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This, from reader AB, came in right after I posted the last one:

After ordering an ill fitting Steelheart, I’ve bought the sizing rings from Mature Metal to try out some “mock” chastity. I’ve been wearing a larger ring around the base of my cock, which is tied onto another ring around the bottom of my shaft. I think i have a good size picked now due to fact that when flaccid, it’s almost unnoticeable, yet doesn’t move around.

My question to you is in regards to getting hard in chastity. When i get hard (and i do get fully erect without a cage to contain it), my junk has a dull ache, not quite pain, but almost, and the skin turns purple-ish (not flesh damaging extreme, but obviously showing that the cockring is too tight when erect).

Is this a normal part of the chastity experience? I’m imagining that this is why guys have trouble sleeping, but just want to be sure before shelling out more cash for a new device.

Your description of the sizing set-up reminds me of the Double Cockring I got from Steelworxx. With that, I ended up ordering the penisring (which is what Steelworxx calls the ring that…wait for it…goes around the penis!) to be just about the same size as the erect penis shaft (maybe just a tad smaller). I wanted to feel some grip, but not have the throbbing and purplish thing. 

Remember, though, when the penisring is attached to a chastity tube, you’re not going to get fully erect. Not even close. In my experience, the penisring and tube shouldn’t be any bigger around (or longer) than the normal size of your flaccid member. You don’t want to give it more room than that so as to avoid the issue you’re describing. I mean, yeah, it’ll still throb because it’ll be locked into a steel trap, but in a good way, and, as I’ve said before, smaller tubes and cages are more comfortable overall than bigger ones. I know for a fact that the penis on me doesn’t get purple in the Jail Bird, for example, but I know it would if the cage wasn’t there to keep shit under control.

Also, regarding your cages, does the jailbird have any of the pull out pins, and if so, what is your review on them.

Never messed around with them. I did use something similar in concept with the CB6K. They made the device a lot more uncomfortable (not always in the bad way) and perhaps made it a little teenie bit harder to pull out, but not much. A soapy soft penis can get out of any predicament. I’d think of them more of a CBT thing than a security thing, but I invite other readers who have used them to chime in.

in your SH-s, how much space did you leave to accommodate for the PA, as well as the tube size (with the addition of the PA fixing)

I think you’re asking how much additional space I left in the tube for the PA. Not much. The different devices measure tube and cage length differently, but if you see the comparisons of Belle’s SH-S and Jail Bird, the usable space inside them appears to be about a quarter inch different. I certainly wouldn’t allow for more than that.

Are you going to try wearing a PA with the JB? I find I can’t do that due to pinching. I also can’t use it for security with the JB for the same reason.

And finally, you blog is so hot. I would gladly suck your cock and let you lick my armpits.

You’d be sucking steel, but that could be hot, too. The armpit thing we might be able to work out, depending on how Belle feels about it. In either event, thanks for the compliment!

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  1. “A soapy soft penis can get out of any predicament” Aye, second that! That is (besides making a lovely title to a novel) the very reason why the quest for the ever more secure device continues…

    Reminds me of a nice article on seriousbondage about this very thing (no plug, not related, they are cool 🙂

    WIth notable quotes: “It’s a pity cocks don’t have bones; they would be much easier to tie up.”
    “There is a thriving chastity device industry that has employed more engineers than NASA.”

    But I digress as I tend to do and really wanted to throw in my two cents on the CB6K and KSD-G3 stuff…

    Tried them all on the CB6K and CB6KS configurations. And yes I agree it is more llike CBT (and indeed not necessarily a bad thing) but does not serve its original purpose and does not prevent pullout whatsoever in those stages of ultimate flaccidity or soapiness for that matter.

    Everybody’s mileage may vary, ‘grower’ and ‘shower’ wise. Myself being part of the former category.

    For me even the A (least severe) version of the KSD-G3s would eventually bury its way down into the top shaft and leave a nasty mark (no I am not squeamish) that would take 4 days to heal after only 2 days of wear. And it wasn’t preventing me pulling out to boot! So for me I can’t imagine wearing this for any number of days (let alone weeks/months/years)

    “It’s a pity cocks don’t have bones; they would be much easier to tie up.”

    Mmmm, I make that my sig some day 😉

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