Stress balls

So I have a bunch of stress about stuff right now totally not related to my sex life (and really, it’s not life and death stuff, just really bugging me) and it’s so bad that last night, with the kids away at camp and Belle offering up some “personal time” in the bedroom, I was unable to keep my shit together enough to let it happen.

First thing we did was talk about the stressful shit. Then we talked about my orgasm. Not a specific orgasm. Like, my entire ability to do it. Since the unexpected release earlier in the month, I’ve been wondering what’s up with the previously established schedule that indicated I needed to wait until July, 2014 to come. So, after the stressful shit discussion, I asked her what her plans were. I didn’t mean for it to be a big deal, I was just trying to change the subject to something a little sexier. And I failed.

I am not, as Belle suggested, upset over the last time I came and it hasn’t been bothering me. It was enjoyable and it’s over and I don’t regret it. She says it happened because she has to be able to decide when that happens. I don’t challenge that. I want her to control it and so does she. But, if the deal is I have to wait until a certain date but then she makes me go ahead of schedule, then we’re not waiting for the date. I cannot count on not being able to come before then as it may happen at any time. She seems to be thinking that if there are any limits on her control over me coming (even limits she herself has imposed) then she’s not in total control. There is a certain logic to that, but, as I said, that means the date thing is out the window.

At this point, I honestly don’t care. Experience suggests I’m a better little rabbit when we’re using a schedule. It allows me to more freely want the orgasm if I know she’ll deny me because of where we are on the calendar. When we’re not using a schedule, I end up doing other things she doesn’t like (like keeping track of how long its been). Also, I get all angsty wondering if now’s the time or if I have to wait. That said, I’m fine if she wants to go back to trying it that way. It’s been more than a year since that was how it worked. In something like 15 months, I only came three or four times. Perhaps it’ll work differently now. I don’t know and I’m not trying to tell her how to do it. I must be willing to do whatever she wants. That’s how this shit works.

So the conversation got tense. She got defensive, I got defensive. It wasn’t an argument, but I still ended up feeling very down and exactly like a fucked up, overly complicated, pain in the ass, needy sub. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. And we didn’t have sex.

I suggested that perhaps, with all the stress, we just take a break from the whole denial thing. Or scale it back. Maybe I only come when I’m with her but otherwise I’m not being denied. Just controlled. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that she rejected that out of hand. She has no interest whatsoever is being “normal.” Not ever again, she said.

A complicating factor in this is that she let me out two days ago and let me play with myself all I wanted the night before last. It was a lot of fun and I had a hell of a time falling asleep, but it left me with achy, full balls and, as we “discussed” the current state of affairs, I really, really wanted to come. Not in a sexy way, per se, more in a “fucking hell, my balls are blue and they hurt and they feel all swolleny and ow” kind of way. There’s always that hormonal overlay for the denied part of the equation, I suppose.

I wonder if I didn’t have an unintended hand (so to speak) in Belle’s experimental release. I have recently got in the habit of telling her how badly I wanted to come when she let me fuck her and even asking if I could knowing she’d say no. Telling her that I wanted it, letting myself want it, and hearing her say no is, really, the pinnacle for me. But I think that may have swayed her somehow. That hearing me say it meant she had pushed my denial too far or something. When really, it was the opposite.

So anyway, I await word on how we move forward. And maybe if we can have make up sex tonight. Not “make-up” as in after a fight, but make up as in the game got rained out and now we need to schedule a double header. A double header. That would be cool, actually…

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  1. Damn Thumper, I love reading your blog! Double header make up game… too much! Why is it that us subs all love to be told no. It’s totally weird. I’m a pretty logical guy but I can’t figure out why it turns me on when I’m teased and thinking I’m going to get lucky tonight and then she simply says, “No, you can curl me, but if you want more than that get over to your side of the bed.” And I just freakin melt over that….Anyway, I think having a fixed date really does help. I prefer it that way too! When I don’t have it I start counting everything that’s going on along the way to an orgasm. How many ruined orgasms? How many times edged with no fluid? How many times with pre-cum fluid but nothing else? It goes on and on. I even put it all in a spread sheet! I’m not kidding….But damn I love to read about your adventures. Good luck and I hope your able to work through the stress. jp

  2. Lurker here. Enjoy your blog a great deal. Obviously I have no stake in your personal life but having read your post above and more than a few previous posts, I couldn’t help but send a couple of questions your way.

    First, aren’t you are ‘bottoming from the top’ as the painful cliché goes by complaining about your Wife giving you release prior to the scheduled release date?

    For instance, you mention that you ‘honestly don’t care’ and then devote the rest of the paragraph not only to outlining the reasons why you do care but also why your reasons for caring are correct. I’m not weighing in one way or the other on the merits of scheduled releases. It just strike me that being upset/conflicted when She makes a decision like that is inconsistent with denial and the concept of a KH controlling your orgasm release in general. Curious to hear your thoughts on the balance between Her having control and your day in what she does.

    Second, your questions about whether your pleading for release during sex might have swayed her, this sounds like a real point of confusion in chastity and t/d generally.

    I don’t have an answer but I am curious to know if you talked with her about this and what she said. I think a related, underlying question is is the situation where She genuinely wants to release you, and you’ve give Her the authority to do so, even if Her desires conflict with what you want.

    1. For instance, you mention that you ‘honestly don’t care’ and then devote the rest of the paragraph not only to outlining the reasons why you do care but also why your reasons for caring are correct.

      No I didn’t. Twelve sentences in that paragraph, only four outlining my reasons for setting a date.

      Thing is, I live in the real world, not a fantasy construct, and in this world people in relationships, even D/s relationships, need to tell one another how they’re feeling and what they want. That’s not “topping from the bottom,” it’s “communication.” I think the words I wrote adequately express my willingness to do whatever Belle decided to do.

      Second, your questions about whether your pleading for release during sex might have swayed her, this sounds like a real point of confusion in chastity and t/d generally.

      I think getting to the point where you’re feeling really denied and really want release but can’t have it because your keyholder won’t give it to you is the whole point of playing with denial. If I want to be denied, then what am I being denied? Nothing.

  3. So I can relate to belle as sandy used to be exactly the same. Even her own rule fixed became too much control over herself. She’s dominant (at least in this area) and wants to decide, not be bound by rules. Even her own.

    Ok I get it. But we also found a way round that might work for you too. It was the longer periods she had a problem with. To be denied her own choice a whole year is a biggy. In our case she decided I could only cum once a week (you can pick a time that suits you both. A month?) The key though was that it wasnt a definite orgasm for me, just a chance at one that she could allow or not. So I got a date to look forward to and she got to exercise her choice and control more often.


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