Cop tease

As I said the other day, Belle’s out of town. She’s visiting her BFF in NYC and, from what I can tell, having a wonderful time.

Yesterday, she FaceTimed me from the BFF’s apartment. She was on a couch in the living room and the BFF and her husband were on a another. I can hear them, they can hear me, etc. It’s like being on a conference call.

So we’re chatting about whatever, where they’re going to dinner that night, etc., and then she tells me about this cop. Apparently, while they were hanging out in Little Italy and walking around some cop winked at Belle. Not just a “Hey there,” kind of wink. More like a “How you doin’?” kind of wink.

Belle then continued to explain to me, with some enthusiasm (I mean, I can see the fire in her eyes as she tells me this and that its about the same color as her beautiful red hair), how exciting this was for her, how big the cop was (pretty big, I guess), and, of course, how cute he was (natch). All in front of the BFF and husband. Who does this? Who tells their husband how hot this cop was who winked at her and how she’s thinking of going back to try to find him, etc., in front of other people?


Of course, this made me very hot. I didn’t know exactly how to respond knowing these other people who aren’t (as far as I know) clued in to our dynamic were right there, so I tried to be non-committal. I made a joke about how he wanted to protect and serve her and said something about how’d he’d use his nightstick on her if she was lucky (to which she said, “Yeah, I hope so.”). Otherwise, my insides were all fluttery and my balls tingled and my free hand went in my pants and squeezed them. This was all in good fun, but it was right up my humiliation and cuckold fantasy alley.

What I wanted to say was how fucking crazy it made me to think of her with this big cop. Of her down on her knees and unzipping his tight blue uniform pants and sucking his thick cock as it sprang out at her. I wanted to know just how big he was (over six feet? six-four? six-five?), ask her about his ethnicity, how much hair he had, and all that. I thought of his beefy hairy ass flexing with each thrust into her soaking and hungry pussy, her moaning with each deep penetration, and how she’d come at the very moment his seed would be spilling out of her in surging spurts.

Gah! Yeah. All that.

But, the BFF and her husband. So I made my jokes and tried to keep my voice calmly measured. But that’s what I thought about all the rest of the night as I clutched the hard steel and, obviously, into this morning. It makes me shiver, even as I write this.

Belle gets home late tonight. Too late for anything to happen, I know, but I can only hope she’ll let me eat her up. I want my face in her pussy where I can imagine I can still smell the cop’s sex clinging to her.

Ungh. I got it bad.

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  1. It must be the thing to do for cops in NYC. CH & her sister were visiting there a while back, and it was a toss up between cops and hunky young waiters as to who flirted with these two MILFs the most. She loved it… It seems that it doesn’t happen very often here at home.

  2. You know Thumper, I’ve been thinking about your book idea. I hope it’s not too late to comment on that, but this little story “cop tease” triggered something, not just that, an idea.
    You could write a “how to” book on male chastity with lots of stuff about the equipment and the way it makes you feel and the dynamics of the relationship etc….BUT the reason I like to read your blog is how MC is a part of your relationship, your kink and what turns you on. Have you thought about maybe writing the book as a novel? Maybe developing a character like a young 20 something Thumper, who is going through life wondering what exactly is pushing his buttons? Learning about his kink as he matures and then gets into a relationship and how it leads to MC. And there has got to be a lot of hot stories like this one in it too! Something like that could take off in a direction you might really be able to cash out on. Look at 50 Shades of Grey…really a crap book, but the novelty of it took off like a rocket. I bet a lot of people would find the story of “finding yourself” or becoming at peace with your kink fascinating. You have a lot to offer, you have a ton of homoerotic stuff going on, plus the cuck fantasy, plus the beautiful Belle and all the T&D and on and on….I believe you have the chops to write such a book. As a novel you could easily charged double digit price. Okay, so that’s enough of wait…what about the movie rights…don’t forget about those…now I’m done. Good luck! Just Playing

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