She-Held: Resources for Female Led Relationships

Tom’s gone and done another useful thing.

The Edge of Vanilla

Back in 2010, we started Keyheld, a blog & link aggregate for people interested in chastity and orgasm denial. We wanted a resource that would feature blogs by people who were in the middle of the bell curve; that is, with so many websites catering to BDSM and more extreme uses of chastity devices, we tried to feature people who were leading generally vanilla-ish lives, and who were using OD as a way to enhance their relationships.

The chastity/OD community has a lot of cross-over with other communities, and many of those bloggers were part of the FLR (Female Led Relationship) community. The FLR community has a pretty wide variety of practices, and they tend to have such labels as FLR, WLM (WIfe Led Marriage), LFA (Loving Female Authority), Femdom Marriage, Matriarchal Marriage, and a few others that I’m probably overlooking.

Over the years, we’ve had a number of…

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4 thoughts on “She-Held: Resources for Female Led Relationships

  1. Tom’s gone and done another useful thing.

    We’ll see. :-\

    There’s a lot of “You’re doing it wrong” in the FLR community; hopefully people will understand that this is not meant to be a definitive resource, but just a good starting point for newbs.


  2. When I first saw this post, the photo was what caught my eye first. My first thought was that Thumper was posting more photos of himself. 🙂


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