothing unless she said. And what she said was to watch. So he did. And it burned.

How long had is been since he was last inside her? A month? More? How long had it been since he last climaxed? Four months? Still so long to go, if it ever happened. If she ever let it happen again.

Once more, the fingers in his mouth. He wanted her so badly and her scent and taste were powerfully received as every masculine receptor in his body yearned for her like a daisy reaching for the sun. He ached for everything she was. He was near tears because of it. And so grateful that she knew what he needed and gave it to him. The loving torment. The adoring torture. His body sang with cravings she would not sate. She knew, that’s what was best for him. For her. For them both.

Squirm. Suffer. Love.

Minnesota pride

Freedom to Marry Bridge

Today, my state’s Senate will debate and vote on a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry in Minnesota. Passage is assured. Since the identical bill has already passed the House, the governor has scheduled a signing ceremony for later in the week. Done fucking deal.

I think a lot of things about this. Just last year, the forces of exclusion and hate pressured the old legislature to place a constitutional amendment on our ballot that would ban marriage equity. Rights would explicitly have been taken away from a targeted portion of the population in the state’s constitution. Even though there was already a DOMA-like bill on the books. It failed by a razor-thin margin. Today, that old legislature has been routed and the new one  has performed a politically dangerous act: They have done the right thing.

I was proud of my state when the amendment failed. I am more proud of my state today. When the bill passes, I will cry. I’m already tearing up. Fuck it. I’m crying.

Hold on a sec…

All I can think about is the thousands of gay kids in Minnesota who haven’t come out to their families (or maybe even themselves) for fear of being told there’s something wrong with them. For fear of persecution. For fear of being different. By the end of the week, they will see that we, the people, want them to know they are no different than anyone else. They will love whoever the fuck they want and we will love them right back, no matter what. There’s not a damn thing wrong with them. Not a thing.

Such a good day.


Found on Tumblr. Love it.Weird?




I especially like “There are people with the same hidden opinions and fantasies and together their thoughts are a silent parallel world where secrets are few.” Awesome.

Originally from Virus Comix.