Random Jail Bird thoughts

Belle’s had me in the Jail Bird for the past couple of weeks for the first time in a long time. She’s made the Steelheart her main axe lately but seems to enjoy being able to poke and prod the penis through the JB’s bars and seeing it all bunched up and straining against its confinement.

In any event, having it on for a while has reacquainted me to some notable attributes of the device and a few other things worth mentioning…

  • The darn thing really is pretty comfortable. I continue to think the oval ring option is a great idea and one I think other device makers should offer. When we eventually get around to sending the Steelheart back for a new (slightly larger) A-ring, I’m going ask if they can make it oval.
  • The comfort of the device is evident in how much better I can sleep in it. It wakes me up during the early morning penile pressure check only about 30% of the time whereas the Steelheart (with it’s approximately 2 mm smaller ring) wakes me up more like 75% of the time (more often when I first get into it and less often the longer she keeps it on me). I assume this is due to the slightly larger ring circumference but also that it’s double-width and wider than any other A-ring I wear.
  • Darn thing feels really light. It’s about 20 grams (or about 10%) lighter than the Steelheart, but it feels like more.
  • So much easier to clean.
  • As I noted in my original review of it, there’s one annoying thing that’s just endemic to the design. The cage is made up of four bars: two that go along the top of the penis shaft, around the tip, and then back up the bottom and two more that make the same shape along the sides of the penis shaft. This makes a neat little square that’s more or less where the slit is at the end of the penis. All of this is fine and dandy, but I find that the end of the penis doesn’t stay lined up with that square. For whatever reason, it always shifts to the left a bit and the penis opening clomps onto the bar on that side of the square like a bear in the zoo trying to chew through its cage. Here’s an image of the clomping in action. Not a big deal normally. It only requires a moment of pinky prodding to get stuff aligned before taking a leak (otherwise, it’s radom spray pattern city). The problem comes in when the forgivingly supportive underwear I normally wear while in the Steelheart allows the JB and its occupant to move around somewhat freely in my pants. If the penis is anything other than totally flaccid, that bit of penismeat that’s left inside the square will be seemingly randomly get pinched against some combination of the underwear fabric, the seams of my jeans, and the steel of the device. That fucking hurts. Like, “FUCKWHATWASTHAT!?” kind of hurt. I find that I can’t just adjust the device to make the pinching stop. I need to shift the penis somehow. Not easily done in a casual way while in the presence of others. The way to keep this from happening as often, I’ve found, is to wear more restrictive (and concealing) underwear. It forces the device to stay situated more or less in a downward position, keeps the package from moving around as much, and the little meat flap doesn’t get pinched.
  • Finally (and this doesn’t have much to do with the device itself), my nuts are definitely getting bigger. I assume this is due to extended lack of orgasms. I can tell because of how differently it feels putting them through the various A-rings and cock rings we have. With the Steelheart, there is now always a definite moment of marked wincing as each pops though. However, if you look at the picture of me used in my review of the JB from last August compared to the image I linked to from today at the beginning of this post, they’re just fucking bigger. Maybe it’s not the testicles themselves that have grown. Perhaps it’s the epididymis or the vas deferens enlarging due to infrequent evacuation of their contents. Hard to know, but it’s a real thing and useful to know only in that it has an impact on how steel devices fit over time. I assume this is why the Steelheart’s A-ring (the oldest in Belle’s “fleet”) feels so much tighter than it used to.

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  1. First of all I would like to congratulate you for your writing. I really like the way you put things.
    I have a JB that I wear 24/7. I fully agree with your notes.
    I also had the problem of the penis shifting to the side and the bar getting “stuck” over the “pee hole”. This stopped when I got a PA (here I have to admit that you were a big influence on my decision to get it done 😉 – and I love it!) and started using it through the bars of the JB.
    The PA keeps the penis always in between the bars. Apart from the added security (I have no access to the pliers) it also added to comfort.
    You can check it here https://fetlife.com/users/136903/pictures/12691136

    Thanks for your blog and tumblr!
    Keep on the great work!


  2. I have to agree that the JB is, indeed, a comfy device, but then the only other device I can compare it to is the CB6Ks. Sleeping in it… 100% comfort, Biking, maybe 50%, Normal daily wear, 90% (except on those really humid, hot days when everything down there is sticking to everything else. I’ve been wearing mine now (90% of the time) for the past 18 months.

    I’ve experienced the pinching you mention, but it doesn’t happen often, thank god, because it does really catch one’s attention.

    As always, I enjoy your posts. In many ways, you have set the standard for those blogging about this particular kink.

    Best wishes,

  3. I agree with the other comments who say this post is well-written. I have noticed that my scrotum has enlarged in the 7 months I have been practicing chastity. Has it only been 7 months?? Anyway, I describe them as now being more “pillowy,” which is how yours look in your recent picture. I’m not sure to what physiological phenomenon to ascribe the change. I think my testicles themselves haven’t swollen much, if any, so it must be the other soft tissue surrounding that’s expanding.

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