Stealthy plug

Previously, on As the Anus Turns, we learned about the butt plug from Mr. S Leather called the Rattler. Today, we find out about it’s heftier brother, The World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug.

(Hidden behind a jump due to some NSFW images.)

BrothersI said in my Rattler review that I had been lusting after the World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug but chose the Rattler at the last second. The Rattler did a good job of scratching whatever itch I had at the time, but the WMCBP was still lurking back there in my mind. The other day, I pulled the trigger on it.

In construction, the two devices are outwardly identical. The only difference between them is that the Rattler is quite a bit longer. I assume that’s to create internal space within which the rattle can do its thing. This time, I decided to order the same size plug as I got with the Rattler since it’s just to the limit of what I can comfortably insert and remove. However, when reading my own review of it, I somehow got the idea that I ordered it in extra large. I didn’t. I ordered it in large. I didn’t realize my mistake until the device arrived and I was holding it my hand. The extra large is, as advertised, larger than large.

Battering ram viewA more sensible person might have thought, “Oh my. That’s not right. Perhaps I should enquire about an exchange.” But I’m not sensible. I’m a slut. Instead I thought, “Oh fuck, that’s gonna hurt…can’t wait to shove it up my ass!”

You can see from the pictures it’s not just a little bigger. It’s quite noticeably bigger. Mr. S reports that the circumference of the large Rattler is 5.5″ whereas the circumference of the XL WMCBP is a full inch bigger. Six and a half inches of unrelenting, unforgiving, hard as fuck aluminum.

One of the reasons I invested in the WMCBP now is that whatever stellar mechanism it is that determines my variable interest in anal play is definitely in the ascension. I’ve been using the Rattler quite a bit lately for extended periods. You’re either into this kind of stuff or you’re not, but there’s just something about letting the plug that’s been up your ass for eight hours out for a few moments of relief before sticking it right back up there for four more hours. Once you figure out the practical issues of such activities, really, the sky’s the limit.

In the case of the Rattler, two things could have been improved upon. One was the length. It’s 4.75″ long, not counting the rubber connector, so it would often be something like 5.5″ up inside me. When sitting on certain surfaces, that can lead a boy to feel excessively penetrated. The other thing is, well, the rattling. I found that the fewer clothes you have on, the more noticeable the rattle is. The type of clothing matters, too. Jeans suppress noise more than dress pants, for example. I’m not saying I don’t like the rattling, but sometimes you want to run stealth.

In any event, the WMCBP addresses both those issues. It’s only 4″ long and that extra .75″ makes all the difference. Also, no rattle. Not sure if it’s solid or not. It feels solid, but it’s only 4 oz. heavier (18 versus 14). It is, though, over a pound of metal and that’s a satisfyingly hefty slug to be carrying around next to your prostate all day.

Getting it in there is a slow process. There are actually two sphincter muscles you have to get past and, I’ve found, the first is somewhat cooperative and the second isn’t. The right angle, slow and steady pressure, and lots of lube will do the trick. When the thickest part of the plug is passing through, it’s an incredibly intense feeling. Not really pain (shouldn’t be if the angle, pressure and lube were done right). It’s the feeling of being totally at the mercy of essentially merciless alloy. You have to bend around it. It won’t give you even a millimeter. There’s not a thing subtle about being penetrated by a slug of aluminum. Once it’s past that bit, though, it snuggles in quite nicely. As the rubber connector gets sucked in and the base pulls up against your crack, it’s actually a fairly comforting sensation.

Shiny shiny things

Walking around feels very different. The Rattler, in large, still allows for some movement and shifting. Plus, there’s the sensation of the rattle vibrating up your spine. The WMCBP in XL doesn’t want to move. Its mass, in some instances, will produce a very noticeable push against the other parts in there, but it feels as though its shifting grudgingly. I’ve found some of the most intense feelings come when I have to pee. I assume this is the prostate getting pushed from above by my full bladder into the immovable heft of the metal. I almost gets to be too much to bear.

As with the Rattler, the relatively thin rubber-like connector between the plug and the base is the real secret to the long-term comfort of the plug. It allows the anus to be nearly totally closed and doesn’t fight back against the sphincters at all. Often, I can’t even feel it and wouldn’t know it was there if not for the hard base occasionally digging into my ass bones. I still wish the base was an oval rather than a circle. It would make it nearly perfect.

Getting the plug out is even more crazy than getting it in. It’s really hard to control the speed at which it travels. Your ass is designed to push stuff out and not dilly-dally around doing it. Mr. S recommends not pulling it by the base (which, even though it feels pretty sturdy, is probably good advice), so you have to push hard. The sphincters resist and resist and resist until, suddenly, boom! They don’t. Then you get a concentrated burst of the “mercilessly invaded” feeling (over as fast as it starts) followed by a pop and a slippery, hot hunk of metal landing in your hand. Then you feel your insides contract in its absence. If you’re lucky, your ass will immediately start telling you to put it back in.

Overall, my feelings regarding the WMCBP are the same as with the Rattler. Very well made, very satisfying, and (even with the increased size), very comfortable. I’m actually really happy I got the XL even though it’s a bit more of a production to use. It’s hard not to recommend the World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug to those who like shiny metal sex toys and/or putting things in their ass.

19 thoughts on “Stealthy plug

      1. Yeah MEO are cool aren’t they? What is it with Germans and steel I wonder…

        I fail to see however why all the anal stuff seems to be pushed into the gay men area all the time (no pun intended). Discrimination if you ask me! I think we should be able to enjoy it too.

        (Disclaimer: And before anyone gets offended. This was meant as a cheeky remark. I am from Amsterdam, Holland where anything goes. Many of my friends are gay, TG, TV, straight or whatever the heck I don’t even know they are or I am for that matter…)

    1. Attitudes seem to be changing. When I was younger, anal was gay PERIOD. Now, based on the porn I see, straight anal (even for non-submissive looking guys) appears to be on the rise. I mean, come on. As someone once said, if god didn’t want guys playing with their asses, he wouldn’t have put the prostate up there.

      1. A(nal)men!
        (sorry just doing one of my stupid puns again)

        I pity the fool who hasn’t found his prostate. They don’t know what they’re missing out on…

        Yeah I agree it does seem to be on the rise and getting more mainstream. Which can be nothing but a good thing. But it might be some fashion fluke as well so let’s see if it sticks…

    2. Holy Mother Of… How did I not know about this? Sorry, long time lurker, first time commenter. I just had to thank JW for making my day. This rocks the free world, and worlds yet to be freed or rocked.

  1. I hate that Mr. S. and a few other sites list the size of insertables in circumference. I know the diameter of what comfortably fits up my ass but not it’s circumference. Fortunately I made a nice little spreadsheet…5.5″ C = 1.75″ D and 6.5″ C = 2.07″ D. The formula (for the nerdy types) is circumference divided by pi (~3.1416).

    I love seeing you in the SH-S – it’s so freaking hot!

    1. Yeah, they’re inconsistent. They show the diameter of the WMCBP but not the Rattler. Like you, I tend to think more about diameter, but circumference sounds so much more…impressive. 😉

    2. They use circumference instead of diameter because many plugs are not always perfectly round. also many are flexible. So the diameter can change, circumference is more consistent and a clearer indication of what your hole is really taking.

      1. True, but both the Rattler and the WMCBP are perfectly round. You’d think they’d present them both the same way. For a more traditional plug shape, I agree that circumference would be a better measurement.

  2. I’m not sure if this is the right place for the question, forgive me if it isn’t. But since we’re talking about hardware, and I’m a newbie, I have a question for the community. What are your thoughts of penis plugs? Do they work well with chastity devices? It would have to be hollow for practical reasons, but is there anything else to consider when locked up? Does anybody have experience with this? For reference my partner is in the Holy Trainer now, but we could upgrade to steel. Thanks!

    1. Go here:
      And here:
      And then here:
      And over here:

      And if *thats* not enough for you, every post I’ve ever written that mentioned the Looker 02 is here:

      Short story, the Looker 02 (which has a urethral plug) is my favorite device to wear. No problem recommending it.

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