Thumper's sex kitI’ve experimented with Lidocaine before with some success (that is, if you define “success” as having an erection you can’t feel and won’t come), but never with Belle. It was fun to play with it while masturbating, but I’m not allowed to do that anymore so it was just basically sitting around in the bathroom drawer. Since I haven’t been able to satisfy Belle with the penis in the way she wants lately (and have been feeling guilt commensurate with that failure), I thought it was time to try it with her.

This post contains an NSFW image, so keep clicking if you want to hear the rest of the story…

I’ve tried two different kinds of Lidocaine cream. One at a 4% strength and one at 5%. I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of difference except that the 5% seems to go to work faster. I got it from Amazon where there’s a lot of options out there at wildly different costs (which also seem to fluctuate quite a bit).

Drifting off...Saturday night, I placed a healthy dab all over the head of the penis from about a quarter inch behind the glans paying special attention to the PA ring I was wearing. I’ve found with previous experimentation that even if the rest of the area is numb, if there’s none inside the PA, the sensation of the heavy ring rolling around during masturbation is enough to get me to the edge. Once liberally applied, I slid a condom over to keep the substance in contact and from drying out. Someone either on the blog or Twitter gave me that tip. If the stuff dries out, it stops working. Approximately thirty minutes later, half the penis was dead to the world. It felt like someone else’s dick.

I had the time to burn since Belle had instructed me to clean up after dinner while she sat on the porch sipping wine and listening to Pandora. While I loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the table, the penis gently drifted off to lala land. When finished, I went to her and knelt beside the sofa she was lounging on. She put her hand on my head and stroked my hair and I swear if a sinkhole of submissiveness didn’t threaten to swallow me whole. Just being there, on my knees on the floor next to her, being stroked like a pet, was enough to make the Phantom Zone penis chub out to about half-staff. I was in heaven and would have been happy to do nothing else but stay there for the rest of my life. She reached down into my sweats to feel my situation and made an approving sound, though I felt nothing.

She retired into the bedroom and I went into the bathroom to clean as much of the Lidocaine off as possible. One of our two fears was that it would react with her pussy and neither of us would feel a thing. The penis is usually pretty sensitive after having seen nothing but the inside of the Steelheart for two weeks, but since I was numbed up, I scrubbed it with abandon. Even if I roughed it up too much (and I did, it turns out), the only purpose of the thing anymore is to get her off, so it wouldn’t really matter.

The second fear was that the numbing would make getting an erection hard or impossible. She was a lot more concerned about that than me, but it was a lingering worry. I specifically did not numb the entire shaft so that some sensation would be available, though not in the places it would need to be to make me come. Once I got into bed with her and felt her wet pussy, the penis responded like a champ. Only feeling half a hard-on is a pretty trippy experience.

She reached down and decided she wanted ensure it would stay up so she climbed onto my face and rubbed her snatch over my mouth and nose with abandon. She leaned back so as to be able to check on the progress of the hard-on and, in doing so, pushed herself even harder into me. Breathing was a challenge, but not dangerously so, and that only made the facesitting slut in me respond all the more. That, in turn, caused the penis to stiffen enthusiastically and that led Belle to slide down my torso and guide the penis into her.

Normally, if I have any hope of not coming when she fucks me, I have to put my head in as far away place as possible and very definitely not fuck her back. I basically lay there like a dildo mount and suck her tits while thinking of Rome or something, ignoring whatever sounds she’s making, and hope she comes quickly. This time, though, with the penis fully inside her, I could only feel her heat down by my nuts. I fucked back. Like I haven’t in god knows how long. Like a fucking porn star. Like a pirate. Like a fucking pirate porn star! So hard, I was worried the stiffy would slip out and snap off. But it didn’t.

She was in heaven. Bouncing away, tits rocking back and forth, eyes closed and appreciative moans and astonished exclamations slipping out with each downward thrust of her hips. All the while, I paid close attention to what I was feeling between my legs. It was odd in that I felt like I was sidling up to an orgasm, but never quite close enough to be able to throw it a line and get pulled in. Constantly just out of range. The full-body sensation of fucking her was enough to get me that far, but the sensory hole where the penis was made completion impossible.

Her orgasm  erupted out of her. She came and came. If I could, I’m sure I would have felt her pussy clamping the penis over and over.

She rolled off, breathing hard and making little satisfied meowing sounds. The penis was still rock hard but mute.

“I couldn’t feel a thing,” I told her.

“That’s AWESOME!” she replied enthusiastically. A tiny sliver of frustrated agony sliced into me.

I think we’ll be using this stuff again soon…

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  1. i know the feeling well–my Wife makes me wear the numbing condoms put out by one of the companies–either Trojan or Durex–and after about two minutes my penis is basically a rigid sex toy. i don’t actually enjoy how the stuff makes my penis feel though–almost like a faint burning sensation. Do you know what i’m talking about? Sounds like you had an amazing night. It’s always great to please the one you love.

    1. It’s not a burning sensation, but when it’s starting to come out of the coma it gets *really* sensitive. Like, so sensitive I had to take my PA ring out. Kinda like when your leg falls asleep and then goes crazy when the feeling starts to come back.

  2. We use Anbesol with same results, which are, as Belle puts it, “AWESOME!’ We can fuck, and then fuck some more, and, as you do, I get close, but not so close that I can’t stifle the urge. Great post!
    – Harry

  3. This is great news! I have extreme sensitivity issues and premature ejaculation problems resulting from chastity. This pretty much diminishes my chances of intercourse most of the time. I’m glad to hear that something could actually work.

    My only concern is prolonged use of lidocaine on the penis. I have no idea if there is cause for concern, but would definitely not want any permanent damage regardless of my lack of penile use.

    1. I did some research about lidocaine and it doesn’t have any long-lasting effects. That is to say, it’s not possible to lose sensation permanently with it.

  4. I have tried this a couple of times using Extra Strength Nupercainal cream. I would love to be able to keep an erection a long time to satisfy my Wife/Kh but after applying the cream and a condom with a delaying cream made into it and a second plain condom for good measure I couldn’t feel a thing and that caused a problem with me maintaining an erection! Tried it a second time taking a Levitra thinking that would solve the problem, still with no luck. The only good thing that it took long enough to get even the slightest sensation back so that when I did get to ejaculate it was more like a ruined orgasm with very little sensation on my part!

    1. Also, you might want to only apply it to the head of your dick. I have found that numbing the entire shaft does make erection sometimes difficult.

  5. Obviously not being a man, I have no idea why I would need lidocaine but I did stumble around on the web after reading the other blog about your use of Lidocaine. I found that the stuff that they use when applying tattoos can do the same thing. There is a brand called Dr. Numb and another called Mr. Numb that have numbing properties. One of these brands has a closer drug combination to the Emla cream that is difficult to purchase at your local Walgreens. I was just waiting for you to write again about this lidocaine stuff so I could mention these other 2 brands. Another search of ‘tattoo supplies’ will also bring you to some numbing creams. All of these seem to be priced less then your typical drug store search of lidocaine.

    1. “Obviously not being a man, I have no idea why I would need lidocaine…”


      That Dr. Numb stuff sounds cool, but looking at its package, it turns out it’s 5% lidocaine! So I bet it does work *really* well! 😉

  6. There is a product called Tattoo Soothe sold on Amazon that has lidocaine and 2 other drugs used for numbing.

    1. To anyone who’s still following this thread: Jalan finally used Tattoo Soothe on me last night. It’s not cheap, but it’s by far the best non-prescription topical we’ve tried. Oh, good lord, but it worked. I ejaculated, but it was less satisfying than a good piss.

  7. This is perhaps my favorite denial technique, even more than the belt in some ways. I haven’t got myself (nor has Jalan got me) to the point where I don’t ejaculate at all, but there’s absolutely none of the fun parts of ejaculating — like some other kinds of ruined orgasm, I don’t have the feel of the pumping aspect, even if there’s fluid.

    As far as practicalities, we just leave the condom (or two, on a memorable occasion) on so it won’t numb her parts. The experience is psychologically exciting enough for me that I get an erection that serves her purposes.

    1. Leaving the condom in place would be simpler, but Belle doesn’t like them and refuses to let me keep it there. After she came, she let me have a go which, in itself, was a bit of a mind fuck since I couldn’t really feel much for most of the time I was doing it. Once everything was over and she was ready to sleep, she said she could feel a bit of numbing, but it wasn’t until then and it didn’t interfere with her pleasure.

  8. Omigod, this post is AWESOME! I’ve been interested in those types of numbing creams, but those two exact fears you mentioned, coupled with the possibility that it wouldn’t work at all, has made me hesitate. Reading this, though, has convinced me. I’m going to give it a try. My sub seems pretty confident that it has no chance in hell of working on him, but he’s been wrong before, and we have Anbesol in our medicine cabinet right now…. Oh, and yes, it does smell a little minty.

  9. Hooooooooly guacamole.

    This… Wow. This is a mind-blowing post. I got breadcrumbed here by another blogger, and… Damn. Part of me, the part that wants to try chastity and cock-cages and such, really wants to do this. (Big drawback is, I’m currently not serving a Mistress/Domme, so I can’t, really. Bogus.)

    Seriously, this is some evil, evil sadistic play, and I like it!!

  10. Great write up Thumper. Really glad it worked that well for you both, and reading up the comments, I can see why you don’t keep a condom on (her preference.) I’ve never tried the creams, nor Anbesol, just the numbing condoms (with a second on top to make sure it doesn’t affect her.) And it works VERY well. Though I like the idea of just numbing the head as well. So maybe trying a cream is in our future.

    Either way, I’m really glad to read that you were able to satisfy her like she wants. I try very hard to make her satisfaction the most important focus of all of my submission.

    1. Until it was mentioned here, I didn’t know numbing condoms existed. I’m such a hermit.

      “I try very hard to make her satisfaction the most important focus of all of my submission.”

      This is just so profoundly true there’s nothing I can do except quote it and agree wholeheartedly.

  11. There is a pretty decent clip concerning this type of play! It starts with the locked (CB-3000 I think) hubby sitting in a chair. His Mistress/wife is doing a little SPH, and tells him that after being locked for 8 weeks he will be allowed an attempt at orgasm/ejaculation. She shows a Viagra in her hand and then it’s 30 minutes later. She is taunting him about not being able to get hard in his cage and she removes it allowing his little guy to erect. She then puts a nice coating of a numbing cream on his whole penis, shows a condom and mentions how it’s a snugger fit for his small guy and applies it to his numbing penis. Title page then says after Viagra, numbing cream and 2 condoms! He is told he has 30 seconds for each month giving him 1 minute total! There is a rubber/artificail viagina there for him to use. She allows him to enter it and she starts the timer. He tries really hard for the full minute but can’t cum. When the timer beeps she tells him to stop but he is still trying when she more firmly says STOP! PULL OUT!! Then the title page says maybe next month!! There is another clip of their’s where he is just allowed to use his “rubber girlfriend” as she calls it and she does SPH all the while he is using it which takes less than one minute. She tells him not to cum in “her” but to pull out so she can see it! So in a way she also ruins his orgasm!!

  12. So where is that clip to be found, gary? Thumper, i was thinking about using lidocaine as lube for edging, looking forward to the feeling of my penis disappearing as I got closer. Then it dawned on me that my hand would get numb as I stroked, and I don’t think I would want hours of that! But my logistical quagmire was solved when I couldn’t locate any form of lidocaine in my local pharmacy. I was too shy to ask. What section might one find it in?

    1. Lidocaine has a ton of uses and I doubt anyone in the pharmacy would look at you and think PERVERT! just for asking where it was. 😉

      That said, I dunno where they keep it. I got mine from Amazon.

      1. Look for oral anesthetics used for canker sores or teething pain — Orajel, Anbesol. Those are actually benzocaine, but they’ll get you the same place. Arthritis relief is also a place to look for lidocaine (e.g., Zilactin — probably shouldn’t grab the Capsaicin from there, though!).

        U.S. trade names, I don’t know elsewhere.

  13. Gary, do you know where on xhamster it is? There are hundreds of videos that come up when you search for chastity and denial. Thanks, the video sounds intriguing!

    1. If you can’t find it there it is also @ Xtube. I have it in my email so I could send it to you to with an address.

      1. Gary, using “numbing cream” I was able to locate the video. Since my brain has apparently been using a numbing cream, I mentioned this video to my key holder. No doubt I’ll be experiencing this soon…

  14. Thumper, how did you avoid the numb stroking hand issue when you played with it before? Or did I just not read it carefully enough…

    1. I’ve been thinking about that since you said something earlier and I don’t remember losing sensation in my hand. Perhaps the thicker skin on my palm had to do with that. I don’t even recall thinking about it before.

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